How To Directly Tether Your Camera To An iPad By Lee Morris

hey this is Lee Morris with F Stoppers calm and today I am in Rockefeller Center in New York City to show you something pretty incredible that you can do with any still camera and an iPad check this out right now I've got no picture on the iPad and I'm going to take three shots of the ice skating rink down below here there's one two three now without any sort of network the pictures are wirelessly sent over to the iPad that was one there's two and there's three and it's pretty incredible because you can review older images so you can slide around and look at older pictures you can also zoom in and make sure that your images are nice and sharp and you can get information about each shot every still photographer can use this I mean if you're a commercial photographer this is fantastic for the client I mean they can sit down across the room instead of looking over your shoulder they can just have this and see images as you're taking them even if you shoot by yourself this is fantastic to review images but something else that's really impressive that this program can do is email the pictures out of the iPad if it's connected to the Internet and this all works with the iPhone as well and the iPhone of course is always connected to a network so you can take a picture with your pro camera send it instantly to your iPad or your iPhone and then do anything with it from there you could edit it on either one of these you could put it on Facebook you could put it on your website you could email it to a client so stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do to get this set up and working for yourself the first thing that you're going to need to buy besides the iPad itself is the i-5 pro x2 card if if if you're fine with with connecting to a wireless network like say your studio photographer and you have Wi-Fi around you all the time you don't have to buy the pro model but if you want to send directly from the camera to the iPad you do have to buy this it's about 130 bucks so it's not cheap but for me it's totally worth it once you purchase this go home and connect this to your computer and you need to tell this to look for your home network you only need to do this one time and your home network needs to be connected to the Internet then you need to get your iPad connect your iPad to the exact same network and download the app called shutter snitch once you've connected the iPad and the car to the same network you can take a shot pair it to the iPad and it should start sending pictures instantly over to the iPad it's really really easy what I'm sure a lot of you want to know how to shoot pictures directly from the camera to the iPad without any sort of wireless network so you can do that now that you've got them paired together all you need to do is jailbreak the iPad once you've jailbroken the iPad you need to go to the Sidious store it's like the new app store for jailbroken apps and download my why the twenty dollar application but it's it's really cool it's it was created for the iPhone for tethering but you can use it on the iPad and the iPad does not have to be connected to any sort of AT&T network for this to work so I've named my wireless network here Lee's iPad flip that on and go back into shutter snitch now plug this back into your computer tell this to look for whatever you want to call your iPads Network in my case it was Lee's iPad and now because this is creating its own ad-hoc network take a shot on this and it will send directly to the iPad no matter where you are honestly I felt like the iPad was something I would never use but now that I've realized I can ship pictures directly over to it almost instantaneously I bring this to every shoot I bring it to weddings I bring it to commercial jobs it's just fantastic being able to see your image is so big almost instantaneously so hope you enjoy this I think we're going to go around the city and see how many different ways you can use this grazie I will speak I'm something like 15 cuz I step my game up from monopoly guess who'll get a clueless that new bottle oh cool futuristic this is not even sure why you were taken we work betel chips still polar wrong attention go get you back in 2010 we're 20 now more like a cheap one unlimited access freelance and free kids you're still acting like the – wait wait so we like this iPad hack so much that F Stoppers calm is going to give away one free iPad to one of our random Twitter followers so please follow us on Twitter and to learn more go to f stoppers calm / iPad it's on the down look home these are space age girls we're so far gone what we spit they're collecting each other make clothes but they never ever will be like I am Amy I send thoughts baby no more texts [ __ ] did you do girl teleports on my bed I got you [ __ ] spray on late turn the gravity planet in the program how to jailbreak it because it's always changing and people want to walk in front of me while I'm talking to the camera but I'm just going to keep talking [ __ ] it doesn't matter people walk in front of me in New York City it's just the norm here right way right off the bat but you are shooting right yeah I think he's about to do it here we go 3 2 1 people can't see that we're recording here is actually it was created for the iPhones it was created to respect

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