How to Install a Tether Kill Switch on YFZ450

hey there YouTube – extremely Mex here I had a few people requesting information on how to install a Geo ITR or pro Armour tether switch these switches are required when you race your four-wheelers now the instructions on how to do it aren't really it all that simple um they do have a install kit form I don't personally use install kits when I install to others or anything like that but what you need to do you need to make sure you know what type of tether you're getting whether it's normally closed or a normally open tether with the Yamaha the YF Z's the pro armor and gyt are tethers are normally open to others and to hook them up what you need to do is you need to get to your standard side of your four-wheeler which is a side with the filler plug and locate the wires coming out from them I know Oh forged O sixes I think you're the one are the only ones that have the wire that comes out and goes to the front o 7:09 is either come out back here or they'll come out here and then route to the back either way you just need to find these wires and you need to trace them like mine I fall I'm right here they go out towards the front got my frame here come up along the radiator and what you're looking for here's the wire see here it comes right across my radiator what you're looking for is four wires that come out and there's a red and white wire that goes to a black plug the other ones see should be like four wires come out there's a red and white one a red one a white one and then there's a white in the yellow the white and yellow go up to a white plug as you can see here the red and white go to the black plug what you are looking for is this black plug you're looking for the red and white wires and for a Jew ITR or a pro arm or switch you have two on if you don't have the installation kit what you can do is you'll take the long wire from either gy TR or the pro armor tether switch you run it your long wire down and splice it in just like this and what that blue thing there is just a couple of things here Byam Radio Shack or whatever it's a little splicer watch this place and you wanna make sure you get the smaller one I'm not sure what gauge these ones are actually I'm in check these ones say I believe they're 18 to 14 gauge what you want is like the 24 to 18 gauge ones which are smaller wires because these wires this didn't actually the one I used didn't actually bite into the coating around the wire too well but get the smaller ones and all you have to do is locate the white wire and take your long wire from your tether it'll slide into one spot as you can see it'll come on it can only slide in one way because there's little stopper on one side the other side the wire goes right straight through and I'll show you on the little clip things pop one open as you see here the wire that goes all the way through will be the white wire see white where it goes through alongside and then there's the your wire from your tether will go on the short side there that only goes in so far and then you just grab it with a pair of pliers or vice grips or Webber and pinch it down really good so it bites into the wires after that's done make sure you tape it up really really good so that way it doesn't get wet it gets wet it can short out but I put a just a lead wire off of it for now just to show you that this is the proper wire to hook it to because it hooks to the red wire it will do absolutely nothing hooking it to the white wire will shut it right off and here turn my four-wheeler on it's on species running my little wire here here at stop all right we'll do it again too and short it right out as soon as it touched the metal or will shut right off after you switch up hooked up that's the way it should work again with the Pro AMA and the gy TRS they have one long wire and I believe a short wire the short wire what you want to do is you want to hook it to you know a frame any kind of frame mounts and you know hook it right to it puff pulled out put the thing on hook it right on so that way you got your ground and then your other wire the longer wire will go down and like I said with the affords those sixes they're usually right underneath your nose area in between the lights like I said all you have to do is follow up from your standard follow your line all the way up and again it's going to be there's a red wire and a white wire and what you want is you want to splice into that white wire now this is the way you do it if you do not have the installation kit I've read the instructions on the installation and they're quite confusing personally for 24 dollars that they charge for the installation kit I'd rather just splice it in just like this does the same exact thing as the extra $24 kit does but saves you the 24 bucks now this is a normally open style tethered switch if you happen to get a normally closed style Tizer to switch the normally closed tether switch can be used on the YF sees they don't wire the same way the normally closed tether switch what you'll want to do is you want to take your your on/off switch and find out which wires down inside here are for this switch itself and you'll just go ahead and cut them and wire them directly into a normally closed tether switch the normally closed tether switch is better to use for your wive's ii because the fact that it does not interrupt any kind of electronics does not ground out any electronic being error like electricity being sent through your bike what the normally closed tether switch does is it does exactly like it basically turns your on/off switch into a tether switch it works on the same principle as your on/off switch and basically will be in place of your on/off switch so again normally open the pro armor and the gyt are brand ones wire in as i've shown you here and normally close switches which are the aftermarket switches you can buy some of them are no-name brands there are a couple name brands normally closed switches out there those ones are the ones that you'll actually have to basically cut the wires that originally go to your on/off switch here you'll cut those wires and run them to the normally closed switch again this is the more preferred way the safer way for your quad because a lot of people say you can damage your electrical system using the normally open ones because it does short out electronic signals to your coil I myself prefer the normally closed ones I hope this video helped the people out there that we're asking about it if you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment below make sure to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel I'm just too extreme I max have fun riding

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