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hi guys I'm Dan Jones and this is cookies cupcakes and cardio if this is your first time to the channel make sure you hit the subscribe button and join us and stick around for awhile today I've got a really fun tutorial we're combining two of my favorite things shoes and chocolate and we're making chocolate shoes we're doing a zebra print polka dot and a traditional chocolate one let's get started on this fun tutorial to make our chocolate shoes we're going to be using some buttercream for accents and I'm going with a nice bright pink and a white then I'm going to use a variety of different chocolate melting wafers I've got black and white to do a zebra stripe I've got red and white to do a polka dot and then I'm also going to be using just like a regular brown just for a traditional brown chocolate shoe then down in front here I've got like a royal icing rose and I've got a bunch of different draw J's and little sugar pearls and some other white candies and some extra unmelted candy melts I'm going to use as like a little feature on the toe of one of the shoes and then here I have the actual shoe mold and it's a 3d mold it's two pieces and I'll show you how to use it and I'll put a link in the description box if you want to get one yourself so I've gone ahead and melted my chocolate and the way that you do that is you put it into the microwave in one-minute intervals and I find 50% power is what works best for me so you get a nice smooth chocolate stir after each one minute interval I'm going to take my chocolate here and I'm going to pour it into my shoe mold now you'll see that I've got it supported with like a little dish towel I'm just trying to keep it as level as I can because these are kind of oddly shaped and I'm going to fill it about 90% full because I want to leave a little bit afterwards to be able to use it to when we're going to glue it together both halves I'm just going to fill up the little heel there too so you want to fill up both halves about 90% or like 95% full and then what you're going to do is take the tray because I've got it on the tray here and you're going to pop it into the fridge and you want to make sure it's nice and set so I'd leave it for about an hour because it is kind of thick you want to make sure that there's nothing that's going to be too soft and it's going to prevent the chocolate from so defying here so I'm just going to leave it like this pop it into the fridge and I'll be back when I've got both of them nice and set once the shoes have hardened what we're going to do is take some more of the chocolate and fill up the rest of that kind of 10% and this part you can be quite slop because you do want it to be full and then I'm going to take the other half and put it on top now line up the little divots that are on here and line them up and then I'm going to take some big clamps and just clamp them together to make sure that the chocolate is squeezed completely together like this and then when you leave it like this it's going to solidify and your shoes going to pop right out without any problem getting it out and all these little pieces that you see like around the outside they just break off because they're not attached to the shoe anyways they're attached to the plastic here so I'm going to let it solidify and then I'll show you the shoe once it's come out so with my chocolate shoe that I've got attached together in the fridge I'm going to take a ball tool to show you guys how to do the polka dot one so I'm just going to dip my ball tool into the white chocolate here which I've melted the same way and then I'm just poking it in there and just like making a little dot so I'm just making these little polka dots all over the inside here so before you go with the next color which I'm going to do red but you could do whatever color you want to what you want to make sure is that these polka dots set before you go about putting in the second color or they'll just blend together if they're both still warm like if these white ones are still soft the red will just take over and you won't have any polka dots left just going to poke it off this guy and then pop it into the fridge it just needs like probably like 2 minutes maximum to set and then I'm going to melt my chocolate in the meantime once the white polka dots are set you can take your melted red chocolate and just like I did with the regular chocolate shoe you want to fill it up about 90% full and then you're going to obviously repeat this if you want a 3d shoe but if you just want a one-sided shoe you can just do half here it's kind of the nice thing about these molds is if you didn't want a whole one you could do a half so I'm going to do that and then make a full one and then show you guys the finished shoe when I pull it out of its mold the next design I'm going to be showing you is the zebra print one so what I'm going to do is take my chocolate on the end of a paintbrush I've got the black chocolate here and I'm just going to start and I want like a thicker part here at where the shoe kind of connects to the other half and then I'm going to go out to a narrower point down to Ward's the inside of the shoe now the zebra print I'm going to keep out here like I'm going to keep it towards the outside so I'm just going into the middle with my actual stripes here so I'm going to do that all around the inside but what I'm going to leave blank is the parts like at the top of the shoe like where the ridge the top part of your toes would be I'm going to leave that blank because I don't want zebra print at the top there because I want to be able to decorate that in other ways I'm going to come into here like this and bring that down and I'm going to go all the way around doing my zebra print like this and I'm also going to melt my white chocolate and I'll show you that next step once you have the stripes painted on and they're set and harden just pop them in the fridge for a couple minutes like I said with the polka dots you're going to take your white chocolate and fill your shoe mold here up again about ninety percent of my 90 percent filled up here and then you're going to obviously repeat with the other side clamp it together and then you can pop it out and you'll be ready for decorating which is what I'm going to do next with these three different shoe designs so I've got my solid chocolate shoe out now and I have here is my white buttercream and I've got it fitted with a number 22 just a little like star tip you could do any star tip or like even a round tip if you choose to him just doing like a typical kind of like little swirl around here just want to get it all the way up and I'll do this like around both edges going up to the top here and then what I'm going to do down at the toe area just to give it a little bit more embellishment I'm just going to make sure I have a big enough circle that when I press down a lot of the buttercream is going to squeeze out if I don't I can always pick this up so I'm going to press that little white wafer onto there and I want the buttercream to squeeze out because what I'm going to do is take the silver dragees and then pop them into that buttercream so you want to make sure that there's enough of it to kind of stick these little guys on there like that so I'm going to go all the way oh that one wants to run away so I'm going to go all the way around this little piece of the melting wafer and finish off the top here and I'm going to come back with the polka dot shoe next to show you how to finish that one off with my red and white polka dot shoe I just love this one I've got my white buttercream again and it's fitted with this time a round number four tip and I'm just going to squeeze like this kind of like a little ball kind of decoration all the way around the top here on the side and then all the way up the top so this one kind of takes a little bit longer than just like the shell border does but the little balls kind of match the polka dots a lot better now if you get those little spy Keys there once your butter cream has crusted all you have to do is take your finger and mine's not crusted yet but once it is you can just tap it down and you'll have it will go back to just disappear it's a little lovely little baking trick so I would go all the way around here with these with this little guy like this all the way around and on to the toe here what I'm going to do is squeeze on a lot again because I want to press down this white little I think it's a six slit it's just like a chocolate candy with chocolate covering there and I'm just putting these little white little pearls around the outside but you could like embellish your shoes however you want to do or you don't even have to at all I just think it kind of makes your shoes look a little bit fancier here so I'm going to finish off this shoe and my last and favourite one to show you is the zebra now this shoe is my absolute favorite one and on this one I've got nice bright pink buttercream and it's fitted with a number sixteen tip and I'm just going to squeeze on this border like this going all the way up and around here like this and then I found these little pre-made little royal icing rose is I found them at bulk barn but I also got some tutorials up on how you can make them yourself but yeah I totally cheated and bought them and I thought I went perfect with this pink I love the pop of pink with the zebra print here so what I'm going to do is just down here at the toe just put another dollop of buttercream down here and if you're using your like shoe for display and you want to still be able to eat it afterwards don't use buttercream use a royal icing because then you can keep it for a really long time if you actually want to eat the shoe afterwards so I'm going to finish off the border here and then I'm going to be back to show you all three of my chocolate shoes so there you go everybody how to make these absolutely delicious chocolate shoes let me know in the comments if you liked the regular chocolate one the polka dot or the zebra one the best now if you are a chocolate lover make sure you check out our chocolate playlist the link to that is in the description box remember to subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys all again next time bye bye

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