so a lot of you have been wondering how to get cheaper um i don't come base or any exchange i'm going to show you the step-by-step process of how to get this on coinbase um using your compass wallet and and it's just like about 2-3 minutes to get this done so i assume that you have your coinbase wallet already installed so with that we go through the process you put in your name in the compass wallet how you want to be seen you decide if you want to make this public or private i go public because then you can be searchable and then um of course identification um fingerprint or official id or whatever your platform has the good thing about the wallet is you can connect this to canvas platform where you buy a crypto you can do that immediately or do that later it doesn't matter but now you have both connected um and then you can authenticate your wallet um now or also if you just have to do that later but now we have both systems the con base and the compass wallet um and then we are ready to go now in the coinbase um platform there you can actually buy the cryptos that you want in this case we're going to buy ethereum i don't have it yet so i'm going to look for ethereum and and and put in 200 euros in my atrium or in my comb base platform and buy it now so that i can now use this and swap it to shiva so now this is a process of buying night even i've bought it i've submitted my order and then it just takes really some few seconds and then i have my theorem in my convex platform but remember this is not yet in my complex wallet i need to transfer this to the compass wallet which we're gonna do now right so now this is a compass wallet and we want to transfer everything we bought from coinbase to combist wallet um and then once we have this in our wallet we can now swap it to shiva um so i initiated this the the the the transfer now is almost done some few seconds left and and then it's gonna show up in my com base wallet and once i have that in my compass wallet hopefully very soon um it normally doesn't take that long um see the transfer initiated and it should show up very soon now my compass wallet to see that already in my compass wallet and now i can now start initiating the swap for the swap i need to go to the shiva you know website where you see that there is a buy ship now um just click on it it takes you to the place where you can actually do the swap now this is where we have the swap or taking place i want to swap ethereum toshiba um and just put in the amount you want to to swap into make the confirmation choose coinbase wallet um then go back to your wallet and get the the the pic the camera so you can um scan the qr code and once you scan the qr code it sends you a confirmation of course to your converse wallet which you need to confirm and once you confirm that um it now confirms it on the sheba website and then that's it so this is a process a written confirmation coming from transaction submitted and it's done so now you should have um shiva in your columbus wallet once this is successful i'm going to show you this in in the ita scan to show you that successful success and then i go back to my compass wallet and as you see now i have shiva you know in my compass wallet and that's it so the process is done now you have it remember it has a really high transaction cost so be be mindful of that and that was what i have for you today so if you don't have coinbase yet just use the link below and have a channel to to get your coinbase set up and then you can get you know shiba you know in less than two minutes in your coinbase wallet thank you

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