How to Install TronLink Wallet to Play DAPPS [Tron – TRX]

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slo with more crypto gains what's going on guys in this part
of the video I'm going to talk about how to install the Tron link crypto wallet
into your Google Chrome browser it's actually pretty simple now as always as
what happened with meta mask be careful of rogue releases on some of these
extensions that may be a hack or a go to hack your crypto funds but it's pretty
simple right now I'm on the Chrome Web Store but if you're starting from
scratch you can go to google and you're gonna type type in google chrome store
alright enter and then we're gonna go to the chrome store okay and this obviously
you have to have the Google Chrome browser installed to start with well
type in Tron link Tron linked by Tron watch market and I actually poked around
there is a github project for this where they're openly developing it so
basically you go you find the Tron link extension and then you click Add to
Chrome add extension okay let that grind around a little bit Tron link has been
added to Chrome use extension by clicking the icon so now that we have
Tron link installed into our Chrome browser to use it you have to set up a
wallet initially so what I do you click on the little arrow up here in the
corner and the first thing that's gonna do is ask you for a password now this is
assuming that I have never created a Tron link account before I'm on a new
computer and I need to do it so to basically to get started it's not as
intuitive as a normal like link would be it's a little confusing so basically
what you do is come up with a password I like to use my strong
password security site but use whatever you will it's a site that allows you to
generate super strong passwords so grab that password I'm gonna go over here and
I'm gonna go back to my Tron link icon I click on it I'm gonna enter that
password twice now this is very important make sure you write down your
password so what I'm gonna do is type in notepad I'm gonna put my Tron link
password and that way I know I don't lose it hit continue success go to the
wallet and you click on this now you're into the main Tron link page and the
application is installed at this point you want to do a couple important things
you want to write down your backup Manami phrase which allows you to
recover the wallet and you want to get your receiving address so that you can
receive tokens so you're gonna click on accounts and you're gonna have a menu
create import/export and delete if you have more than one Tron link account you
can delete the extra accounts so the very first thing obviously is what is my
crypto Tron wallet address and that's right here under the default account so
I'm going to copy that as well and put that into my thing so I don't lose it
and this is actually the address you would send your Tron coins to now the
second step is you want to click exports at this point the extension is going to
give you your Manama cassie Kragh trays okay that's super important and let's
see i'm gonna do that that's my recovery phrase okay
and my private key so I got my private key okay all right now I'm gonna save
this and at this point you could do whatever you like you could run this
through your encryption software move it to a USB Drive that's encrypted or other
safe or print it and put it in your safe and this is all your pertinent
information for your Tron link wallet now that's it basically you send
yourself some coins from either your ledger or get on one of the exchanges
that sells Tron like finance and then you would send it to that address and
then your tokens will appear there and then you can start interacting with

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