How to Import & Create a Hedera Hashgraph HBAR Account

Hello and welcome to the Exodus channel, your
home for Exodus tutorials and crypto videos. Hit those like and subscribe buttons so you
are always kept in the crypto hyperloop. The Hedera network requires an account to
send or receive HBAR tokens. This short tutorial will teach you how to
easily import an existing Hedera Hashgraph account or create a new one.

Let’s quickly go over creating a new account
followed by importing an existing account. If you don’t already have Exodus, you can
download the app for your computer or phone. Click the link above for a download link. On both the desktop and mobile apps, you can
exchange another cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or Ethereum for HBAR to instantly and automatically
create a new Hedera Hashgraph account. Manually creating a Hedera account only takes
a few steps. On the desktop app, Enable the HBAR wallet
by clicking the wallet icon in the top menu bar. Move on over to the left, click the magnifying
glass, and type HBAR. Pop into the wallet, click receive and select
create new account. That’s it! In a few seconds Exodus will create your account
with your unique account ID that can be used to receive HBAR. On mobile, tap the profile icon on the bottom
right, scroll down a bit and type HBAR in the search bar and then toggle on.

Tap the wallet icon, pop into the HBAR wallet,
tap receive and create new account. And you’re done. For those with an existing Hedera Hashgraph
account, you will need either your 24-word mnemonic phrase or the private key from your
existing Hedera wallet. On the desktop and the mobile app, the steps
for migrating your Hedera account to Exodus are the same. In the HBAR wallet, click receive and I already
have an account. Type or paste your existing Hedera 24-word
mnemonic phrase or your Hedera private key. Tap import and that’s it. Your HBAR and account ID will appear after
a few seconds. While your account ID is the same, the 24-word
phrase or private key you just entered is no longer linked to your account ID. Your Hedera account is now linked to your
Exodus secret recovery phrase and a new HBAR private key has been generated.

If you’re new to Exodus, click the link
above to learn how to back up your wallet and view your secret recovery phrase. If this video helped, give it a thumbs up
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