How To Claim Free Cryptocurrency Every Day [Instant Withdrawal] Part 1

Hi Guys Today I will show you how to get free crypto every day. We will claim for ZENCASH from HORIZEN If you haven't subscribed to my channel, please hit the subscribe button and turn the bell on for more useful information on the future. Ok, the first step is to register on the ZenHub website. Click the link in the video description. Go ahead, click the Register button, and fill out the registration form.

You will receive a confirmation email in your registered email address. Click the link to activate your account. Now all you have to do is log in and claim your ZEN every day. Solve the captcha and press the claim button Get a daily bonus if you make a claim every day. To check your claim history, click the My Account button then the Claim History button. You can get extra rewards As you guys can see, I have extra rewards for a verified wallet address and linked social media accounts. A verified wallet has an instant withdrawal feature.

Let's check my wallet Guys! Yes! ZEN has landed. Thanks For Watching & Happy Claiming.

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