How to make half-drop repeat pattern in Illustrator

Hello and welcome to another tutorial
from Elan Creative Co. I'm Cristina and in this tutorial I want to show you how
to create a half drop repeat pattern in Adobe Illustrator.
Before we get started let's talk about full drop versus half drop repeat
patterns. As an example i have these two polka dot
patterns. On the left side we have a full drop
repeating pattern. This is the way patterns are
usually repeated so the polka dots are perfectly
aligned on the vertical lines and on the
horizontal lines. Here on the right side i have a half drop
repeating pattern. As you can see the polka dots are
perfectly aligned on the vertical line but once you go to the horizontal line
they drop half way down and then the same distance
is kept between the pattern motifs.

Half drop repeat patterns are perfect for
more complex artwork in which you want to hide the way the motifs are
repeated. Open Illustrator and create a new document.
I usually set the size of my artboard at 6 by 6 inches. You can use any size
you want just make sure it's a square and write
it down. Then go to Advanced Options and
set the color mode you want to use. I usually use cmyk
and set the resolution to high or 300 pixels per inch.
Let's give it another name and then click create to open your file.
For today's pattern I want to use these flowers that I drew using Procreate and
then I vectorized in Illustrator. I'm going to
select everything and then click control or command c to
copy them and then I'm going to go back to my
pattern file and go to Edit and Paste
to add them to the artboard.

I want to make a very simple half drop repeat
pattern for this tutorial so I'm going to start with the edges of the artboard
and then I'm going to fill the middle. First let's zoom out. Select your
items and make sure they are grouped by pressing ctrl or command
g and then move everything to the upper left corner of
the artboard. If you've made seamless repeating
patterns before you know that everything that's
outside the artboard at the top needs to be repeated
inside the artboard at the bottom.

So for that
we are going to go to Object > Transform > Move.
The shortcut for this is shift ctrl or command if you're using a Mac
and M. So click on Move, and if you remember I told you to write
down the size of your artboard. My artboard is
6 inches so right now i just want to move this to the bottom of the
artboard. So I'm going to enter 0 on the
horizontal and I am going to enter
6 on the vertical and then click preview to see what happens. As you
can see, this was moved at the bottom of the
artboard. Click Copy because we want to move a
copy of our flowers. This is the way our
pattern will be repeated on the vertical line.
The next step is to make sure that everything
that's outside the artboard on the left side will be repeated
inside the artboard on the right side.

Let's select these two flowers, press
Ctrl + Shift + M to open the Move tool and now we want to move them 6 inches
on the horizontal side, and we do not want to move them
on the vertical. Check and uncheck Preview to see what happens and
then click Copy to save it. We have the corners of
the artboard filled and now we have to add the flowers to
the middle.

So I'm going to take this flower that's
on the upper left side, select it and I want
to move that to the middle of the canvas, and as you remember, I told you at the
beginning of this video that we will have to move
it half way down. Press Ctrl +
Shift + M again to open the Move tool and i want to take it halfway to the
horizontal, that means 3 inches and then halfway
down so again 3 inches on the vertical.
And click Preview to see what happens and then
Copy to save it. My pattern motif might be just a bit too large, but I
don't want to have too many gaps between the flowers so i'm going to leave it
like that. You can also make some of your motifs a bit
smaller to have just a bit more movement in your pattern.
The pattern I have in the middle goes outside the artboard at the bottom so i
want to create another copy here at the top, so what I'm going to do
is select these flowers, open the Move tool again
and I don't want to move it on the horizontal, and I want to move it
to the top of the artboard on the vertical.
So to move it up you have to enter minus and then the size of your artboard which
is 6 in my case.

Let's click on Preview to see what
happens and then click Copy to save it. If you want a fuller
pattern now is the time to add other elements to
your pattern like dots or leaves or small flowers to fill
in the gaps between your motifs. I'm going to leave it as it
is and I'm going to select everything and
then press Ctrl + G to group all the items.
Next step is to add a background to the pattern, so for that I'm going to use
the Rectangle tool. You can press M on your keyboard to open it. Select the color you want to use, I want
to use an off-white and then click on your
artboard and enter the width and height of
your artboard, then click OK to create your rectangle.
Then use the Align tools to align it perfectly to the artboard.
Then I'm going to switch to the Selection tool,
right click on the rectangle go to Arrange and
send it to the back.

Now that we have made a seamless half drawn repeating
pattern all we have left to do is to save it. Before we save it,
we can select everything and then go to Object > Expand and click on it. All my elements are vector elements
so the Expand tool doesn't help me but if you have different opacities
or if you have used different brushes you will need to do that
before you can save it or crop it. Another thing to remember is that if you
use raster images you will have to embed
them before you can save the pattern. If you want
you can crop everything that's outside the artboard,
but today I want to use the Pattern tool. So select everything and go to Object >
Pattern > Make.

A copy of this pattern was added
to the Swatches panel but my pattern is not
seamless yet. So what I have to do is make sure that
Size tile to art is not selected and then enter
the width and the height of my artboard,
and now I have a perfectly repeating pattern. To save it just click
on Done. And let's test it. I'm going to use the Rectangle tool again,
select the pattern from the Swatches panel
and create a large rectangle. Let's also resize it
by going to Object > Transform > Scale and I just want to transform the pattern
so I'm going to uncheck Transform Objects and let's scale it to
70%. Click OK to save. This is our seamless half drop repeating
pattern. Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial! Don't
forget to like and subscribe for more pattern design tutorials.
Thanks for watching!

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