How to Buy Altcoins (BEST Altcoin Exchanges 2021)

over the weekend eternity chain crushed it and i expect this to continue for a long time it's an up-and-coming coin this one is just getting started but we received many comments this weekend about how to buy it seems like with this mad rush of people into crypto recently there's been a steep learning curve for people trying to learn how to buy coins today i'm going to show you how to use a decentralized exchange in order to buy altcoins that aren't on coinbase or let's get it bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bit swap decks dot io welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to subscribe for your chance to win one full bitcoin in today's video i'm gonna be showing you guys how to figure out where to buy alt coins and how to use a decentralized exchange in order to make the trades so let's go ahead and jump into the tutorial okay so it's came to my attention that a lot of people that are watching the channel are newer you don't necessarily understand how to use uniswap or bitswap you don't know how to find tokens where you buy them and things like that so we'll do a quick tutorial on this so the first thing you got to do is you got to figure out where to buy the token you're looking at so in this example we're going to use ethernet chain because a lot of people asked me over the weekend along with how to buy ecome so we're going to talk about that too so let's start here by going to now on coingecko all you got to do is click up here and you can see the top projects that are being searched right now you guys can see eternity chain is right here e comey is here but if they were not on this list you would just search it so let's search for ethernet chain so it comes right up make sure you're looking at the right token ern so you click here and it will take you to this page right here this is the token page it shows you everything you need to know about the coin you're looking at right now the price is coming in at 42.46 i think it topped out about 46.49 wow almost hit 50 bucks you guys can see 50 bucks you know being some resistance there but what you can do at this point is come down here and click this tab markets this is going to show you every place that it is available at so you have uniswap is the number one place to get it you have gate dot io in bilaxi i've actually never used gate dot io or bilaxi if it's on a decentralized exchange and the gas fees are not super high at that moment i usually use that because it's just easier you don't have to create an account it all happens seamlessly so this is how you find out where to buy it now you're going to need what's called the contract address and we're going to talk about what metamask is how to add it to metamask how to search your token to actually make the trade but i also want to show you guys something because a lot of you guys are asking me about ecome so let's go over here to ecomi and you guys can see that when you go here and you go down to um markets you guys can see that it is on bit forex and bitmaps two centralized exchanges it's actually not on uh meta it's not on uniswap right now it's actually not an ethereum token you can tell that because there's no contract address here and for the explorers this one is on go chain so you guys can see that right there but let's go ahead and move on i'm going to show you guys how to how to buy ethernet chain and how to use this so let's go back to the ethernet chain page here on coin gecko so here it is ethernet chain you're going to need to install metamask if you look up here at the top right hand side of my screen you see the fox this is the metamask logo so i've already installed metamask onto my browser so for you to do that just google metamask extension and then you're going to be able to see right here make sure that you're using you know the legit website sometimes you know their google ads can have scams in them so you see one at the top that says add stay away um so right here if you click on it's going to take you to the metamask website it's going to show you um how to download it it's going to give you some description on what it is how to use it um and things like that so if you just click download it's going to take you to the metamask download page you just click install metamask for chrome it's going to take you to the chrome web store and you're going to install it now you can install this on chrome or on firefox i think they have it for safari but i've never used it for safari so once you have this downloaded you're going to enable it on your download list over here you're just going to come down here click on settings so once you're on the settings page you can come down here to extensions and click this and it's going to show you all the different extensions and of course you can um you know check out the details or enable it you would just turn it on right here and then of course you can add it to your top bar up here so it's available at all times so that's how you install metamask so let's show you how to use it uh here we're on and you can click use unit swap and it's going to take you to the actual app where you make trades i don't use unit swap i use this is our this is my personal decentralized exchange aggregator this calls uniswap along with a ton of other decentralized exchanges to give you the best price so i'm going to actually be showing you how to do this with bitswap but it does work with metamask as well okay so now i can connect my wallet i'm on click connect wallet hit meta mask is going to take you this page where you're going to connect your account so i made a demo account specifically for this purpose so i'm going to connect this one and hit next and hit connect and boom here it is you guys can see i'm automatically connected i have 0.2 eth in this wallet now you're going to come back over here to ethernet chain and you're going to click copy so now you've copied the contract address for ethernet so i'm going to come back over here to bitswap i'm going to search for uh this token i'm going to type that in there and then it's going to give you the option uh to add it so click there and now is going to be added to your list now you got to figure out how much you want to buy so we're going to buy one each worth so we're going to hit .1 and then it's going to automatically update with how much we're going to be able to buy then you're going to hit swap and hit confirm swap now we're going to have to confirm it in our wallet so it shows you what the gas fee is the gas fee is 129 dollars so you probably are going to want to be swapping uh more than just a couple hundred bucks worth or else this isn't going to be worth it we're going to hit confirm and now the transaction is going to be submitted it's going to show up here in pending and it's going to come through here in just a little bit and confirm so you guys can see it has now gone through you guys see up here where it says swap 0.18 for 4.11 ern you click here to check out the token explorer the ethereum explorer to see what it looks like and that's it then you go over here to your wallet and you'll ha you need to add the asset here to the accounts you'll hit add token hit custom token put in the address is going to automatically pop up the token symbol and the number of decimals at 18.

I'm going to hit next hit add tokens and now you guys can see it shows up in my wallet 4.11 e-r-n shows how much it's worth and this shows your ethereum balance up here that's how you use metamask if you ever wanted to send this out you could click there and you could hit send you can send it to another wallet or wherever you want to be if you have multiple accounts you can transfer that between your account and that's how you do it it's that easy to use unit swap or bitswap in metamask to make purchases on decentralized exchanges so guys let me know what other tutorials you guys want what kinds of things do you guys want to see make sure to drop those down below in the comments so we know what kind of tutorials to make that's all i got be blessed good boy out you

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