How to Get Free WiFi Tether/HotSpot on Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean!

what's up and facts Tech phonetic from Andrew rootstock ham with me on the Samsung Galaxy s3 t-mobile but this method to get free Wi-Fi tethering / hotspot for your Galaxy s3 or got any US variant in the in the United States so it'll work for 18 C Verizon Sprint t-mobile like I mentioned earlier any carrier you have this method should work as long as running on touch with ROM so one way if you don't know what TouchWiz is it's just basically the stack ram or a custom ROM that does that didn't do major modifications or didn't remove TouchWiz at least so you'll be able notice if you're on TouchWiz when you have this I this water water unlock mod and also the default 14 or 15 words you toggle like this one so make sure if you're not sure if your customers on TouchWiz definitely check out the source list where you get that ram and see if it's running at TouchWiz or ass developer if you're in touch with and if you if he still doesn't apply for any reason I just unroot your phone or get in touch with Ram yep and so it's very easy to do anyway and before I do begin telling you all this you must be rooted as well so you must be in touch with must it has SPF is variance and you have to be um rooted so if you don't know how to root your phone you can check out those videos right there I had rooted for Windows right there you can check out those annotations and this will work for both Ice Cream Sandwich and jelly bean um should work flawlessly I hope she already have a one for Ice Cream Sandwich I have an impatient right here as well if you're running an Ice Cream Sandwich but this one this one will look for jellybean as well so first thing you do is download apk let me just go in file manager and show you which apk download so mine's under my downloads folder because I did download directly into my phone if you download it um obviously have a link below where you can download this so go ahead and download that APK directly into your phone or you can transfer it from your computer to your phone it's much easy just to download directly to your phone by the end of the day it doesn't matter so just gonna go ahead and tap on it and okay I reinstalled one someone tap on OK and install and if you do get a security issue go and tap on the settings and make sure unknown sources is check marked and go ahead and go back here and install this let's go home go ahead and open it and now head down into settings and then about device profile scroll all the way down to Samsung Galaxy s3 and make sure that one is chosen once you get all set you don't change you any more settings and go ahead and start it start it and it will start the Wi-Fi tether so let's give it a few seconds and like I said earlier you must be granting Super User so let's go ahead and grant Super User like I said you must be rooted so give it a few seconds to start up and once it does finish starting up we'll go ahead and connect my computer to this and we'll check it out so I'm gonna go head down to my computer and we'll check it out alright so you can see I'm on my Mac OS X and this will obviously also work for Windows computer you can connect your Xbox or anything like that as well if you have the correct Wi-Fi adapter and all that stuff so as you can see right there it's called Android tether even if you changed the name of the SSD that means you would be in that name so we're gonna go ahead and connect to it and once it does connect you'll be able to the upload and download speeds going so as you can see once it connected the download and upload speeds right there so if we can pick that up so let's go ahead and open that my Google Chrome and check it out so this page is already loaded let me zoom out so you can get about look at that zoom out and let's go ahead and a refresh this page and see if it does work which it should so give it a few seconds to refresh and there you go it did refresh and you can see my speeds are going up and down right there so I'm at 157 let's refresh it one more time and should go up again and now it's at 186 right there so and let's go to as well just to make sure and there you go you're on Wi-Fi tether and that is how you get it and this should work for both 4G and 3G for your US variants um so definitely try works very fast and very very good speeds especially for Wi-Fi tethering um definitely check it out works very very well for your device so that's about it guys thanks for watching don't forget subscribe and write up there so you can be notified when I upload more videos like these ROM reviews how to route your Galaxy s3 and many more other videos like this for both Mac and windows and give me a big ol thumbs up down below on the left corner right there as well if you found this video helpful if it helped you down or if help your friend out or whoever else out that's about it guys thanks for watching and if you need help on this or any other video and you know you're gonna follow me add me whatever you can add me through Twitter Facebook and Google+ follow me you know I'll do other good stuff and you can also get in contact with me through there as well thanks guys I'll see you next time peace

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