How to Buy CatGirl Coin on Trust Wallet | Quick & Easy Crypto Tutorial! (2021)

hey what's up everybody this is will in this video 
i will walk through how to buy the catgirl coin   in just a few simple steps the best and quickest 
way to buy the catgirl coin is through the trust   wallet the trust wallet is a decentralized wallet 
that has access to decentralized applications or   adapts for short its main goal is to make crypto 
more accessible with an intuitive and easy to   understand user interface and as you can see 
here i already have the trust wallet installed   and opened on my device and you'll notice i don't 
have any cat girl coin in my wallet yet but real   quick just for those wondering what is cacao coin 
in the first place catgirl is a project that was   introduced and q3 2021 as a community driven nft 
crypto used in the real world and the creators do   their best to please their audience and maximize 
the benefits for coin holders through deflationary   and instant rewards and so now that we're all 
set up with our trust wallet we are almost   ready to buy the cacrocoin in order to do that 
we need to first have some binance smart chain   deposited in our wallet we will then use bsc to 
swap for catgirl coin so if you don't already have   binance smart chain it's one of the largest 
cryptos out there and is accessible and easy   to purchase you can purchase binance smart chain 
directly on the trust wallet by clicking buy here   and selecting smart pay the trust wallet uses you 
know a few different third-party service providers   one of them is simplex another one's called 
moonpay that will process your transaction   and it will only take a few minutes for your smart 
chain to appear in your trust wallet there are   higher fees associated with buying bsc directly 
on the trust wallet instead i recommend to use   a crypto exchange such as binance or binance 
us to purchase binance coin and then just send   that to your trust wallet that's what i do and 
i save a lot on those you know unnecessary fees   i have the referral links to the binance exchange 
in the video description below which really helps   support my youtube channel so now that we have 
binance smart chain in our trust wallet we are   finally getting to the good part and cat girl 
coin is in within reach in just a few more steps   what we'll do here is we'll go to the browser 
or the dapps button here and we'll search for   pancake swap it's listed under popular here if 
you don't see the dap browser available on your   device this was recently disabled by the app 
store so for those of you who have an iphone   or an ios device just go to your safari browser 
and in your um where you're entering in your url   type in and you will be 
able to connect your trust wallet i'll just   go ahead and click swap here on my device and so 
for those who may be unfamiliar you may be asking   yourself you know what in the world is pancake 
swap pancake swap is a binance smart chain based   decentralized exchange or dex for short launched 
by some anonymous developers with a penchant for   breakfast food so now that we have pancake swap 
opened our wallet is connected and we are all   set the exchange should open by default but if it 
doesn't you can just go to you know the menu tab   and select trade and then select exchange under 
that and ensure that you have exchange selected   here and what we'll be doing here is swapping 
a b b which i have a balance of about 0.1   and so let's go ahead and click select a currency 
and what i'm going to do here i'm just going to   copy and paste the catgirl coin wallet address and 
which i will place in the video description below   and it will automatically locate uh the catgirl 
token for us if this is your first time purchasing   catgirl you may need to click through some 
additional messages as well to to import the   crypto and then again if you don't see capital 
coin come up for you when you're searching for it   i will paste the wallet address in the video 
description below along with a link to the catgirl   coin teams website which has the address as well 
and then what we'll do is just enter in the amount   of capital coin that we want to purchase and then 
whenever we're comfortable with the amount we want   to purchase let's go ahead and click swap and as 
you know cryptocurrency is extremely volatile so   the price you know may change while in the middle 
of our swap it's not looking like it will right   now so i'll just click confirm swap and then 
everything looks good there's about a two dollar   network fee which is fine and then what i'll do 
is just improve it the transaction on my phone   and there you have it our transaction is submitted 
if you do get an error you may need to adjust   your slippage tolerance here which you can do by 
clicking the settings gear here and you see how   mine is set to 10 here i think by default it's set 
to zero point five percent so um what you do what   you need to do is just increase that to a higher 
number like five or seven or ten or even ten um   seems to work out nicely and then you're done you 
should see your calculate coin safely stored in   our trust wallet so i'm just going back here and 
if it's if you don't see it displaying in your   wallet you may need to just add it manually which 
we can do by clicking on the settings icon here   in the top right and i'm just again going to 
paste in that contract address and i'm going to   flip catgirl to on to make sure that it shows and 
then sure enough here is my cat girl showed in my   wallet so there you have it now you know how to 
buy the cacro coin on the trust wallet thank you   all for watching and if you have any questions 
or if i wasn't clear on anything just leave a   comment and i'll get back to you so again thank 
you and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube   channel so you can stay updated on what cryptos 
and platforms i'm using and see you next time

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