How To Buy Shiba Inu Coin | EASY METHOD Trust Wallet Crypto and Uniswap

– How to buy Shiba Inu. That's what I'm gonna show
you here in this video. And there are different ways that you can purchase Shiba Inu now, and I'm gonna show you the fastest and the safest way to purchase it but also give you some options. If one doesn't work for you or you just decide you
wanna do another one. This first method does
not work for all people depending on the country or
the state in the United States that you might be living in or
accessing the internet from.

But by far, is the fastest and easiest way to buy Shiba Inu. In fact, I'll put a link in
the description of this video where if you set up a account you get $25 for you using a In order to do that, use the link in the
description of this video, so you claim your $25 that
they're gonna give you for setting up an account and click on the app once you have it installed on your device. And when you're inside of here, it is as simple as clicking
on the icon right down here, the little logo. If you just click on that, then you're gonna be able to go to buy, click on the Buy button. And when you bring this up, you're going to be able to
purchase Shiba Inu directly.

The easiest way is to come up and click on the magnifying glass and then search for Shiba Inu. It is right there. You can then click on it. You can state how much you want. And in fact, in the first 30 days, they're gonna waive the
2.99% fee that they charge. In this case right here, 7 million Shiba Inu at today's price is gonna cost you $43.83 USD. So all you're gonna do
is associate a debit or a credit card to
your account. You can also purchase
using your crypto wallet. If you've got funds inside of your account already, or your Fiat Wallet if
you've already deposited some of that into your as well. But for most of you,
you're going to be doing it through the credit or debit card.

In this case, I've got a visa debit card connected to my account. And if I click on buy Shiba Inu, I'm gonna say I understand
because first 30 days, click continue and confirm one more time. It's gonna give you a summary of everything you're purchasing. Notice in the upper right there
is a little countdown timer, so don't sit on this screen
too long, click confirm, It's gonna ask to use face ID
to confirm that I am indeed the one accessing my phone right now. It's gonna process the credit card, after I put in the three digit CVV number, submit that. And just like that, I have purchased some Shiba
Inu into my account. In my opinion, if that works for you, that is the safest and easiest way to
purchase some Shiba Inu. There you go.

Doesn't get any simpler than that. But for some of you that's not gonna work depending on the country or the state in the United
States that you live in. So I'm also gonna show you
a couple other options. The next one is gonna
be a more common option that should work anywhere because it goes through
a decentralized exchange and that is going to
be using Trust Wallet.

So Trust Wallet is a
decentralized exchange, and instead of Trust Wallet, as you can see I also hold some Shiba Inu along with some other cryptocurrencies inside of my Trust Wallet, but Trust Wallet it's gonna
be a couple more steps but you do still have
the ability to purchase some Ethereum which is what you need. You need some Ethereum in order to be able to swap it for Shiba Inu. But you can purchase some Ethereum directly inside of your
Trust Wallet account or you can purchase
Ethereum from another source and then transfer that into
your Trust Wallet account. So if you've got Ethereum
in another wallet and you wanna send it to Trust Wallet, you're simply gonna go
to receive right here, and then you're gonna search for Ethereum. And when you find it right there, that is going to be your wallet address you wanna send your Ethereum
from a separate wallet to your Trust Wallet. If you don't have a Trust
Wallet account set up already, you can set up a Trust Wallet simply by installing
the app on your Android or iPhone device, going to settings, and then creating a wallet.

But let's just assume you don't
have any Ethereum anywhere and you need to purchase some Ethereum, so what you wanna do is you
wanna go to buy right here. You're gonna click on buy, and then we're gonna click on Ethereum. And in this, for this scenario, I'm gonna leave it at the
$150 that it defaults to. You have two options. You have Moonpay and you have Simplex. Again, depending on the
country that you're in, one might work better than the other. Moonpay does have better rates, but I have had some
people run into problems trying to get that to process through their credit card or debit card, so I tend to go with Simplex. Click on next, and then it's gonna load
the simplex interface. Now, one word of caution for everybody, make sure that you are
not on a public WIFI or public internet anywhere.

Make sure you are on a secure WIFI or network connection so
that you are not risking showing your wallet seed or any other confidential information that you will be accessing
while doing these transactions. Now, in this case, I have purchased cryptocurrency
through Simplex before, so it's pre-populated. You also have the option
to pay with Apple Pay here, but I'm just gonna enter in my
security code for this card. That's already on file. It's already got my information, but chances are you would
have to enter in your email and phone number. This is for processing your
debit card or credit card. I have had people have more luck using a visa debit card than other cards, just an example of
something that I've noticed while helping several people
online purchase cryptocurrency. And then you just click on Pay Now. It's gonna ask you for
a verification code, and so for this, you're gonna need to go into your email
account and access the email. Now, this is my code, so it (chuckles) will not
work with your account.

It expires, so don't bother
writing this code down. click Continue, and it's gonna verify that. It's now gonna verify the
credit card and process it. And just like that I have now acquired some more
Ethereum into my account. As you see here on the screen, it says that "Your payment
request has been approved" and I have just purchased
$150 worth of Ethereum for the sake (chuckles) of this tutorial. So now you can click done
on this screen right here, and it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to as long as four hours for
your Ethereum to show up. So be patient with this step right here, it does have to get processed, and then deposited into your Trust Wallet.

So just check back. You should also get an email from Simplex, once that payment has been processed, same thing goes with Moonpay. But in the meantime, let
me point out something, we're going to be using Uniswap in order to swap our
Ethereum for Shiba Inu. So what you want to do is
click on the browser down here. But for some of you if
this is your first time, especially on an iPhone, you might not have that browser icon. So in order to get the browser icon, we need to load a command into your default web browser. So if you don't have that
browser icon in your app, this is what you need to do. You need to go to the default
browser on your phone, and in my case, it's Safari.

Open up a new window and you are going to type in, and I will also put it in the
description of this video, trust://browser_enable, you type that right there into
the URL field on your browser and click go. And that's gonna request to
open up your Trust Wallet app. It will open up your app, and that will add that browser tab. Now I've already done that, so I don't need to do it again.

But once you've done that, you should see that browser
tab down there in the bottom because the swap has to be done inside of your Trust Wallet app, not in the browser of
your iPhone or Android. Now that you have that
browser icon in there, what we wanna do is search for Uniswap. So up in the search here, you can just type in Uniswap, and you will see it right there, Uniswap. And you can click on use Uniswap. And notice that right
down here at the bottom, it is automatically connected to my Trust Wallet. So I've got some Ethereum
already in there, even though my $150 that I just purchased has not shown up yet, but I can just click on Max there.

And then I'm gonna select the token that I want to swap it to. In this case, it's going to be Shiba Inu and you can search for it right here, and you can see there it is populated. If you don't find it in your search, you're gonna want to go to
Shiba Inu's main website and get the contract ID. I will also post in the
description of this video, but be sure to always get the contract ID or verify the contract ID from the official Shiba
Inu website or on BscScan. It's very important. There are people out there that will post bogus contract IDs, and you don't wanna go getting that. But Shiba Inu has been
in here long enough, chances are it will find it and it will pre-populate
Shiba Inu for you there. Notice that there is a network fee that it's going to charge you, and we also need to change the slippage.

So click on the little gear
icon up here in the upper right. If it says 20% or 3%
or something like that, I would recommend changing it to 12%. Once you've changed that to 12%, you can click on Swap. It's gonna give you the information of what your swap is going to look like. And I'm gonna result here in $135.95 of Shiba Inu, or the equivalent of
22.2 million Shiba Inu at today's current price.

And as of me recording this video today, Shiba Inu is at a 30-day all time low, so we're in a dip right now. Great, great time to buy. So we click on Confirm Swap. It comes up with the information, just verifying all that again. The max total is going to be $140.62. The network fee notice there is $3.98. And I click on Send. It's gonna ask for my face ID. It verifies that automatically. And this happens sometimes I noticed the key pad will cover up the confirmation but there is a confirmation
down there below that it did go through if you see this. You will see an error message. If something didn't go through or it didn't work or your
slippage was set incorrectly.

So I'm just gonna click off on that, and notice there at the top that it does show the swap that I just did. And I can click on view on Explorer, and it's gonna show me
right here on Etherscan the transaction of me swapping
Ethereum for Shiba Inu. Now that you've done this, you can go back to your wallet, and I'm going to refresh this right here. And I do indeed have 22 million more Shiba Inu in my Trust Wallet. Now, if you don't see Shiba
Inu in here in your wallet, we wanna do is come up here and click on these two
little icons up here.

The little line icons up there. And chances are your Shiba Inu will be turned off just like that. If you don't see Shiba
Inu this list at all, then you would simply come up here and search for it, find
it, and turn it on. And then it will be added to your list and your Shiba Inu in your
Trust Wallet will appear. Now, another caution here, you own the seed phrase
of your Trust Wallet. Make sure you keep that in
a very, very safe place. Write it down. Do not give it out to anybody, but keep it safe because if
you lose it, you lose it. And that will be the
end, you can't access it. There's no customer support to go and get your seed phrase from, for your Trust Wallet.

Now, a couple other methods
to purchasing Shiba Inu if those two don't work for you, you can purchase Shiba Inu on Binance. You can also purchase Shiba Inu on KuCoin. Those are two other methods, I'll leave links to those in
the description of this video. I'm not gonna go over
them here on this video because the first few
methods should work for you. But be sure to check the description, I've got more information
and details in there. You get extra bonuses
for setting up wallets or exchanges from the links in this video.

It really helps me out, and affords me the motivation to do these training videos for you, because I do get little kickbacks and additional crypto added to my wallet when you use those links. If this video has been helpful to you, let me know what other
videos you want me to make related to the cryptocurrency
industry and world, cause it can be kind of confusing and I've had to sit there and figure out a lot of it on my own.

And I'm happy to help you guys and show you guys what I know. And I would love a like,
and a share on this video. It really helps this channel out. So until the next video, that is how to buy Shiba Inu coin. (bright upbeat music).

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