How to Install a Diono Car Seat Forward-Facing (Seat Belt + Tether)

welcome to the carseat lady videos in this video I'm going to teach you how to install the forward-facing do no or sunshine kids car seats this video applies to all do no and sunshine kids radians all versions as well as the do no Pacifica Rainier and Olympia so let's get started the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to connect my tether strap the tether is stored in the back of the car seat I've already unhooked it in this car the headrest was removable for the center seat I removed it to make it easier for me to install the car seat as well as get the tether connected so I'm connecting my tether but I'm going to leave it loose we'll tighten it at the very end next I'm going to pass the seat belt through the forward-facing belt path which is behind the child's back so I'm going to take the seat belt if you notice there's a Velcro slit here to allow you to get your hand in more easily I'm going to pass the belt behind the child's back and I'm going to buckle it in now you and I ride around with our seat belt loose while we drive and then we're aligning it to lock when you slam on the brakes that works well for you and me but not for the car seat because that's what the car seat looks like and that's not safe the good news is there's a locking feature built right into the seat belt just to keep your child's car seat tight the way you're going to engage that locking feature is you have to pull the belt out to the very end do it slowly as you let it back in here that ratcheting sound that's the belt getting tighter and some vehicles the ratcheting sound is really soft and quiet and you might not be able to hear it you can always double check it's in the locking mode by giving a very gentle pull towards you and you should feel no slack coming back once you've done this you can just let the belt go now I need to pull the belt tight so I'm going to put a knee in the seat I'm going to grab the shoulder belt which is the top belt I'm going to grab it through this slit in the fabric I'm going to pull upwards on the shoulder belt so that the lap portion which is the bottom belt is going to get tight as I'm doing this I'm going to wiggle the seat side-to-side with my body weight and pull this bicep and this hand are holding really tight like tug-of-war don't let go of the tension until I take my other hand and feed the slack all the way back into where the shoulder belt comes out of then I'm going to do the same thing again I'm going to pull upwards wiggle and feed the slack back just like so the last thing I'm going to do is I'm going to check to see if the seat is tight I'm going to hold it near the belt path now pull towards me away from me and I'm checking that it slides less than an inch side to side that feels really tight now the very last thing is to tighten up the tether strap take the tail and pull as hard as you can towards the back of the car the tether is what keeps the child's brain and spinal cord as safe as possible so make sure that it's really tight I want to show you one thing that you might encounter in your car that might lead you to have a loser installation and show you a trick to getting it tight in some vehicles the buckle is fairly long this car seat prefers when the buckle is as short as possible when the buckle is long like it is right now if I buckle my seat belt I pull it all the way out to lock it and I let it back in and I grab the same shoulder belt up top and pull to tighten I'm not able to get it as tight as I want and you can see that the hardware of the seat belt is trying to come up into the belt path but it can't and when I check to see if my car seat is tight it's not it moves more than an inch side to side so let me show you the trick what you're going to do let the belt back in you're going to take the buckle and you're going to twist it down you're allowed to do up to three full revolutions this was just one revolution in this car I'm going to pass my belt through the same way buckle it in again pull the shoulder belt all the way out to lock it again pull the shoulder belt which is the top build as tight as I can wiggle and then feed all the slack back and now when I check the seat is nice and tight so that's just one thing you might encounter in your car first try with the buckle untwisted and only twisted if need be

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