How To Buy Dogecoin on Binance [10% Bonus]

how to buy dogecoin on binance today i will 
show you the best method to buy dogecoin   quickly and safely first step sign up with the 
referral link in the description to get a verified   10 discount on your trading fees for life 
once you set up your account you will need   to verify your identity it's a quick process 
that should not take more than a few minutes   once you're verified mouse over 
buy crypto and select your currency   you can use credit or debit card bank transfer 
and other methods depending on your country   type in the amount you want to buy and which 
cryptocurrency then simply complete the purchase   and your dogecoin will appear in your spot wallet 
as of today binance has direct doge pairs with   euro australian dollar brazilian reais turkish 
lira bitcoin tether and other cryptocurrencies   if your national currency does not have a direct 
pair simply buy bitcoin first and then trade   it into dogecoin likewise if you already have 
cryptocurrencies you can deposit them directly   on binance and then convert them into dogecoin 
remember that dogecoin is highly speculative   for the long term bitcoin is still the best 
choice don't forget to sign up with the referral   link below to get a lifetime 10 discount on your 
trading fees us users specifically should go to   their system exchange called binance us thank you 
for watching and i will see you in the next video

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