How to Charge Your Audi e-tron | Complete Guide

– Here in front of me, we
have the 2019 Audi e-tron, and today, we're gonna take a look at how to plug in the charger,
how to remove the charger, and also, look at how the
myAudi app on your phone interfaces with the vehicle itself, and all the cool stuff
that you can do with it. (upbeat music) Here we have the Level Two charger. This one, specifically,
is a ChargePoint charger, but there's a lot of
different brands out there in the market right now, and
over here, on the e-tron, on the driver's side is where you'll find your charging port that
you wanna plug this into, so keys in your pocket or in the vehicle, vehicle unlocked, you press this button, and the charging point, charging port is going to automatically drop down there.

Now, since this is a Level Two charger, it's gonna plug right into the top here. It'll click in. There's an indicator light over here that will flash either
green, yellow, or red. If it's a flashing green,
that means it's charging. You're good to go. If it's a full green light, that means that it's fully charged, and yellow or red means it's not charging, or there's something
wrong with your vehicle, and you might wanna have
that checked out right now. There is another type of charger, a Level Three, what they
call a fast charger, and in order to access
that, you're gonna pull down this little port right here,
and that's gonna open up an additional, oops, it's
gonna open up an additional female socket here, so Level
Three chargers will be, it will be a different
import here that's thicker, longer, and wider, and it's gonna plug in to the top and the
bottom, not just the top like this Level Two.

This Level Two charger
here is going to give you a full charge in about eight hours, zero to 80% in about
eight hours, nine hours depending on if it's a
40-volt or a 50-volt system. The Level Three fast
chargers, that's the ones that you'll see on the
interstates, and the highways, and those will give you a
full charge, or zero to 80%, in about 30, 35 minutes, they say.

That's from zero, so if
you're on a road trip, make sure you stop by
one of these chargers, plug in for 20, 30 minutes, get a hot dog, go to the bathroom, come
back, and get some more miles. You can get about 50 miles
on a 10-minute charge, so you can always just
refuel, and keep going. Now, to release the charger, you just have to press the button again. You'll hear a little noise, and it will disengage the charger, and then, you can pull it straight out. Now, if I didn't have
the key in my pocket, or the key wasn't near the
car, and the car was locked, no matter how hard I pull, this charger's not gonna come out. All right, looking at the app here, now that we're plugged
in, I wanna show you what it looks like on
the iPhone interface. This is the myAudi app. Scrolling through here, you can see that it's at 45% energy right now. It's plugged into our charging unit here. We have about two hours
and nine minutes left until it reaches that 100% charging target that I have in place here.

Right now, you can see
that there's 66 miles of electric range on the vehicle itself. You can also see other
details about the vehicle, how many miles are on it,
if the doors are locked, if the windows are open or closed, doors open or closed, if the
sunroof's open or closed, lights are on or off, if
the hood happens to be open, or the tailgate happens to be open, so no matter where you are in the world, you can see that right
here from your phone. It also tells me things like when my next service is due, if there's any warnings,
any messages on the vehicle that I should be concerned
about, take it into a dealer. Down here, there's an
Electrify America button that you can press. Every e-tron owner gets about 2,000 miles, it's 1,000 kilowatts of free charging, but it has to be through the app, through the Electrify America interface on the myAudi app.

So you go in there and it
will give you directions on how to set up a payment method, and how to utilize those first free 1,000 kilowatts of energy. Moving on, down here, you can see that there's a lock and unlock function, as well as stationary climate control, and geofencing, speed
alert, and valet alert, so let's go back to this
stationary climate control. You can actually program and set times to turn your car on in the morning, to pre-condition it for the day ahead, or similarly, if you're leaving work, you can pre-condition your car, so since this is an electric vehicle, this is the only Audi, well,
in addition the Q5 Hybrid where you can actually
pre-condition it now from your phone, and start from your phone so your vehicle can always be warm or cool at a preset time, which is pretty cool. Geofencing alerts, gonna let you know if the vehicle's outside
of a certain range that you've set.

Speed alerts, similar,
if you're going over a certain miles per hour that
you have a set warning for, it'll let you know, and
then, stolen vehicle locator. You can jump in here and always see where your e-tron is on your map. Pretty cool stuff. Moving on down here to the driving data, you can see your last journey, your mileage tracker. You can create destination, new trips, push them from your phone to your car so as soon as you get in your car, it'll be pre-loaded for you. You can see statistics on your short-term and long-term memory. You can see over each day
here how the kilowatt hours per 100 miles, how much
energy I use there, and tracks all of your
trips, your distance, your energy use, your time travel, your average speed, so
there's a lot of points, a lot of data points that
you can scroll back here and see all the times
you've turned on the car, turned off the car, length of trip, number of hours, or,
excuse me, amount of energy that you've used.

As well, you can program
your charging time, so you can give your
utility company a call, and sign up for off-peak
and on-peak energy usage, so the purpose of that would
be to plug in your car, or plug in your car when you get home, but then, set it to
charge at a certain time, so say you wanna capitalized
on those off-peak hours, where energy costs less overnight. You can set your car up
through the myAudi app to start charging at 10
p.m., and finish charging at 4 a.m., so you're always capitalizing and pulling energy from the grid at the cheapest rate possible.

You can also find charging locations. There's a couple different apps, different ways you can do this. One of them is from the myAudi app. There's also some other apps out there, third-party apps such
as the ChargePoint app, and there's also an
interface in the car itself that allows you to search
for destination chargers, or public chargers, but
on the phone itself, you can go right in here,
and click on your charging. Again, it'll show you
your percent, your range, your remaining charging
time, and if you go over here and click on charging
locations, you can search, and find charging locations nearby based on your coordinates, but there's a couple
different ways to do this. Like I said, I tend to use
the one in the vehicle.

You can search by regular
charging, or fast charging, and it'll pull up all the public areas that offer charging,
and tell you how much, what type of a charger it
is, and how much energy you can pull with that specific charger. It's pretty cool, so to
set the charging times in the app, you'd go in here,
get on your main screen, and you click on the
little charging icon here, and then, I'm gonna go over here to timer, and you can program here
by toggling on and off these times, set the time
at which the car starts to pull energy from whatever charger you're hooked up to, so
there's a couple different ways to do this, as well.

You can either do it through the app, or if you have a third-party system, a ChargePoint at home, you can do it through their app, as
well, but either way, it's cool that you can
schedule your charging to pull from the grid at cheaper hours, and really reduce how much energy, or your cost of energy
to put into the vehicle. Here we are, inside of the e-tron. On the virtual cockpit here, you can see that it says the battery
has 46%, which equates to 82 miles right now, and the
graphic down here shows us that we are plugged in, as well.

Now, over here on the center screen, if I pinch to zoom out, you can see how many miles you have left, well, more so distance, so this green, or this blue halo here is gonna be an indicator of how far you can get based on how many miles of charge that you have left. Now, if I hit search here, let me go back to the main screen. So if I go into navigation, and then, hit the search, the first
things that show up here are going to be your fast chargers, your regular chargers, and your parking, so when I'm in the car here, if I didn't wanna whip
out the app on my phone, I can go in here, and just
click on regular charging, and the e-tron's gonna pull up all of the regular charging locations, and how far they are away. You can see the distance away, and then, also, the power of the station here. You can scroll back. If I go back to the fast charging, it'll pull up those, as well.

If I click on one of them, it's gonna give me a little
bit more information, again, how powerful the charger is, where it's located, and
then, you can hit start, and the vehicle will navigate
you right to the charger. Let's say I wanna go
somewhere, or I try to plug in a destination that is
further away than my 82 miles that I have left here. Let's see if I plugged in Florida.

– [Announcer] F-L-O-R-I-D-A. – Let's pick Florida, New York here, just for kicks, and if I hit start, this is clearly outside of the range of what I have left on the vehicle, so the e-tron is
automatically gonna tell me, it's gonna say, hey, you have insufficient battery charge left. Would you like to
include charging stations in the route? And I'd say yes, and
then, it's gonna route me through the most efficient
charging stations to get me to my destination in
the quickest amount of time.

So that is how you plug in
and remove the e-tron charger, as well as how to interface
with the myAudi app, and the e-tron. Thanks again for tuning in,
and make sure you check out the rest of our content on the e-tron, and our other videos
here at Audi of Madison, and make sure you subscribe. Thanks so much. (upbeat music).

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