How to Buy Dogecoin in 2 minutes (2021 Updated)

Even though Dogecoin started out
as a joke back in 2013 it quickly gained a lot of traction
and a loyal community. Hi, I’m Nate Martin, and we’re going to go over
how to buy Dogecoin in today’s 2…minute…tutorial. Buying Dogecoin can be broken down
into 3 simple steps: Get a wallet, locate your Dogecoin address
and find an exchange that sells Dogecoin. Depending on the amount of Dogecoins
you’re planning to buy, you can choose to store it
on either a hardware wallet or a software wallet. If you’re buying a small amount of crypto, then a free software wallet that can be downloaded to your mobile phone
or computer will do.

Exodus is a great software wallet
that is easy to use for beginners. If, on the other hand, you’re planning on accumulating
larger amounts, it’s safer to store it on a dedicated device
known as a hardware wallet. Our recommendation for a hardware wallet
would be either the Ledger Nano X or the TREZOR Model T, both are reputable wallets which can store
multiple cryptocurrencies alongside Doge. Once you’ve set up your wallet,
make sure to find your Dogecoin address, which will be used whenever you
want to send Doge to your wallet. It is a long string of letters and numbers
that starts with a capital D followed by a number
or another capital letter.

Finally it’s time to find a place to buy Doge. Even though Dogecoin has been
on the market since 2013 it still isn’t available
on many of the major exchanges. The best option for buying your Doge
using a credit or debit card would be Binance or Kraken. Both exchanges support many countries
worldwide, have a good reputation and supply an instant buying option
which is beginner friendly, just look for the “buy crypto” tab
on their navigation bar. If you’re an advanced trader you can use the exchange’s trading platform
and save a little more on fees. Keep in mind that while exchanges
will store coins for you on their site, you’ll want to make sure to withdraw them
to your own wallet by sending them to the Dogecoin address
we talked about before. This way you keep full control of your Doge.

That’s today’s 2 minute tutorial, for a complete list of recommended wallets
and exchanges and a more in-depth step by step guide, make sure to check out the links
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