The second website that I will share is Or you can just search reviewhunt and it will appear on your browser. To earn on this website, all you need is to do simple task. Like in Picoworkers, and they will pay you. But compare to Picoworkers, the reward here is much bigger. Like this, it's $0.43. All you have to do is to review an app. Let' click the Sign up button above to register. Fill up the required information. Like full name, email address, password, gender, year of birth, country, and then, click Create my Account.

Most of the quest here is worldwide. You can choose if you like Englis only, or if you want Korean quest. But you need to translate it first to join. As you can see in Newbie Friendly, the easiest quest are here. But the pay is much better than Picoworkers. Then when you click the three lines in the upper, that is the dropdown menu where you can see your account. As you can see, I only earn $0.30 as of the moment. If you are the one who will do the quest, you are called the Hunter. And here is your dashboard. If you are the one who will post the quest, you are called Maker, and here is your dashboard. You can also put your referral link in the comment section Let's go first to Hunter dashboard. And you can see the quest that you already done. As you can see, I earned $0.15 by following and commenting on facebook. If you like to post quest or to be a maker, go to Create Quest or go to the Maker dashboard in the dropdown menu.

To be a Maker, categorize the task you want, and follow other instructions. But you need payment first. Or you already have deposited your funds for payment. You can also use your earnings as payment for the quest you post. There are Korean Makers here. But mostly, it's about games, or to boost their channel and other social media sites. Let's choose a task. For example, this download chrome extension and accumulate 450 peaches. And the reward is $0.10. Click that. As you can see, many hunters have joined already and he has 19.50% budget left.

You can also see here if you are eligible to join the quest. Because there are task that requires eligibility before joining. As of now, there are so called reward ratio. Your payment depends on your score. Like this, I am only eligible to earn $0.08. Due to few quest that I done, my trust score is only 60-79%. That's why I can only earn $0.08. If you have more quest that is accepted, you must have more accepted quest than rejected quest. The more quest you done, the maximum the reward you could get.

Like in this quest, the maximum reward is $0.10. To join this quest, click the check icon. There. And it says here that you must submit the quest within 24 hours. If not, you will get penalty points and the quest you did might be rejected. You can also check the message board the review of other hunters. Or if the maker does not pay. You can avoid them.

As you can see in submission stats, there are 23 ongoing workers. There are 138 approved submission and 91 are rejected. Here is the instruction. Follow this, and then, You only need to submit the screenshot. And so, upload it here. Let's go back to the dropdown menu and go to My Credit. To withdraw, you can choose your preferred payout options. As you can see, they pay through cryptocurrency. Like ethereum. They also have their own token which is hunt token. So, let's check this out. It says here that there is no convenience fee upon withdrawal. But it's a little hustle because you need to exchange it first to these trading sites. If you want to use ethereum to withdraw, just put your wallet address here. The minimum payout is $3 USD Point. But before you can withdraw, there is a conversion fee of $0.30 and $0.20 transaction fee. In total of $0.50 will be deducted upon withdrawal. That's why it is advisable to withdraw above the minimum because of the deduction. Then click this check icon then click the request transfer button to process your withdrawal.

In this coupon, it says that you can convert your rewards into Reviewhunt coupons. You will receive an email with the coupon code that can be used when you make the payment for your quest. You cannot cashout or withdraw if you choose to use these coupons. But you can use it as payment as a quest maker. It also says that you cannot split or reuse your coupon. For example, you bought $20 coupon or convert it as coupon, and if you only make a $15 quest, the remaining $5 will be forfeited. In addition, you cannot cancel the quest you make if you already used this coupon as payment. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell for you to be notified of my new upload..

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