How to Connect a Olympus Camera to a Smartphone

Hi, this is Rob. I am going to show you how to connect your
Olympus Camera to your smartphone. The first thing you need to do is Download
the free Olympus Image Share App. With this app, you will be able to connect
with your Olympus camera and use your Smartphone as a remote control for the Olympus camera. You can also transfer images from the Olympus
camera to your smartphone. You can enhance the photos that are transferred
to your smartphone with Olympus Art Filters in the app. You can add GPS tags to images simply by transferring
the GPS log saved on the smartphone to the Olympus camera. Let’s connect to the Olympus camera. Once you have the Olympus Image Share App
on your smartphone, open it up.

If this is the first time that you have opened
the app, you will see this screen about scanning the QR code on the Olympus camera. You only have to scan the QR code once, because
your smartphone will record, from the QR code, your Olympus Camera´s SSID and the Olympus
Camera’s wifi password to your smartphone wifi settings. Later in the video, I will show you how to
reconnect your smartphone to the Olympus camera next time that you want to connect.

Ok, on the Olympus Image Share app, if you
see this screen, tap this Used Now button. If you see this screen, tap this camera icon
on the bottom. Then this window appears, and tap this Easy
Setup button. This window appears, it says “Scan the QR
code shown on the monitor of an Olympus built-in WiFi camera to set up the WiFi connection. Now you need to turn on the Olympus camera
and look for the WiFi icon on the monitor of the Olympus camera.

The WiFi Icon is usually in the upper left
of the monitor. If your Olympus has touch screen, then tap
on the WiFi icon to bring up the QR code on the Olympus camera. Then tap the Scan button on the app and scan
the QR code with your smartphone. If you do not have touch screen with your
olympus camera, then you need to go into the Olympus camera menu system. The smartphone connection in the menu is either
located here at the playback menu or on some Olympus cameras, it is located here. This is my menu on my Olympus Tough Stylus
TG-4 camera. I will press OK on the camera to start the
WiFi connection. This window pops up stating that this configuration
is necessary only once.

I will press OK to continue. Another window pops up stating to get the
app for the smartphone. I will press OK to continue. The Camera is preparing the WiFi connection. The QR code appears on the camera. Now I will go back to the smartphone app. On the app, press this Scan button. I will place the QR code on the Olympus within
this square on the app in order to scan it. Once scanned, this window appears on the smartphone
app. Stating that the QR code has been scanned. Now press this Connect button on the app. The app is connecting to the Olympus camera.

The app is now connected and is ready to use
the four major parts of the app. If you have trouble scanning the QR code,
you can look at the QR code and get your Olympus Camera WiFi SSID and password and enter it
into your smartphone in the wifi settings. Like I said before, you only need to scan
the QR code once. The next time you want to connect, open the
Olympus Image Share App.

Then on the Olympus camera tap the Wifi icon
on the monitor. Then you should be connected. When you see this icon turn blue and say “on”,
then you are connected. If you are having trouble connecting, you
can go into the wifi settings of your smartphone, then activate the wifi on the Olympus camera. Your Olympus camera wifi should then pop up
in your smartphone wifi settings.

Then on your smartphone, tap on Olympus camera
wifi and connect it. Open the app, now you should be connected. If you are still having trouble, you may have
to scan the QR code again. OK, that is it. That is how to connect your Olympus camera
with your smartphone. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
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