How to Buy CumRocket Crypto (Binance Tutorial + Trust Wallet Tutorial)

hey what's up guys so about two days ago i dropped a video on my youtube channel that by the way got like 7 000 views so hey if you guys are gonna watch these videos i will keep making them just make sure you subscribe and uh hit the like button and comment below on what you'd like me to cover but i mentioned that i put twenty thousand dollars into the cryptocurrency come rocket and as crazy as the name is i explained why you may wanna consider taking out a little of an investment in your uh yourself and buying some because it really does have a pretty interesting roadmap and the team does inspire confidence with how quickly they're executing so i'll link to that video right here in case you missed part one in this one i'm going to show you how two ways that you can acquire your own comrocket tokens and i want to make it pretty quick and easy so let's get started so the first method involves using binance to buy your bnb which you can use fiat money to do and this method was shown to me by someone from the discord server at the end i'll show you their comrocket address in case you want to send them a tip so thank you to them so step one you need to go and sign up for binance i'll put a link in the description there is a binance us app i personally can't use it because they won't verify my identity which is super weird but whatever so if you need a workaround for binance i'll show you that after this as well but really quickly so you go to binance create your account verify it and then in the top right corner go to wallet and then overview after this click in the top left on deposit select your method of making a deposit of fiat money that you're then going to exchange for the bnb next step three on the top left click trade or hover over trade and then click convert from here you'll be able to convert your whatever you purchased initially your fiat in this case he's using tether in the screenshot here which ted they're supposed to be represented representative of us dollars and you can convert that to bnb and from here you can go to wallet in the top right and then fiat and spot now you'll see your various holdings and you should see bnb and even though my chair is covering it you can see there's a withdrawal button right there so you'll click withdraw and now in between that step that i just said and this step you will need to create a metamask wallet and i'm going to walk you through the steps for that in a second i can also timestamp it in the video in case you do use binance you can just click the time stamp and jump ahead but once you have your metamask wallet that's going to be your destination to withdraw your bnb from binance over to metamask and then with metamask you can convert on pancake swap i'm going to show you those steps in a second but before i jump over to method two which is going to get us to the metamask part i just wanted to share that and i'll put this in the description but the guy's name is shot in discord i don't know his actual name so it's just his name is just shot if you want to tip him for this um that's his uh address all right method two we're going to use trust wallet in order to acquire some bnb so you can go ahead and install this on your phone or you can use bluestacks which is like a phone emulator and you can do that as well after it's installed the first thing you want to do is click those little switches up in the top right corner and you're going to now this is a little busy this slide but you're going to want to where it says search tokens just go in there type in anything like type in asdf and then you'll see it'll say no asset found add custom token click add custom token now when you do that you're going to need to copy paste the binance smart chain contract address for cummies and you can get that from coin market cap i'll also just put it in the description to make your life easier but what you can do is copy it from there and then you just paste it into the um custom token address bar i mean if you're looking at the app there's literally only one thing to do on that screen so it's hard to get confused if you're actually looking at it i probably could have made this slide a little less busy but then once you're there all you have to do is uh right behind where i just was the little toggle switch just toggle it to on all right and then you'll see it in your list the next thing you want to do is you want to hit buy and then go to bnb and you know what i just realized is that step that we just did uh you technically don't need to do unless you're gonna store your come rocket in your trust wallet if you're not gonna do that then you don't need to all you need to do is buy the bnb actually and so that step i just gave you that was complicated you can actually just skip for now so my bad uh anyways click buy and then select bnb now here's the thing there's pretty bad fees from what i've heard from trust wallet now i wasn't able to successfully use trust wallet it just rejected all of the cards that i tried to to use but anyways whatever it still works i know my i know somebody that did it so the minimum order amount is 50 and then after you type in a number 50 or greater uh you then input your payment info and hopefully it works for you as it did not for me and after that you just want to hit the send button and send your bnb to your metamask wallet so welcome everybody from step one that skipped step two where i covered trust wallet this is where you would meet me now the first thing you're going to do is install your metamask wallet which is really just a chrome extension and i'll put a link to it in the description so hit add to chrome then one recommendation i have is the little icon is a fox head just pin it to your chrome that way you have easy accessibility so in order to do that click the little jigsaw puzzle in google chrome and then you'll see a list of all your extensions find metamask click the little pin icon and then it will stay on your chrome browser now what you need to do is create an account so create a password secret phrase don't lose that you guys know the deal do not lose that stuff also don't share it and once you have your account what you're going to want to do is go to those three little dots and hit expanded view i like doing this because then it takes up a full browser tab so you have a bigger window to work in and from here now where it says networks in the top right i think it defaults to ethereum mainnet you just want to click that and then go to custom rpc now after you do custom rpc you will want to add the bnb network i'm not an expert in this stuff so i'm just trying to give you my best understanding but it's the bnb smart chain network you need to add so there's your network name smart chain new rpc url you'll just want to write that bsc chain id 56 currency symbol bnb and then hit save after you do that you'll be able to swap from the ethereum network to the smart chain and you should see your bnb balance and what you can do then is click your account and you should be able to get your receiving address for bnb and it'll say copy to clipboard after that what you'll want to do and you know what i just realized i skipped a step here but after you have that on your clipboard you want to go into your trust wallet or binance whichever one you're using and if you use anything else by the way you just need to get this address from your meta mask and send your bnb that you want to swap for cummies uh send it to your your metamask it only takes a couple seconds to receive it and after you do that head on over to pancake swap i'll drop a link in the description and you'll want to use the connect button in the top right corner here to connect your metamask wallet when you hit that it should ask you what wallet you want to select select metamask then you should see your balance in the top right corner and that way you knew it worked so the next thing you want to do is go to the left side navigation and underneath trade click exchange now you'll go to a new screen now you want to hit v1 old at the bottom of the screen and when you do that then you'll be able to use the exchange that's my understanding at least and switch your binance for cummies uh so you by the way you may need to reconnect your metamask wallet on this step i don't know why but when i did this i remember i had to reconnect it again for a second time in like one minute but so if you need to do that it's not a big deal and then you should see your balance here well it'll say like max there'd be a little max button so i just hit max and you should be able to swap your whole balance of bnb to comeys but then what you're going to need to do is hit select a currency right here in the bottom portion and then you're going to need to again grab the binance smart chain contract address for come rocket and paste that in to the select a token prompt like you see i did there and then when it recognizes it you'll know that it worked because it'll say token name comies found by address you just click add all right after that before we're done we're almost done but then you need to hit the little switches on the exchange prompt and you need to set your slippage tolerance to at least six percent all right that's pretty much required to acquire cummies and uh after that i think you're good to go and you can just back go back to this screen after setting it to six percent and you can hit confirm swap right here like you see behind me and you should be able to um actually it should pop up your metamask wallet and ask you to confirm so you get one last chance to cancel or confirm hit confirm it'll go through you can find your transaction on bsc scan to know it worked and then you last step even after it works your metamask wallet you still need to add cummies to metamask uh it won't automatically detect it so what you do is in your meta mask you by the way you can just like click the fox head to open the chrome extension click add token and then it'll say search by default just click custom token right next to to search and then same thing we grab that token address the one that we grab from um i'll put in the description you can grab it from like coin market cap paste it into token contract address it should autofill the symbol and the decimals of precision i believe and then just hit next and then boom you should see your balance of cummies and that is the last step guys then you honestly just sit back and watch it grow the longer you hold the more tokens that you will acquire automatically because it redistributes 2.5 of every transaction so you get paid to hold it and if you guys subscribe to my channel what i'm gonna show you is how much money a day i've made just from buying twenty thousand dollars worth of rocket a week ago basically i tracked my token balance each day as well as how much it was worth at that moment in time so you're not going to want to miss that video again give this one a like if it helped you and make sure you subscribe so you catch the next one and i'll see you guys soon you

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