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Chain Link Braid Hey guys! I'm Mindy, from CuteGirlsHairstyles, and today Kamri's joining me to show you this hairstyle which we are calling the Chain Link Braid. Now, we have one that we did, like, forever, and ever, and ever ago, that was similar to this. But, I learned a little bit different technique that I think is easier, so I'm going to show you how to do that today! And this, by the way, bonus, is, like, the twins favorite hairstyle. They, like, swear by it! And talk all the time about how when they wear it to school, they get a million comments, and tons of people asking them how on earth they did it. Because it's one of those that's really cool where it looks, like, way harder than it actually is! So, now I'm going to show you how to do it.

So simple! Now, before I begin, I just want you to know. I get asked all the time if you can do these styles on yourself, and this one is a definite YES! Double Thumbs Up for doing it yourself, the twins do it all the time! And, also, this is a great one for wet hair, because it doesn't matter whether it's wet or dry. So, I've started by… if you'll tip your head just right here… You can see that I just did three little flips, in the front, just for something, Like, a little pop of something in front of her head. OK, you can put it back up now. Thank you! And, then I've secured it into a high ponytail. Now, because she has relatively fine hair, and I want this to last for awhile today, I'm actually going to just spritz it, very lightly, with a little bit of water. So you can see, that you can do this dry, or wet, it doesn't matter. This helps control the flyways, as we go ahead and twist her hair.

OK, now you're going to split this whole thing in half… Just right down the middle. Two even sections, and I'm going to have her just hang onto this one for me. And, I'm going to split… now I have two sections, and I'm going to re-split one of my sections into half, again. So… Then I'm going to begin twisting. Now, what you want to do is, you want to give this right piece, just a slight twist to the right, and, then, you cross it over the left one. Now, when they've been switched, then you twist this, again, to the right, and cross it to the left.

So, give this a twist to the right, and then over the top, Twist to the right, over the top. Now, for those of you who have watched my videos before, you guys know that this is called a Rope Twist. And, basically, when you're twisting it to the right, and then crossing it to the left, it secures the twists in tighter. So that they don't untwist after you put your elastic on them. So, that's what we are creating, right here. And, you can see, even just adding a couple spritzes of water, has helped me control some of these little fly-aways at the end. So that they stay in a little tighter. When you get to the very end, where you're running out of hair, then grab an elastic and secure it. And we're going to repeat the exact same thing on the other side. This took 60 seconds… Now, you're going to take these two twists… you notice when I let go, it stayed put. Didn't unravel. Now, you're going to take them, and you're going to twist them both together, going to the right.

Now, what happens, is, that as you twist this together, it links up in such a way, that it almost looks like a chain link fence, or something. I don't know, it looks like they're all linked together. And, then what I do, is just go ahead and pull one of those elastics out, and secure the whole thing together. And, then you can remove that second elastic, too, so there's only one. And… you're all finished! And, you can see, like, from all different sides, it looks… really cool! And the thing is, it looks like, I don't know, it looks like it's all really intricately woven, and twisted together somehow, and… So people come up, and they're, like, "How on earth did you do that?" And, then you explain it to them and they can't believe it's that simple. So, there you go! Oh, and I'm going to finish it off, I forgot, of course, with a bow! Just to add a little girly flare! Let's do the final spin…

You can see, it almost just looks like chain links, like, hooked together like this. So you can't really see it, and… Hello, we have {laughs}… our finished product! Woo-hoo! Also, another great hairstyle for athletic girls, girls playing softball, cheerleading, dance, anything like that, this is going to be a great one, because it's going to stay in, and your hair is out of your face. {In chipmunk voices!) So, give me a "Thumb's Up" if you like this hairstyle! There is a little "Thumbs Up" button right over here below this screen, and my goal in this video is to see if we can get it to 50,000 "Likes"! Loved the video? Please give it a "Thumbs Up" Goal: 50,000 Likes Thumb ups? Thumbs ups? {Laughs} I don't know how to say that? Thumb ups? Thumb…

Thumbs up? Thumbs up. Thumbs would be plural, right? Thumbs up, or Thumb ups? Thumbs up. Right? Or Thumbs up… ssss? Whatever! {Laughs} Click the button! Thumbs up! And, let's see if we can get it to 50,000 Likes, and we'll see you guys, next Sunday! Bye guys! Bye! Click here to SUBSCRIBE! Click above to watch our Mermaid Half Braid tutorial! Thank you, from Cute Girls Hairstyles! What is it? It is a moth! It's HUGE! He is big! Is he going to climb on the stick? I'm trying! It's not really working! Just stick your hand down there! Oooohh, NO! Why? {laughs} That's so nasty! {laughs}

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