How to buy Chainlink (LINK) ✅ Step-by-Step Tutorial

in this video i will show you how to quickly 
and easily buy the cryptocurrency chain link   i will show you step by step how to exchange 
money from your bank account into chain link   we do all this with what i think is the best 
platform to trade cryptocurrencies and that is   finance finance is the world's largest exchange 
and you can deposit fiat and trade all relevant   cryptocurrencies the fees are very low at 0.1 
percent and if you use the link from the video   description you will get another 10 discount on 
all trading fees so you will end up with only 0.09   percent fees to create an account simply enter 
your details here and then you're ready to go   once you have created an account and login for 
the first time the page will look like this   the first step we need to verify our account if 
you want to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money   for example euros dollars and so on 
you need to complete this verification   do this we click on the icon right here on 
the top corner and then go to identification on this page we now have to make sure that our 
personal details right here are verified like   here on the right side you should have this 
yellow button with verified like here below   and you just have to click on it and then 
simply upload a picture of yourself and your id   to complete this verification this is called kyc 
know your customer and is simply there to prevent   money laundering okay once you're done with that 
now there are two options to buy cryptocurrencies   the easiest way to buy crypto is by using a credit 
card if you plan to do that you can skip the next   step and fast forward to the purchase in the 
second option we first have to deposit our fiat   money through a bank transfer and then make the 
purchase depending on whether you have a credit   card and which option you prefer you can decide 
which one to choose the deposit fiat money into   our binance account we go to wallet on the top 
right here and then go to fiat and spot wallet here we can see all of our balances 
that we have in our binance account   up here we can see our fiat balances and down 
here we can see all of our crypto balances   to deposit money we click on 
deposit right here at the top then we need to make sure that fiat is selected 
right here and then we can choose whichever   currency we want to deposit depending on where 
you live you can select your currency right here   and then you can select your payment method 
right down here in the us for example this   would be a transfer via the swift system and 
if you live in the european union for example   this would be a drag bank transfer through 
the cpas system do this simply enter the   amount you want to deposit right here 
on the right and then you hit continue then you'll find all the relevant 
information you need for the bank transfer   very important don't forget to enter your 
reference code in the bank transfer which   will be shown right here or the transfer will 
be assigned to your account once you've made   the transfer you will have to wait one 
to two days for it to arrive when the   money has arrived we can easily check this by 
clicking on wallet again and then fiat and spot then we can see if the money has been credited 
to our currency account right here if this has   happened we can now buy the cryptocurrency in our 
last step first i'll show you the easiest option   which is to buy chain link by using our credit 
card to that we go on to buy crypto right here on   top and choose credit slash debit card we'll end 
up on this page or we can select our coin that we   want to buy right here on the right side so i'll 
click on that and type in l i n k for link and   choose chain link and we can see we can use our 
visa or mastercard on the right side right here   we have to select the currency that we want to use 
in my case i'm going to use euro but you can also   choose the us dollar or any other currency i'll 
type in the amount of error i want to buy the link   for example 500 and and we can see 
this will leave us with 24 link   then i click on buy link and i will have to enter 
the card information and have to confirm the   purchase and it's all done if you want to use the 
second option and you have deposited money to your   binance account by using a bank transfer you click 
on buy crypto again and then go to cash balance   the page looks pretty similar we can 
choose our coin again so i'll type in   link and choose chain link again and we can 
see on the left side here is a price chart   visible and we can type in again the amount 
we want to buy with we can also see our cash   balance right here so in my case for example i 
have 200 euros of a balance so i can type in 200   and can see okay this will leave this will give 
me 9.6 chain link i click on buy link then we'll   end up on this confirmation page where i 
can see how much link exactly i'm getting   at what price we're buying how much fees we're 
paying in this case would be 20 cents which is   pretty low and how much we are investing then 
i click on confirm and the purchase is done   that's it for this video don't forget to 
register on binance using the link from the video   description to save the 10 on fees if you have any 
questions feel free to ask them in the comments

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