How to Jump-A-Tron 4000

yo, alrighty how's it going everyone this 
video will quickly show the pre-required   quest and then where to stand properly 
on this well loved jumpertron 4000.   the prequest is called i must have them and it 
starts and ends in nagrand at coordinate 61,67   from a goblin called *wazat* he wants you simply to go 
out and kill some air elementals for their gas   and as you can see they're pretty much everywhere 
so we will quickly go over and finish this now alrighty so once you get back to *wazat* and turn in 
your quest you'll be able to pick up *bring me the egg* this is a quest that took me literally 
hours trying to finish back in the day   having to repair my gear i believe even to 
the point where it wasn't even worth wearing   both quest level requirements are 64.

But this 
one in particular is a group quest as it summons a   level 66 elite beast you must kill but from the rewards 
list as you can see it is highly well worth doing   alrighty the jump so you want to stand pretty 
much in line and in the middle with these two dots   maybe it's just a little touch closer 
to the right but that's pretty much it   you want to then line up your character with 
the center of the nest so hold right click on   the screen and center your character to face this 
direction now you're safe to click the jump patron   all right now i know it sounds bad but the only 
way i think to do this quest is by right clicking   off your given slow full buff effect or by having 
a flying mount which is how i recall having to do   this back in the day okay so next up you want 
to open the mysterious egg this will summon   an elite bird with 35 000 hp the beast can be 
crowd controlled so it should be easily solo-able   by classes like frost mages and hunters 
so i'll let the video play out here   now and i hope this helps out when it's 
your turn to jump on the jumpertron 4000 peace you

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