How to Buy Chainlink (LINK) in 2 minutes (2021 Updated)

Hi, I’m Nate Martin, and we’re going to go over how to buy
Chainlink’s crypto currency LINK in today’s 2…minute…tutorial. Chainlink is a network of oracles which are sort of bridges between
the blockchain and the real world. You see, blockchains can’t access
real world data securely by themselves, and that’s where chainlink comes into play. It supplies secure, reliable data feeds
of real world information, such as price action, weather reports,
and any other real world events to any blockchain that needs it. Chainlink’s token, LINK, is designed to incentivize participants
on the Chainlink network to provide this data. Depending on the amount of LINK
you’re planning to buy, you can choose to store it
on either a hardware wallet or a software wallet. If you’re buying a small amount of LINK, then a free software wallet like Exodus
or Coinomi will do just fine. If, on the other hand, you’re planning on accumulating
larger amounts, it’s safer to store your LINK
on a dedicated device known as a hardware wallet. Our recommendation for a hardware wallet
that can store LINK would be either the Ledger Nano X
or the TREZOR Model T.

Both wallets can store over 1000
cryptocurrencies alongside LINK and are highly reputable. While the Model T is considered
more secure, the Nano X can connect to your mobile phone
which is a great advantage. Once you have your wallet ready to go,
you’ll need to find your LINK address. LINK is built on the Ethereum network, so its address will look
just like an Ethereum address – a long sequence of random letters
and numbers, which starts with “0x”. Finally it’s time to find a place
to buy LINK. Binance, Kraken and CEX all support
many countries worldwide, have a good reputation, and offer LINK through
an instant-buying option which is beginner friendly – just look for the “buy crypto” tab
on their navigation bar. And if you’re an advanced trader you can save on fees by using
their advanced trading platforms. After buying LINK, make sure to withdraw your coins
to your wallet by sending them to the LINK address
we talked about before.

This way you keep full control
of your coins. That’s today’s 2 minute tutorial, for a complete list of recommended wallets and a more in-depth step by step guide
and explanation about Chainlink, make sure to check out the links
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