How To Buy TRONPAD Coin – Safe Quick Guide

in this video i'll show you how to buy the tron 
pad coin on pancake swap okay so to start off   we're going to need an exchange and this example 
i'm going to be using ftx now ftx has two websites   one for the us and then one for the rest of 
the world and i have a link which is down in   the description and you'll get five percent of all 
of your fees if you use that link so if you click   that link it will take you to this page and then 
you want to press register in the top right and   then just enter your email your desired password 
and then press create account now ftx is an   amazing exchange because the fees are so much less 
compared to exchanges such as binance or kraken or   other exchanges that's why i recommend switching 
over to ftx even if you're using binance right now   and to deposit money onto your ftx account you 
want to go to wallet in the top left and then on   this page you just want to go to card deposit on 
the right hand side and then it's very simple you   just enter the amount of us dollars and add your 
card and then regardless of the currency you're   depositing whether it's euros canadian dollars 
or any other currency it just gets automatically   converted over into us dollars on your account 
so to buy our bmb to fund our purchases we want   to go to markets in the top left then you want to 
click on spot and then you want to look for bmb   us dollar click that one now on this page it's 
very simple to buy the binance coin all you want   to do is go to the top right change this to a 
market order enter the amount you want let's   say i want one b and b worth you enter one which 
will cost 641 press buy and it will immediately be   in your account in the next step we're going to 
need a wallet and in this example i'm going to   be using metamask which i have a link down in the 
description for so i've clicked a link you'll be   on this page and you just want to press download 
and then install metamask for your browser so once   you've installed it on your browser you'll be on 
this page and you just want to press get started   and then create a new wallet press i agree enter a 
password i'll just use an example password for now and then press i agree press create and you can 
watch this video if you want it will just show you   a video on how to secure your wallet and then you 
should click here and get your secret words which   you can use to recover your wallet i'll just press 
remind me later okay now from here we're going to   need to change this from the ethereum main net to 
the binance smart chain so in the top right where   it says ethereum main net you want to click that 
and then click the custom rpc button now i have a   link in the description for all the information 
you'll need on how to change the network   so we're just going to copy in smart chain and 
then the new rpc url close here chain id is 56   symbol is bnb and then we just need to put in 
the block explorer as bse scan so now that we've   switched over to the binance smart chain you have 
your address up here which you can copy take over   to binance or ftx or whichever exchange you're 
using and withdraw your bmb tokens to this address   now just make sure that when you withdraw that 
you select the network as the binance smart chain   rather than the other network which binance uses 
as there is two networks and you need to make sure   you're on the right one okay so to buy the trumpet 
coin on pancake swap you're gonna trade in top   left and then press exchange on this page you want 
to press connect wallet click meta mask and then   just approve the connection from here you need 
to go to select the currency click manage tokens   click the tokens tab and then we just need to 
copy over the contract address for trump add   paste it into the box and then it loads up the 
coin and you can press import you can verify   it on bsc scan to make sure it's the correct coin 
and then you want to press i understand and import   from here we can now buy trump ads so you can 
enter the amount you want let's say i want one   b and b worth for this example it will calculate 
the price for me and give me 4051 trumpet coins   so if you want to buy you just press buy you 
have to approve the transaction on metamask   and then you immediately have the coins on 
your account so that sums up the video i   hope you enjoyed if you did please leave a like 
and if you're new here hit that subscribe button

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