How To Get The Best Price Altcoin Trading (BitSwap DEX Explained)

The hottest new exchange— This is where you can find the absolute
cheapest prices for any cryptocurrency that's on decentralized exchanges. It crawls 14 exchanges to find you the best price, the best bank for your buck. A combination of price and liquidity, you can always bet on BitSwap
to give you the best. Today, I'm going to do a tutorial
which is going to be showing you exactly why you should be using BitSwap and how to use it. We're also going to be talking
about the highly anticipated BITT token and how you can get your hands on some today. Let's get it. BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade tokens. Crawling all the top decentralized exchanges, BitSwap gets you the very best price and value for your trades. BitSwap is changing the game. Try it now at Okay, guys, so I'm here on Now, what we're going to be showing you
today is how BitSwap DEX works, how you can farm the BITT token, which will save on fees, and we're also going to be showing you guys
how to find a contract address for a project.

If you don't know how to find a coin,
like if you go to, let's say, Uniswap and you're looking for a specific coin, and let's say you type it in, and it doesn't come up. Like, let's say you're looking for KIT. It's not going to come up. So I'm going to show you guys
how to find those as well. So, what is BitSwap? Well, is where the landing pages
and then, the app, you open by hitting Launch App. BitSwap is a decentralized aggregator.

What does that mean? That means that it crawls 14 decentralized
exchanges including Uniswap, Kyber, mStable, Curve, ZRX, Balancer and more to find you the very best price
and the very best liquidity. Now, if you're looking for a teensy weensy coin
that may be a rug pull, and it's only going to be available on Uniswap, then it doesn't make sense! But if your project you're looking for is
on more than one exchange, which almost all the significant ones are, then you're gonna want to use BitSwap DEX. It's also built on ZRX technology, I'm partnered with, and it's powered–partnered
with DexKit, also powered by DexKit. It's kind of cool it's built on ZRX technology because, back in 2018, I was really bullish on ZRX, and it's turned out to do pretty well. It's really bullish cuz it was getting
listed on Coinbase back then and, as usual, I predicted that one correct.

So, guys, here's what we do. You're gonna hit Launch App. Now, what I want to show you guys
is what you're saving, okay? What you're saving when you actually use BitSwap. Okay? So, let's say we're looking for– we have one ETH. Okay? And let's say we want to get– I'm telling you, guys, I'm going to pick a random coin. Totally random. I want to make sure it's a reputable one. I don't want it to be, you know, some no name coin. Let's check out REN. So, we're going to use REN here. With BitSwap, you get 1654.9 for REN. If you come to Uniswap, let's try the same thing, we're going to type in 1 Ethereum, exactly the same, and let's type in REN.

Alright, 1650 You get 1654.9 versus 1650.6. You are getting– For every 1 Ethereum you buy, you're getting 4.3 extra tokens just for using BitSwap. It's that easy. And we can do this with any coin. I mean, we can go down this. We can go all day. Let's pick Ampleforth. With Ampleforth, you're getting 482.225. For Ampleforth here, 480 So, on Ampleforth, you're getting an extra 2
Ampleforth tokens for every Ethereum you put in, and you can go all the way down the list. As long as it's a coin that's not only on Uniswap, you're going to get a much
better deal by using BitSwap. Now, you can get an even better deal by using the BITT token. How do you get the BITT token? 2500 BITT to receive a 90% discount on fees. Now, this is going to be the token
launched by my community that we're going to be using
as rewards for the BitSquad, for everything that's BitBoy Crypto. You guys are gonna get airdrops
from buying NFTs, airdrops for being in my Telegram group
and my Discord group, you guys are gonna get rewards or at least have
the opportunity to get a lot of rewards in BITT token.

This a fun thing we're going to do. We'll see what it turns into– of course, with no token sale, nothing like that. This isn't, you know, that kind of thing. Okay? But what we can do is we can actually go to DexKit, and we can farm BITT token right now. We're not doing the airdrops yet. We're starting with farming. Okay, so now I'm gonna show you
how you get the BITT token, how you farm it, you have to get liquidity pool tokens
for Ethereum and KIT.

So, what we're gonna do is
we're gonna swap 1 Ethereum for KIT. Now, to get KIT, all you have to do is come
here to the contract address, or you go to CoinGecko,
you type the coin in, okay? Then you go to contract. You copy the contract address. That's how you would exchange anything. Come in here. Paste the address. And boom! That's how you do it. So, for 1 Ethereum, we're getting 1286 tokens. So we're gonna click Swap. We're going to come here. We're going to always edit to get the highest– I love getting the highest. Wow! Fees are super expensive right now. Look at that. So we're going to save, hit Confirm. Okay? Now, we're going to wait for this
to basically go through. It's going to pend here for just a few moments. After that, we're going to go to the liquidity pool
and add the tokens to the liquidity pool. I'll show you how to do that here in just a second as soon as this gets done.

Okay, so that just went through. It took about two minutes— a minute and a half, somewhere around there. We have our KIT tokens now. Now, we have to add them to the liquidity pool. So go here to Pool, hit Add Liquidity, okay? So what we want to do now is
we want to select a token. We're going to use our KIT here. Okay, so we want to put in one Ethereum.

So you type "1" in right here, and 1286. I'm actually going to only be able to put in, let's say
0.98 because those fees are so high right now. So I put almost all my KIT in. So, now, I have to approve the transaction,
go back to my MetaMask, always use the highest, I always use the highest. It's always worth the extra 20 cents
to get it done quicker. So, we have to approve it. Once we approve it, we're going to put it in.

let's just let that go ahead and go through here. Okay, once that goes through, you're gonna be able to hit Supply, so hit Supply. You're gonna have to, once again,
go through your dang MetaMask, prove it, confirm it. So, now, at this point, it should go through here in just a minute. Now, once this happens, we're going to
be able to come over here to DexKit. We're gonna have to connect our wallet. So we're going to connect our wallet with MetaMask.

You're gonna have to approve it. Always approving everything these days. View the address are permitted. Okay. Connecting, so it's going to connect. Okay, so what I'm going to do now is
I'm going to deposit my liquidity pool tokens. When you stake your Ethereum, when you stake your DexKit, it's going to automatically give you
the liquidity pool tokens.

As you guys can see here right now, it says Your Liquidity Deposit, unclaimed. Let's go and hit Deposit UNI-V2. Okay, so here it is, guys. It shows I have 34.6466 liquidity tokens
to put in the pool, so we're gonna hit that. We have to approve it the same way that we had
to approve the other transactions. Okay? So it's already went through. It has been approved. Now, we got to do is click Deposit. Okay. Let's go ahead and make that max
so it goes through a little quicker. Hit Confirm. Okay, now the transaction has been submitted.

It's still showing pending in my MetaMask, but once it goes through, it's going to show my liquidity deposits. Okay, so, now, let's refresh the page. When we refresh the page, it should show our liquidity deposits in there. There it is, boom! 34.6466 liquidity tokens, liquidity pool tokens. Now, what you got to understand
about liquidity pool tokens is that they don't match the amount of anything because we had 1 ETH,
we had 1280 KIT tokens, okay? We got 34.64 liquidity pool tokens. There's no rhyme or reason that I found
for what the percentage is, okay? But we already already as soon as we've put this, we already have 0.2294 BITT tokens.

Okay? So, in that quick, we've already got almost,
you know, almost a quarter of a token. At this rate, it shows I'll get 3965 BITT tokens a week. Now, if you remember looking at BitSwap DEX, you need 2500 tokens to get
a 66% reduction in your fees. So the fees are already super minimal, but they're even smaller
when you have the BITT tokens. Now, this is what– Look at that. Boom! 5375 Here's what I'll tell you. Okay? What I'll tell you is this, you can withdraw– you can claim
and withdraw at any time, okay? But when you claim your tokens, okay? What's actually happening is is you're
gonna have to go through a process to perform a gas transaction that's
going to take Ethereum to pull it out, so you don't want it to be pulling it out all the time.

Pull it out once every couple days, once a week, whatever it is, and you will be set straight. So, that's how you farm the BITT token with DexKit. That's how you use BitSwap. That is how– obviously the advantages of using BitSwap, and that is how you can actually– We also showed you how to use contract addresses to put them in, to find them on exchanges. That's not just on BitSwap.

That's all decentralized exchanges. You'll have to find those token contract
addresses to get those low cap gems. Alright, guys. Hey, thanks for watching the video. Drop me a comment below. Let me know what you think about BitSwap. And a lot of you guys are using it. We've
already passed a million dollars in volume. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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