How to Earn Bitcoins (in 2 minutes) – 2021 updated

So you want to get some Bitcoin
but don’t have the money to buy some? I’m Nate Martin, and we’re going to cover
the four ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
in our 2…minute….tutorial. Opportunity number one,
shopping rewards. Lolli is a free chrome extension that will pay you up to 30%
of your purchase for shopping at selected stores. This is a great way to earn Bitcoins while shopping for stuff
you were gonna buy anyway.

Some of the stores that Lolli supports
include Nike,, Macy’s, Staples and more. Opportunity number two,
interest bearing accounts. If you already own cryptocurrency, you can deposit it
in an interest bearing account and gain interest on it. There are several companies
that supply this type of service, the most popular ones being BlockFi,
Celsius Network, and Nexo. Opportunity number three,
referral programs. Many exchanges, wallet providers,
and other services offer a referral program,
also known as an affiliate program. This means that if you refer people
to one of these services using a personalized link
and they use it, you get paid.

For example, have friends
who want to buy their first Bitcoin? Send them your affiliate link
and earn Bitcoin when they make their first purchase. Opportunity number four, staking. Certain cryptocurrencies allow you to
lock up a portion of your holdings in order to participate with transaction
validation on their network. This is known as staking and it’s the energy efficient alternative
to cryptocurrency mining. The more coins you stake the higher your chances of being chosen
as a validator and earning rewards. Some popular cryptocurrencies
that allow staking today are Tezos, Cardano and Ethereum. Before we conclude –
A quick word about what to avoid.

Some sites will offer you
unusually high gains if you deposit money with them. These types of High Yield
Investment Programs or hyip for short have a proven track record
of being complete scams and running away with their users’ money. If you have any doubts
as to whether a site is legit, you can use our free Bitcoin
Scam Test tool to find out. So there you have it – four unique opportunities
for earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
and one “opportunity” to avoid at all costs. If you want to know more just visit the links
in the description below this video and I’ll see you…in a bit.

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