How to make a polka dot pattern in Illustrator

Hello! I'm Cristina from Elan Creative
Co. Welcome to my Illustrator for Beginners series. Today, I want to show
you how to create a polka dot pattern and how to use the pattern making tool.
Before we get started, please make sure that the swatches panel is open. We are
going to need this later. If you can't see it, go to Windows > Swatches to activate it.
Now let's draw a polka dot. I'm going to use the Ellipse tool. Hold down the Shift
key while you draw to create a perfect circle. I'm going to change the fill
color to this dark purple and remove the stroke. You don't have to worry about
colors right now because you can always change them later. So make sure the
polka dot is still selected and go to Object > Pattern > Make. This will open up
the pattern making tool. So let's give this pattern a new name.

I'm going to
call it Polka Dots. By default, the polka dots are arranged in a grid but we
can change the tile type. There are four other tile types you can choose from. My
favorite is hex by column. So um those are a little bit too close to each other
but we can change the spacing. Just make sure the Size Tile to Art box is checked
and enter a value. I'm going to use half an inch because the polka dots are pretty big.
That looks perfect! So when you are happy with the pattern just click Done to save

You can delete this polka dot. So as you can see, the polka dot
pattern will appear here in the Swatches panel. Adobe Illustrator
pattern scratches work just like color swatches so you can use it with the
Brush tool or with the Type tool or you can apply them to your artwork. Just
click on thr polka dot pattern to select it and let's apply it to a shape.
So this is it. This is your polka dot background. Now let's try to change the
color. So make sure the background is selected and go to the swatches panel.
Double-click on the polka dot button. This will take you back to the pattern making
tool. So using the Selection tool, select the polka dot in the middle. Now you can
choose a new color from the swatches panel or you can use the color
picker. Okay this is perfect. Just click Done to save it again. Now one last
thing, let's try to make the dots a little bit smaller. You can use the
Scale tool for that or just go to Object > Transform > Scale.

It will bring up the scale
menu. So make sure that only Transform Pattern is selected. You can enter a
value here or use the arrow keys to make it smaller or larger. Since this is a
vector pattern you can also make the polka dots larger than the original polka
dot. So I'm going to make it smaller. Let's say 50%. Okay this is perfect!
So there you have it. This is your very first polka dot pattern. Thank you so
much for watching. Visit my blog for more Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials.
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