How to Buy Ethereum (in 2 minutes) – 2021 Updated

Ethereum is an extremely popular platform
for developing decentralized apps. It uses Ether,
one of the top cryptocurrencies around, as its currency. But getting your hands on some Ether
can get a bit confusing if you’re just starting out,
to say the least… Hi, I’m Nate Martin, and we’re going to go over how to buy Ether
in today’s 2…minute…tutorial. Buying Ether,
can be broken down into 3 simple steps: Get a wallet, Locate your Ethereum address
and Find an exchange.

Depending on the amount of coins
you’re planning to buy, you can choose between either
a hardware wallet or a software wallet. If you’re buying a small amount of crypto, then a free software wallet that can be downloaded
to your mobile phone or computer will do. Exodus is a great software wallet
that is easy to use for beginners. If, on the other hand,
you’re planning on accumulating larger amounts, it’s safer to store it on a dedicated device
known as a hardware wallet.

Our recommendation for a hardware wallet
would be the Ledger Nano X, a reputable wallet which can store
multiple cryptocurrencies alongside Ether. Once you’ve set up your wallet,
make sure to find your Ethereum address, which will be used whenever you want to
send Ether to your wallet. It’s a long string of letters and numbers
that starts with “0x”. Finally it’s time to find a place
to buy Ether. We recommend you buy your Ether
on an online exchange and not from an individual. Exchanges can be divided into two categories –
Brokers and trading platforms. Brokers sell you cryptocurrency directly
through a fast and easy process but with higher fees. They are extremely suitable for beginners. However, if you’re an experienced user,
you can use a trading platform, which connects you with sellers anonymously, allows for more trading options
and has lower fees. We’ve listed some reputable exchanges
that sell Ether in the description below this video. Keep in mind that while some exchanges
will store coins for you on their site, you’ll want to make sure to withdraw them
to your own wallet by sending them
to your personal Ethereum address.

This way you keep full control of your Ether. That’s today’s 2 minute tutorial, for a complete list of recommended wallets
and exchanges and a more in-depth step by step guide, make sure to check out the links
in the description below. If you've enjoyed this video,
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