How to buy 10SET TOKEN on Uniswap

Effective March 31, 2021, 10 sets of tokens will be traded on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange in the world. The Tenset team will add a total liquidity pool of $ 2 million to facilitate exchanges in 10 groups. The process of buying tokens from 10 groups is simple. First Step: Visit and do Free download Chrome or Firefox extension. After that, install the Metamask extension on your browser. Step 2. Create your Metamsak account; If this is your first time opening Metamask, it will prompt you to type The 15 custom keywords and password creation to protect your account. After that, create your ETH wallet and send money to buy the 10-pack tokens. Step 3. Add the title of the 10-group tokens smart contract to see the 10-group tokens. The address for the smart contract can be found on our website, in the FAQ section. Fourth Step: Next step is to visit, And contact your wallet by clicking Contact Wallet in the upper right corner. Uniswap will ask you which wallet you wish to contact; Select Metamask. Metamask notification will pop up; Click "Next" and then "Connect." Step 5. To buy 10set Tokens, Click "Select a token" and paste the 10set smart contract address again.

Click on Import and accept the trading risks associated with Uniswap. You are now ready! On March 31, The Tenset team will add cash to the Uniswap pool, and trading will be possible. Additional advice. The launch of 10set on Uniswap is a highly anticipated event There may be high volatility in prices, especially in the beginning after launch. To ensure that the purchase of 10 sets goes smoothly, we recommend changing the slip tolerance Trade by clicking on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the trading window.

Trade Slippage is the maximum spread variance, so please enter the value you accept To pay extra to buy 10 sets of icons. This does not necessarily mean that you will pay These additional costs, but it will help you make the purchase the first time you try..

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