How To Learn While Leveraging Your Cryptocurrency?

Hey everyone Shorupan here I'm making
this video to do a live demonstration as to how the GXMarkets function, how you
can interact with them more importantly how someone that doesn't know much about
the crypto space can learn and leverage this cryptocurrency. Now if you've been
following the updates that we have been putting out both on YouTube and some
other platforms you would know that we have switched our GXMarkets which is
our proprietary money market protocol onto the main net and it's actually been
taking some transactions so this is gonna be the first live video
demonstration we're gonna put a screen in this video to show you exactly what
I'm about to do on my laptop and I'm gonna do a transaction test between two
different parties as if I'm the lender and the borrower on the GXMarkets and
so I'll have two browsers open and I hope you guys enjoy watching this as
quite a momentous thing to see a completely decentralized lightning
protocol like this.

So the first thing that you'll notice is that I have this
browser which is like saved to It's completely fresh it
already has Meta mask installed as well as the Nvest wallet in this case I'm
going to be using Meta mask so this wallet has some ten US dollars in it
which is great we're gonna be using that to supply and then I have another
browser which is this browser that also has Meta mask installed with nineteen
dollars and has Nvest wallet installed as well so this is going to be
the borrowing wallet or I might switch that around but it's important to
understand that there's two Meta masks we there's two Ethereum clients
that are running simultaneously on this laptop it's the exact same as have two
different laptops we're running it. So the first thing I'm gonna do is go to

We have been very lucky to secure the domain for this particular protocol and to access directly the application
can be gonna started you click enter and again I'm
clicking enter with the first browser and automatically what you see is that
it's a request that my Meta mask pulled to connect my account one to the
GXMarkets I don't have to do anything on that return if they touch anything
since this is a decentralized wallet protocol it is asking me permission do I
give authorization for meta mask to connect with the GXMarkets I am going
to do so. Let me connect now the transaction is finishing up
and it is going to load up GXMarkets here as that's taking place in my first
browser I'm gonna go to my second browser do the exact same thing.

gonna connect calm and automatically oh this one I have already
given the authorization to and it connected immediately to the money
markets application and this wallet address that you see right here is my
wallet as you see I did not assign your login sign up to anything it's
connecting directly to my Ethereum wallet and if you can want to just
double check that at 0800X860X86 So we know we're
synched up here there now we're just waiting for this one to get synced up
and forgive me if the Internet is kind of slow while that's taking place let's
go and examine what we see here on the home page so if this is your first time
visiting you're not goan a see the supplying or borrowing amount that's
only because I've already supplied and borrow and so you'll see that
information here for me what you will see however is the supplied balance
that's denominating how much US dollars worth of cryptocurrency I've put in to
the money market so I have 2.3 dollars inside of the money market which is my
plural balance in this case I've already borrowed almost half the value of that
$1.00 zero for in some other cryptocurrency say if yours the first
time using this it'll say zero and zero for you my borrowing power that's
remaining is a whole 11 cents because as you can imagine I only have two point
three dollars of supply I took out a buck for and now I have eleven cents
left it's 50% ratio and so that up there is your first three times that's going
to give you an understanding of what your position is what's your liquidity
position within the market if you have borrowed something you will see what
asset to borrowed here and what I'm sorry used so you'll see what assets
you've supplied here and you'll see what assets you borrowed here in this case I
have supplied that I'm earning point five seven percent interest on my bat
and I am borrowing starting to supplied Oh X and I is zero X and I've borrowing
that and you can see the interest rate is that on the bat down here you can see
all of the tokens that are currently supported by the money markets there's
GXT there's bat there's die there's Arthur there's USD see there's it
wrapped etherium I liked it give it a sample of what that means and then
there's oh x3 than 0 X and what's interesting here is that you can see the
market size for each of these applications you can actually see that
there's 0 ght that's applied so there's no G of Stila quickly in the money
markets there are 73 Pat that's simple that's supplied and you can see the
supply APR meaning if you were to lend back to the money markets which let's
click the page so if you're to lend mark that to the money markets based on the
current algorithm you're gonna get 0.5 7% interest if you need to borrow that
you're gonna pay 8.4 percent interest dye is there there's no diet is no other
there's no USD see there is some etherium however there's a very minut
amount of it theorem because I've supplied them taking it out and you can
see that to borrow that small amount of aetherium how much you're enough to pay
is 5% per annum there is 50 0x coins in there and you can see that there's
supplying versus borrowing there's no demand for 0x because no-one's requested
to borrow that so that is the point more points coming soon we're also putting a
feature or anyone can request to add their own torrent coins and using the
Sun for smart contract we will be able to add them algorithmically which is
really interesting but that's the meat that is the basic makeup of this – fully
exciting now let's go back to this browser where you can see at this first
browser I was on where you can see a different schema it's the same page but
you can see here that I'm supplying the bat that is being borrowed and I am
trying supplying the bat that's not being born oh that's why there's no
interest rate for bat because no one wants it at this point but I have $13
and supply balance I haven't borrowed anything I heard nothing and so I have
six dollars and eighty three cents in borrowing power I can choose to borrow
so that gives you an idea of how these two would interact with each other this
account this gentleman is supplying bat he has
supplied 73 bat this gentleman is borrowing bat
and I hear and we can do I'm going to go into how the bat was born and everything
like that but he's you can see down here this gentleman is poor old six-pack out
of the 70 and you can check he's burned six pack out of the 79 pad that was
supplied by this gentleman so that's the life transaction that took place and now
I'm gonna go ahead and make one from scratch so connected to my Meta mask I
have how much wet load I have point zero six wet I have another one that and I
have some Etherium so let's get some let's apply some material click either
to give you guys a little bit upside White's have wrapped either so you can
directly supply or use Etherium in any smart contract application because also
my contract applications are based on Imperium and so in order to use the
theory within an ER c20 framework you need to convert the actual main editor
token into something called wrapped Etherium W ETH which will then hold
your eat and give you an equivalent well if we call it wet and to wrap the theory
which is a one to one ratio and that wrap the period mirrors a theory of
completely and is actually what you can use in any peace as well as this change
any smart contract protocol we've built in the ability to get wrapped Etherium
directly into the app so if you want to wrap a theory of it's very simple other
applications don't have this built in you've got to go get it from a decks
itself but we've built it in here so let's say I want to wrap I'm have ten at
point zero five ether so I'm gonna wrap point zero four I type in point zero
four Oh first I should enable my etherium enabling the etherium as you
can see it'll pull up Meta mask and is gonna ask me do i authorize that the
etherium is enabled I will say sure and I will click confirm that will then post
to the blockchain you're gonna see this little loading toggle and you have to
wait until that's enabled in order for you to be able to transact and it I'm
going to go back here actually in the meantime to see if a theorem is enabled
here it is perfect open our to nibble it again no problem click enable hook save
click confirm and now that they believe in the second browser and
as well as the first browser once it is enabled we will swap it for some rap to
eat theorem and then we will use that rap day period from the first perfect
its transaction confirmed now I will use this rapped appeared once I get the
rapid you're gonna use it to supply it into the market so like I showed you
here guys I have point zero five ether I'm gonna rap point zero four point zero
form click rap going to load up my Meta mask again that's going to be rapping
about eight dollars and 79 cents increase the transaction speed let's
think of the video and now we have wrapped either that's wrapping right
there he's posting to the blockchain as well it is wrapping let's see what's
happening over here perfect we've already wrapped actually here we
can wrap some more eager as well uh sure that's wait for this to complete
wrapping and here we're gonna pour Oh some ether how much eat or do you have
here we have point 11.10 so let that wrap here we go success you've
successfully wrapped point zero for either if we go back to the meta
vascular seed that I no longer have point zero five because I no longer have
my eat but if I click here I will have my new wet which is I have point one wet
almost eighteen dollars worth of wet now I have in total so I can use that to
interact in anything of course wet beneath are the same price in a price
realization here I've successfully wrapped the point ten either so what I'm
going to do from this one is supply right so go here I did to show you guys
again no more ether or very little about but
lots of web almost twenty nine dollars worth of wet point one seven I also had
some weight before that's where that balance comes from but we can see that I
have my zero X like that all in there which I got from the money market so I'm
gonna supply it how much heat is gonna tell me because it's connected to my
betta mask how much wet I have in my wallet I have point one seven wet
fantastic I'm going to supply almost all of it I'm the supply point one five web
stores to buy value at this point is $25 click supply of course it's gonna engage
my meta mask again click Edit make it fast
save confirm and now I am supplying that much either you're gonna see once this
is the key part once this transaction is done and what's the etherium network
confirms it my supply balance is gonna go from two dollars to two plus
twenty-five dollars that my borrowing balance is still going to remain at one
dollar but my borrowing power is going to go through the roof because not
supplied more meanwhile over here I'm going to wait because my goal is to
leverage some of this borrowing power I have to actually borrow the ether that
that account to set it up perfect and there we go supply voluntee a little
refresh supply balance $27 boring balance still $1 now I have an
additional $12 of borrowing power if you want to see how that looks you go to
meta mask and you can see exactly how the fund contract works you can see it
on the ethos guide all of this is obviously built on top of the ethereal
blockchain it's quite remarkable how effectively it works so now let's go
back to the market I have supplied rap teeth I've supplied
0x I've taken out some bat and just because I want to show you guys I'll
come back to that I was going to paint back the fact that I borrowed because
it's just hanging out in my wallet right now we have my six pack some
people that back with interest go here go back to this I'm still at normal
supply an old ox but I can see that look at there's much more market liquidity
within aetherium because the other account just supplied it so now I'm back
here let's borrow some eat there's a total 0.23 eat in the system I can
borrow up to six dollars worth of that I'm going to do so now this is the
important part this is the boring part this account remember except it's wet
this account a point one wet ok before without any intermediary without any
need for a loan application without anything I am going to leverage my
crypto and take out more video into a decentralized wallet that I can do
really whatever I want with I have a safe so I it's telling me I can borrow
point zero four six ether which is 50% but we've also built to the function of
a safe max which is about 40% remember you get to the 50% with a collateral
issue you're at the risk of forced liquidation we try to tell you
everywhere to stay with much more than that in safe max about 40% so I click
the save Max and populated that in there for me well six dollars making sense
let's borrow perfectly my meta mask again edit save
last confirm and now it is allowing me to take out the market liquidity
point zero six sorry six dollars roughly worth of ëthere iam and it's going to
appear here in my and once it starts just a little point
one which is what I had before to the new amount and then that is the complete
interaction of how someone supplies someone borrows and then all the would
repay maybe I'll do a repay part of this as well so you can see how it looks like
it when it gets repaid and how the interest is calibrated based on the
amount of blocks that got stamped in the meantime here if you go to this will be
interesting to see it is you click trout eat the market liquidity is being
changed because someone is pulling out of the market some liquidity at this
point you might be seeing these numbers
fluctuating it's because the obviously the dollar value of these assets
continuously change and so these will always update every five minutes every
so often to give you the more live price feed ah perfect so now first thing we're
gonna notice after the refresh was done is that market liquidity has changed
from point two three two point one nine because I took that liquidity out other
than you'll notice is that I don't have my six dollars and thirty cents worth of
borrowing power anymore because I took okay it's now in my borrowing balance as
you can see I supplied the same amount my borrowing balances increase have less
market power but the great part about this is when you click meta masks go to
web that is correct now I have point one three six web I have received wept from
the money markets and this web I can do whatever I want if I want to unwrap that
I can unwrap it right here into in the money markets out how much what – Ahuh point one three six let's unwrap twenty
to one to unwrap which means I'm converting it back to in theory I'm at a
par value and I can send that off to anywhere I can send it off the coin base
it's about to bark tree and I can send it off to cash US dollars Japanese yen
doesn't matter you have now access to market liquidity in exchange for your
long-term crypto holdings different and here after this account you will see
that in lifetime the market value had gone changed for the wrap deuterium and
I have doodle up fifteen etherium of that has been utilized collateral
factors to everything gets updated for you in live time all right perfect
I have wrapped my web I unwrapped my web back into ether and now I have solid
either that I can send out anywhere else while still leveraging my initial ether
that I wanted out so if I wanted to repay this I would have to repay the wet
them out click repay repay all that's my total borrowed amount click repay right
now I don't have any more very limited boring power I would just
click repay all and send it back into the law into the money markets I would
get clear my borrowing balance would go down it would go back to your borrowing
power the interest would get exchanged and the transaction would then close
market liquidity would remain to what it was before this occurred now this is
just a simple transaction there are many many various nuances to how this works
and there's lots of complexities to things like force liquidation and
collateralization differentiation we will make videos explaining all of that
there's already the white paper that's been released on the GX markets this is
the this is the actual end facing client that people engage with but we will
build out the GX markets in our mobile app into our exchange into all forms of
different apps we'll open it up so other developers can use it and there are some
extraordinarily exciting things coming down the pipeline of how we're going to
take this ability to create real time interest rates for crypto a lot of you
to leverage it and deploy it within every day use cases for you guys so hope
you enjoyed that if it was your first time learning about this I can imagine
that it's kind of confusing but really what just took place you are so powerful
a peer-to-peer lending pool it's functioning like a treasure it's
functioning like a bank except nobody except yourself was involved and the
next get the counterparty that you're dealing with but the risk is almost zero
because of the way that the collateralization is set up so hope you
enjoyed it until next time thank you so much for watching

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