How to earn Cryptocurrency with your phone! 24 hours a day! Algorand

since we last updated our rewards on our 
algorithm wallet on our iphone phone 12 pro max we   have received .84 algorand and that value 
increases every nine minutes i really like   having the algorand official iphone wallet on my 
phone and i send everything over here and i add   multiple layers of work i guess is the best way 
to put it if i wanted to touch my crypto and if   i'm saving and i'm holding of the thing i want 
is more layers to prevent myself from rapidly   on the fly being able to sell it off so today 
probably and not the greatest of detail but in   the way that i present stuff we're going to go 
over algorithm you guys voted last two weeks ago   in the giveaway for 500 tron the number one vote 
went to cse the number two went to algorand so i   felt it was due time and we're gonna branch out 
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on everyone welcome back to another video about   bitcoin cryptocurrency all that good stuff i'm a 
prize of nerdy dude and today we are going to be   talking about algorand recently i have gotten into 
algorand and i have actually had a very pleasant   experience i really am enjoying the mobile wallet 
on our iphone we are able to stake the token over   there we'll get to that in just a moment and we're 
able to earn rewards and pretty much compound   daily we currently have 1.4 000 algorand that's 
worth about 372 dollars at this current moment   pulling everything up here on my phone as i'm 
looking as we go so i know right now bitcoin is   going parabolic and it's going through the roof 
and i know that's the hot topic of the day but   i'm not one of those youtubers that really looks 
at big i mean i look at bitcoin every single day   but i'm not one of those youtubers that's gonna 
turn on be like oh three hundred fifty thousand   four hundred thousand bitcoin two hundred thousand 
bitcoin hundred thousand bitcoin here we go   i might do one of those videos and make it 
all like clickbaity to get people to watch it   but i like a little bit of the other currencies 
as well i like to have a little bit of a passive   income i diversify my portfolio i grow from there 
so today we're going to be looking at algorithm   we're going to go over the coin market cap we're 
going to go over the volume we're going to go over   the the supply yeah blah blah blah and then we're 
going to take a little bit of a deep dive on the   website and talk about the mobile wallet so with 
that said let's get right into it al goran is   sitting currently at 26 cents it's down 4 from 
yesterday yesterday we were looking at like a 29   to 30 cent algorand i believe when mind of tron 
was doing his video it was cresting at about 29   cents and it's kind of been fluctuating there 
i've seen a little bit lower when i picked up   a bunch and then we're we're in the profit on 
this currency that's currently in our wallet   its current market cap is 290 or yeah 296 million 
which is roughly 16 almost 17 bitcoin worth and   it's got a 24 hour volume of 68 million which is 
pretty solid total circulating supply right now   is 1.138 billion out of a max circulating out of a 
max total supply of 10 billion so there's a hefty   amount of this coin it's not one of those coins 
that i'm really gonna see it maybe jump up to   like five to ten dollars just because usually when 
i see those larger circular like total supplies   i kind of feel i go back into some supply and 
demand like statistics and i think the supply is   monstrous and the demand won't be nearly as big as 
something like ethereum litecoin uh those tokens   that will see those bigger you know 50 60 70 80 
400 1 000 coins looking at the charts here looks   like this coin came into existence around july of 
2019 it's seen all-time highs uh recently actually   um about two months ago of about 67 cents a pop 
which is pretty significant pretty solid but you   know that's i'd like to see it get back to there 
let's go and take a look at what it's been for the   past week here on the chart i know minor tron's 
getting heavily into charting i'm not really much   of a charting or technical analysis guy but um 
pretty pretty swingy chart really i mean this is   definitely a currency that if my crypto hopper was 
uh taking a stab at this would be something that   i would have no problem doing some day trades and 
some swing trades and not really much needed into   the dca settings or anything along those lines 
just because it looks like it recovers and bounces   pretty healthy very very very solid uh market 
pairs it's pretty much listed on most of the major   exchanges out there you've got bitmaps 
so if you've got one of your cards and   if you haven't signed up for that already there's 
going to be a link in the description below to   sign up for that i did sign up under mind of tron 
um i got 25 for it he got 25 for it now i just   have to get my 2500 uh cro so if you guys want to 
jump on board as well i believe there's like a 50   promotion going on right now that you can 
claim once you put your 2500 cro in there   but you at least get 25 as well finance bitfinex 
kucoin all these other exchanges have it um   with the exception of my mobile wallet actually 
holding on i'd have to see what their   reward rates are is not a bad option to go with 
we'll look at the website here in just a moment   as well but it's a pretty healthy listed coin 
with lots of activity on all of these exchanges   even if you're an arbitrage kind of trade and you 
want to look at like binance and then kucoin and   trade it around like there looks like there's 
some opportunity for that as well let's see the   difference actually with that example kucoin 
2614 binance 2613.

So not much at the moment   but you're looking at all these other currency or 
these other exchanges where you could make some   arbitrage trades there if you were savvy enough 
i should say with that method anyway let's dive   a little bit more into algorand i'm just going 
to read it right off the screen we're going to   look at the website and talk about the mobile app 
i don't have any pictures of mine at the moment   but i will pull up the pictures on the website and 
kind of talk about my experience with it algorithm   today we already went through blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah what is algorand in a nutshell on   coin market cap you can find this as well algorand 
is a scalable secure and decentralized digital   currency and transactions platform founded by 
turing award winner mit professor silvio mccauley   algorand is a permissionless pure proof of stake 
blockchain protocol proof of stake in a nutshell   what that means is if you hold some of the 
token in one of the wallets and that wallet   supports proof of stake just like the iphone 
algorand wallet then you will be supporting the   blockchain and as you support the blockchain you 
will reap the rewards of those tokens and those   blocks as they're discovered you don't need any 
fancy mining hardware you don't need a fancy phone   to do it you know you just need an iphone or an 
android phone doesn't matter what model make your   mileage anything like that as long as you're 
holding coin you can absolutely do it you can   also do with paper wallets and you know those 
wallets as well algorithms technology finalizes   blocks in seconds and it provides immediate 
transaction finality while preventing forks   algaran does also not reward validators with newly 
minted tokens so that means that people that are   holding the token they're not getting brand new 
ones that are created they're just getting rewards   from it and it is very very fast i mean i've 
seen the longest i've seen the reward payouts   is nine minutes so if you have a healthy stack 
of algorithm nine minutes is quick and that's   one thing that really attracted me to it with 
the primary focus on developers and their needs   algorand's node repository has been open sourced 
and is publicly available algorand provides a   robust set of developer tools dap analytics 
through a partnership with flipside crypto and has   a number of partners building on their blockchain 
including otoy syncsort top networks asset block   and more we talked about the maximum supply it 
came actually to life in june of 2019 not july uh   consensus mechanism permissionless and it's a pure 
proof of stake fixed supply with pre-minted awards   blockchain sub five seconds pretty pretty healthy 
there the algorithm and the transaction fee is   very similar the transaction fees the transaction 
time it's it's as fast as tron i mean i've i've   converted a lot of uh coin and crypto on coinbase 
into algorand and i've sent it from coinbase to my   algorithm wallet and it's boom before i even pull 
up my phone and the facial recognition unlocks the   phone the algorithm is there so the transaction 
speed is outstanding uh the algorithm blockchain   network has its own official native cryptocurrency 
called algo so you know you've heard me say that   to drive the borderless economy and the system 
of incentives the foundation holds algos to   contribute to the stability of algorand blockchain 
to incentivize network participation and to   support the algorithm community ecosystem building 
and research the algos enter the ecosystem   via various channels including development and 
research grants participation rewards and sales   all such activities are disclosed with 
full transparency to the algorand community   algorithm technology algorand utilizes 
a pure proof of stake where validators   are not rewarded nor are they at risk of being 
slashed it becomes impossible for the minority   to cheat and irrational for the majority 
to cheat the system as it would devalue   their holdings there's also no locking of tokens 
so a user has their tokens available at all times   blocks are created in two phases where a single 
token is selected randomly and its owner proposes   the next block subsequently a thousand random 
tokens are selected with their owners then   approving the block proposed by the user the first 
user so really the reward system is has a little   bit of a random to it so you are staking it's 
pure proof of stake but you just because you're   the biggest kid in the sandbox doesn't mean that 
the little guy that just joined the party doesn't   have a fair fighting chance to get these rewards 
as well and like i said it's usually around nine   minutes so if you have like 10 algo you have 
just the same shot as i do as earning rewards   for staking and you probably see those returns 
every nine minutes so it's very lickety-split i   really really like that a lot uh and like that's 
what i was talking about yesterday on my stream   the minority has just a fair shot as the 
majority and that's why i really really   really like the token the phases these phases 
are insured by the core protocol called binary   byzantine agreement or the byzantine agreement 
star encompassing the following advancements   cryptographic sorting to prevent an adversary 
you know what i'm distracted hang on one second if you guys haven't done this yet you go over 
to coinbase you actually can earn yourself six   dollars in algorand i will post that link 
in the description as well and you can go   down here and this is what actually got me into it 
once i went through these videos yeah you can earn   yourself six dollars out of worth of algorithm 
instantaneously all you have to do is watch these   videos they're three minutes a piece they're 
really really really simple the questions are   very easy and you can answer the questions even 
like after you start the video you pretty much are   going to know the answer to the question i don't 
think it's going to show me here it's going to be   what is algorand and then it's going to give you 
abc or d and then obviously the most intelligent   smarter question is going to be the one that or 
the answer is going to be the answer so you can   earn yourself six dollars worth of algorithm 
just by clicking on the link and signing up   takes probably about 30 minutes it'll say you know 
you're on the waiting list but about 30 minutes   later you'll get the invite to get yourself your 
six dollars let's jump over here to their platform uh lots of lots of mumbo jumbo you 
know i'm not going to bore you with the reading   it's a very it's a very smooth well-built 
site very informative lots of information   let's just take a look at like a couple of things 
i'm not going to go through everything like crazy   but we're just going to look at a 
couple of things here algorand protocol   the technology removes the technical barriers 
that the years undermine mainstream blockchain   adoption decentralized scale and security now 
you can build on a stable platform you trust our   consensus mechanism is permissionless and pure 
proof of stake it ensures full participation   protection and speed within a truly decentralized 
network the blocks finalize in seconds algorand's   transaction throughput is on par with large 
payment and financial networks in a nutshell   this is a financial system this is a financial 
setup this channel is not financial advice or   anything along those lines but al goran i think 
it even says right here at the top of their   technology that enables frictionless 
finance so that's what it is in a nutshell   use cases algorithm has a diverse global group 
of partnerships representing technology venture   capital cryptocurrency and financial service 
community here's all of the filter use cases by   all that stuff um gaming defy infrastructure 
banking securities commercial supply chain   identity blah blah blah and these are a 
lot of their partners circle idex republic   tether archax or archax meld gold marshall's 
island stake or dao verified today lots and lots and lots of partnerships very 
very very healthy program platform project   whatever you want to look at it to get yourself 
behind you don't have to if you don't want i   mean i enjoy it and i enjoy what's going on who 
we are you can look at the team you can look at   the founder it's this guy right here work with us 
careers whatever blah blah blah get in touch yada   yada what we do let's go to the algorithm wallet 
this is the key this is where i'm going to kind   of be more of my natural flow the algorithm wallet 
is an easy to use mobile app very easy with a new   design that includes key features full integration 
of algorithms standard assets and best-in-class   security with nano ledger integration so for that 
last sentence if you have one of those ledger nano   wallets you can uh pair it together so you have 
that extra layer security um pretty much if you're   in the crypto space security is one of the number 
one things you need to focus on and take very very   seriously but here's some screenshots of the app 
again it's available on the app store for apple   and it's available on google play with a focus on 
user friendliness and clean design the wall also   includes comprehensive view allowing users to see 
their holdings without toggling between accounts   very very true this is what the screen looks like 
i don't know if it's enough resolution for you   on the computer but looking at the phone it's it's 
it's super simple let's see if we can get it let's   see if we can get it i mean there's my balance 
and then just here's all my transactions here   right here you're not going to see it as well but 
right here is the update on my reward there you go   right there is the update on my rewards so you 
see that i've got .84 rewards ready to go almost   have one algorand um and then it's just it's 
easy your send and receive buttons down here   right there you've got your copy your wallet 
address up here in the top corner there's the   qr code you're probably not gonna be able to 
scan it but if you want to tip some algorand   there you go scan now if you guys want to tip 
me any algorithm you can go that way as well   um but overall the app is very seamless it's very 
smooth uh the only negative i'd probably say to al   gorand with the exception of they stated that 
you don't have to have your assets frozen for   any amount of time so if i wanted to withdraw 
this right now i absolutely could like i said   i have many layers to not do that with this token 
because i don't want to just cash this out this is   a long-term hold for me long-term stake we're just 
going to keep piling in there so maybe one day we   can look at getting 250 worth of algorithm today 
just because we've staked it so much like the   algorithm i'm holding is never going anywhere 
when i get my basic attention token bought my   playstation 5 bought my new gaming monitor 
bought my new playstation 5 headset you know   all that stuff there the lighting back there 
spent it all in basic attention token uh a   little bit of coin shares all that stuff algorand 
is a long-term hold i mean if it gets to a point   where i'm making 250 a day from the proof of stake 
then that's that's a sustainable income but that   is extremely long term uh other than that what 
uh you can have the opportunity to compound your   rewards so every nine minutes you can compound 
your rewards instead of like kucoin where you're   gonna pay out every 24 hours or like tezos or if 
you're holding any tokens on coinbase or tezos   needs 30 days before you get your first reward 
payout and then you get your award payout every   three days after that um kucoin every 24 hours 
finance every month so if you're doing proof of   staking that way um it's not true genuine proof 
of staking but i appreciate what they do with   coins like tezos because if i wanted to be a tezos 
baker i would need 8 000 tezos and be the only one   so at least on coin base i could put my tesos 
there until i get to 8 000 but i can't compound   with algorand if you're getting one algorand 
every reward cycle you can compound that for the   next reward cycle and all you have to do is do a 
transaction to yourself for zero you're only going   to pay an algorand fee of .0001 so if you've got 
1.1 algorand in your rewards you're still going   to get 1.1 algorand as your reward payout and 
you can compound compound that on the next wave   now there is a lot more technical mumbo you can 
have multiple wallets set up here as well i just   have one main wallet and it's just i went back on 
a screen on it turn on post notifications for it   everything pops up pretty quick um contacts it's 
very very seamless it's very very similar to like   tron link in my opinion just with less clutter 
and less [ __ ] coins on there you can set up   accounts and you could set up um contacts and 
just like transfer algo like that really really   solid crypto um i mean i could look a little 
bit more into the market and see the build   on what the price point might fluctuate to but 
i see this being a better hold for that proof of   stake feature whereas someone with ten dollars 
heck someone with six dollars of algorand can   start earning rewards immediately when i did the 
six dollars in alvaran it took maybe a week to get   like half an algorand you can just kind of go from 
there and then you can keep staking it's it's very   very simple platform uh if you have any questions 
about it please let me know if you guys want to   collect your six dollars of algorand link is for 
coinbase in description if you're already a part   of coinbase then go up to the coinbase um log into 
your coinbase go to the vera top and you see earn   rewards here and you'll be able to go and watch 
three quick videos to earn yourself six dollars   of algorithm that's going to do it for me today 
guys thank you very much for watching i really   appreciate it if you liked the video please take 
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another i'm oprius we'll see you guys next time

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