How to Buy Shiba Inu Coin in Trust Wallet: Quick & Easy Crypto Tutorial!

Hey what's up everybody! In this 
video, I will be walking you through   how to buy the shiba inu cryptocurrency in 
just a few, simple steps. For this tutorial,   we'll be using the Trust crypto and bitcoin 
wallet. So, let's go ahead and get started. All right everyone. So the best and quickest way to 
buy the shiba inu coin is through the trust wallet.   The trust wallet is a decentralized wallet that 
has access to decentralized applications, which   we will be using or dapps for short. It's main 
goal is to make crypto more accessible with an   intuitive and easy to understand user interface. 
We will need to first install the trust crypto   and bitcoin wallet, which you can find in the app 
store or google play store. And I just went ahead   and search for the application.

When you do find 
it it's important to ensure it's the right app   and to watch out for imposter applications. I know 
on the google play store, for example, it has over 5   million downloads and so I know this is the right 
app and it's the trust crypto and bitcoin wallet.   I actually already have the trust wallet 
installed on my device and so I will go ahead   and click open.

If this is your first 
time using the trust wallet, you will   be asked to create a new wallet and to 
remember a 12 word recovery seed phrase   that you will need to copy and keep in a safe 
place. This step is extremely important in case   you want to import your wallet to other devices 
or if you ever get locked out of the trust app.   Stuff like that. You can kind of think of this 
12 word recovery phrase as a password to sign   back in to your wallet and access your precious 
crypto. You'll see that I actually don't have   any shiba inu coin right now, but I do have some 
ethereum and I also have some safe moons as well,   which I'm pretty excited about. And if you're 
wondering how to buy safe moons on the trust   wallet, you can check out the video at the top of 
your screen as well. I just recently did a tutorial.   So just real quick, coming back to the shiba inu 
token. So this is an experiment and decentralized   and spontaneous community building the team and 
admin are all volunteers and there was no pre-mine.   You know they all bought shiba tokens just like 
me and you.

So it's a really interesting experiment   and it's definitely gotten a lot of traction and 
popularity and so definitely a project that has   kind of piqued my interest. So now that we are all 
set up with our trust wallet, we are almost ready   to buy some shiba. In order to buy shiba, we need to 
first have some ethereum deposited in our wallet.   We will then use ethereum to essentially swap it 
for shiba using uniswap.

You won't be able to use   bitcoin or binance coin to buy shiba. You can only 
buy the shiba inu token via ethereum because it is   an erc20 token on the ethereum network. So, if you 
don't already have some ethereum, it's one of the   largest cryptos out there behind bitcoin and is 
you know really accessible and easy to purchase.   You can buy it on the trust app itself. You'll 
see this buy button here. Once you click in   ethereum although right now it's been unavailable 
to me and so i've been unable to buy it on the   trust app. So it actually looks like it will let me 
use simplex now, but you may encounter an error so   you would just type in the amount of ether you 
want to buy the looks like the default amount   here is 150, but if you are having some issue i 
know it's an extremely high demand and simplex   doesn't always have some ethereum available.

can use you know one of my favorite exchanges uh   which is binance um and I will put the link in the 
video description below. And if you use that link,   it helps support my youtube and will be greatly 
appreciated. And if you're looking for a tutorial   on how to buy ethereum step by step on the binance 
exchange, you can check that out at the top of your   screen as well for a quick guide. And of course if 
you're in the united states, you will have to use   the exchange to purchase ethereum. It's 
extremely easy to sign up and create an account.   I'll have those links in the video description 
below. And again, it really helps support my youtube   channel and would be greatly appreciated. So once 
you have purchased some ethereum, I'm actually not   going to step through that process here, but um 
you know if you if you bought it directly on the   trust wallet then you should be all set.

you purchase it on an exchange like binance   or you know you will need to actually 
send it to your trust wallet with this deposit   address here. And I just clicked receive here and 
you can find where to send out your ethereum. It   only takes a few minutes for the ethereum network 
to send your ether from the binance exchange or   wherever to the trust wallet. So now that we have 
some ethereum in our trust wallet, we are finally   getting to the good part and our shiba inu 
tokens are within reach in just a few more steps.  We will now go to this dapps screen here right 
next to wallet on a kind of at the bottom of your   screen.

And we can we are going to search for 
uniswap. I already have it in my history here,   but it should show as one of the popular you 
know apps here. And of course, here it is uniswap   exchange. Uniswap is a protocol for automated 
token exchange and just a little bit more color   uh commentary on that if you're wondering what 
in the world uniswap is. It's a completely   different type of exchange that's fully 
decentralized, meaning it isn't owned and   operated by a single entity. It uses a relatively 
new type of trading model called an automated   liquidity protocol. So it has a ton of cool 
features and functionality. I could talk all day   about uniswap, but that's a little bit outside of 
the scope of this tutorial. So go ahead and click   uniswap to open the the dap. And ensure that you 
have swap selected here at the top of your screen.   And as you can see, we will be swapping some ether, 
which I have a balance of about 0.039 or so eth   available to swap.

And then, under the arrow here 
we will select a token in that drop down menu   and search for shiba here. And here it is shiba inu. 
And I actually already went in and added this. You   may be prompted to click through a warning if this 
is your first time purchasing shiba because it's   a relatively new coin. But go ahead and select uh 
shiba here as s-h-i-b. Then enter in the amount of   shiba coin you would like to purchase. And instead 
of entering in the amount of shiba, I'm actually   just going to enter in the amount of eth I want to 
buy. So let's say I want to buy you know .0 let's   say 0.01 eth. And you can see that will get me what 
is that about 13 million almost 14 million shiba   tokens, which is really uh you know a high amount 
there. So you know, whatever you know amount you're   comfortable with and you want to buy, just go ahead 
and click swap.

And as you know cryptocurrency is   extremely volatile, especially a crypto like shiba. 
And so the price may change while you're in the   middle of uh the middle of your purchase. So right 
here just said price updated. I'm just going to go   ahead and click accept. And you can just go ahead 
and click come confirm swap here. And right now   the looks like the slippage here I 
need to adjust, so in the settings here   in the top right you can go ahead and type in 
you know the amount of slippage that you will   find acceptable.

I think by default it's set to 
0.5 percent. You may just want to increase that,   especially for these kind of lower uh market 
cap coins. So, I went ahead and adjusted that. I'm   just gonna go ahead and try again and click 
confirm. And here we go, um you can see the   network fees are pretty high here, about 88. And 
so I'm actually not going to confirm this swap,   but if you're comfortable you know with the 
network fees, then what you would do here   is just click you know confirm swap. And right now, 
it's actually showing I don't even have enough   ether of in my balance, just because this network 
fee is so high. So you know the ethereum network   has been a little congested lately and they're 
working on scaling and all that good stuff. So   if you really want shiba, you may have to pay a 
network fee and it's especially high right now   around 89 dollars.

So that's really it and again, 
if you encounter that error I did you just adjust   that slippage fee with that settings uh gear icon 
and adjust your slippage there. And then you are   done! You should see your shiba safely stored in 
your trust wallet. And so, let's actually go back   to the wallet and if you don't see sheba here 
listed in your wallet, what you'll have to do here   in the top right there is a settings icon. 
Again you will click that and just type in   shiba and you just need to switch it and toggle 
it to on. So there you have it! Just to quickly   summarize, you'll need to first download and 
set up the trust wallet. You will need to buy   some ethereum from the trust wallet or another 
exchange, such as binance exchange and send your   eth to your wallet address on trust wallet. And 
then you will go to your dapps and open up the   uniswap dex and swap your ethereum for shiba 

And that's it! I hope you found this video   useful and now you know how to buy the shiba inu 
cryptocurrency. I'd love to hear your thoughts and   experiences with the coin and what else you are 
looking at buying in the comments section below!   If you have any questions at all, I'm extremely 
active and more than happy to help you out. Just   drop me a comment in the comment section below 
and I'll get back to you in no time at all. And   finally, if you like this video make sure you 
give it a thumbs up, and if you really liked it   make sure you click subscribe. Best of luck to all 
of you moving forward and thanks for watching!

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