How to buy Ethereum with MPESA

In this video, I want to show you how you can buy Ethereum with m-Pesa now in a video Previous, I showed you how you can buy Bitcoin with m-Pesa which is another cryptocurrency Currently working fine and in the first link in description below, you may be able to Follow up exactly what I do, and you can do let's yourself get these amounts rolling So here we are now on the site itself, and you can be able to follow Through the site, all you have to do is click on the first link in the description below and then Signing up for a profile Verify your ID, which is the process I showed in the previous video Then you now come to trade like this. Specific site, you can be able to trade Three different cryptocurrencies, so the first is bitcoin and the second is USD Tether The third is Ethereum and in this specific video I'm going to show you how Ethereum works so we click buy And Ethereum so Ethereum is currently when this video is recorded at 223 155.7 And since we are in Kenya and want to do this with M-Pesa, all we will do is come here according For payment methods and we can set M-Pesa so you can do bank transfer and M-Pesa, Paypal and chipper cash mtn and Skrill are the most popular in the country but for this we will do m-pesa then We explain how much ethereum you want to buy so you can Buying the equivalent of 10 USD, which equates to 1100 at present, so what we will do With that amount we will put 1,200 shillings and he will tell you how much you will get from Ethereum, so this is a Kenyan shilling that will show us that was 0.005 amount of ethereum remembered with Cryptocurrencies You don't have to buy a full cryptocurrency for example right now The ethereum coin is at 223 000 so you don't have to.

You don't have to have 223 000 in order to buy You can buy whatever amount you want to buy and I will share with you a screen showing you how Ethereum is real it has been in circulation, and then we can go to the show itself, for that Here we are on the Gecko Coins website where you can see how the coin itself was behaving In the past seven days or longer and one of the good things it actually shows you is It is the best cryptocurrency, so the best one I talked about is in another video It is called Bitcoin, and the second most popular currency is currently Ethereum, as it appears here The coin is two thousand sixty-six dollars, which when converted reaches approximately From two hundred and twenty-three thousand as we see it, and in the past seven days it has increased by Seven, eight and eight percent which means that the value has increased by approximately eight percent in The past 7 days this tells you the behavior of this particular currency, so I just clicked on Behavior The currency itself so that I can see its price during a certain period of time, and this shows us now What happened, let's just check in the last o In the new year, last year, the price of Ethereum went up From $ 170 only a year ago at the moment, it is now trading at 2066 which means $ 170 Last year is now more than 10 times the value it was last year, so what shall we do? Return to the site now that you see the value of the cryptocurrency Now, you will go and say Search offers and when you click on Find Offers, it will actually classify it for you and I'll show you Exactly what you're supposed to do when you enter this page, so no questions asked You have I'll be able to answer them here, so when you come to this particular page, what It will show you who you were purchasing from and whether they were online or when they were last online And if they have any regulations or any rules they set for that You trade with them, the first thing you see here is to buy then pay with M-Pesa Because this is the simplest Kenyans who should use then average speed to trade how fast they are At t this one radiates in two minutes, that's less than a minute, that's one minute less than a minute, Then you go at the ether rate, so what's going on on the site and that's something I'm going to deal with In a futuristic video people make offers for it so that you will be able to buy if you have a coin you want Sell ​​it at a profit, you can do it on a site like this and I'll show you in a future video How exactly can you do this just for this person, what we're going to do is take a look at The amount they sell Ethereum to remember the present value is shown here 223 hundred Eighty-nine, and this is the first person here, selling at a price of two hundred forty-nine thousand Eight hundred and ninety-one, if they can sell and because we want to buy 1,200, So what happens is that they get 11 of the current value, which they could have bought for less than 223 But if you are buying it today you know that you "repurchase it at a premium, you are buying it at a price of 11." More, so here because we want t buy 1,200 shillings, all we need is to come and check If that particular person is trustworthy and the way to find out is by coming and checking From the positive comments left for this particular person whenever they are here The more trustworthy they are because that means that they traded a little more in this coin Certainly, you can actually see all of this when you are actually buying this coin up What you'll see here is 691 and that means it has done at least 691 trades which is really good, Then you go directly below that, where you'll see the 478 but there is a difference in how much They sell well, so when you actually did this check when they were online, that was a minute ago, This means that the person is still online if you see them in color Green, it means it's online if you drop a little bit you'll start seeing a gray or yellow button, so this guy was about a day ago, and it This other person has been here for three hours.

Hours ago until this is wa you'd be able to see that in This particular case, what we're going to do is we want to buy from this higher person, so we'll click it when We click buy, what happens first is the Ethereum that we want to buy or the currency we want is put into They bought them in what is known as collateral, which means that for that particular trade, they had them 1,200 shillings in their wallet, and now because I want to buy it, the platform picks it up and keeps Tags in the middle on our site. On behalf of that, once I pay the amount, I can get that amount Me, so it's very simple so what is going to happen here is it will now appear to me And since we said you want to buy 1200 in this case I will pay 1200 shillings This is the amount that I send to the seller and I will receive 0.0048 Of Ethereum which means I'll get one thousand seventy-one shillings from Ethereum, so the question you may have is why the difference is between 1200 and Approximately 1070 shillings is the fee that the platform charges you in order to purchase ethereum Now in order to be able to buy ethereum, you need to understand that Ethereum transactions Bitcoin transactions are slightly more expensive, so this is why this is the reason.

So what You will get it here is just look at the merchant and about this offer and then you are given 30 minutes to make the deal, so from that specific dealer I can Buying between 1,200 shillings and 2735 this is important because I might want to change this amount, Maybe I don't want to buy 1200, maybe I want to buy three, let's say 2000, so I can buy Two thousand but if I say I want to buy an amount higher than the amount set by this Trader, I'll get this notice telling me my trading limit is between 1,200 shillings and 2735, This is also because this could be the exact amount that this person has or just wants Do small deals like this and this is how they get their money so we can say 2000 shillings And in this case I'll get 1791 Ethereum and the extra between that and 2000 is Trading fee so in this particular case what I will do is check the comments And check what people are doing.

I've said about this trustworthy person, and then when I want to Really did it, all I do is click "buy now", so that's a simple way to see how you can Buy ethereum through M-Ppesa, subscribe to the channel at In the next video in this series I will explain You get how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies if you haven't seen the video on how to buy Bitcoin using M-Pesa this is what will appear at the top and if you want to start any Business in 2021, check out the playlist that will appear here and I'll see you in the next.

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