How to build a ethereum mining rig (PART 1)

hello people so I'm Robin UK from local bitcoins and a lot have you been asking about how to actually build your etherion miner so I've actually done this video once already but because I had the radio playing in the background YouTube will let me post it so I'm here with fellow trader noon finale and I'm helping him build his rig he's fun of the video he's made the made the frame and we're literally going to go through what you need and had put together and then all the different variations you can go through so I'm gonna just sort of tell ollie what to do and he's gonna do it because it's the best way to learn so he's happy with that then we're all good to go okay so what we're going to start with first is the motherboard and processor so it has to be and I know that a lot of you have been said about old be trippin this video and his rig that he'd been making and should you follow that now his rig cost about three thousand six hundred dollars which other man that's what about two two and a half turns yeah where's this little love shouldn't set you back any more than eleven hundred quid and because you bought a lot of this sort of secondhand you sourcing it on eBay and whatnot you'd be able to sell it back for pretty much what you bought it for I mean for instance I was buying cards well I have been buying cards for about 130 mark and I sold them year year and a half ago after the last boom for about 130 so the chances of you losing money on it are very slim but it also means that your return on investment is down to like next to nothing so you literally straight into profit after about a week okay so the H 81 pro BTC motherboard is the bee's knees everybody uses this obits we trip and had it you obviously need your 1150 socket to go with this so this is just an Intel Celeron process and nothing fantastic it's nice and cheap expect to pay about well with my first up these were twenty quid but and then either 40 50 nails oh yeah and these things are about 35 quid so nice easy setup so I'm gonna give this to ollie and he's literally gonna just excuse me he's gonna do the unboxing now you don't see any level yeah and we're going to fit that the chip into it and screw it to the motherboard this isn't the this isn't the pinnacle I know a lot of your sin be trippin is Regulus and hats off to him it's a very smart rig is a lot of metal there's a lot of wood it's a lot of shiny bits but the reason I keep it simple like this is just so that if anything goes wrong you can just take it apart if it's just cheap and easy and we're in it for the numbers so let's make some profit while I'm on the board okay so you need to pop the plastic cover off the chipset there so you just pull the arm out yep and it should just pop out just like big kids Lego and then just take the cover off the table okay yeah should we pop out opening adult probably and then you want you your chip so the chip by the way it comes with the fan in the box as well so we'll obviously do the full assembly while we're here you might need many tools obviously all he's got his trusty penknife but you'll just need simple screwdriver some scissors your needs some yogurt pots someone who toilet and now I'm joking here cable ties maybe some I like gaffer tape just because it's easy Missy yeah yeah if you if you zip ties fail then you're all good right then how's this going okay so first thing personal pick a chip in your chip is in the outside of the packaging just because it's got the you'll see that they come already with the thermal paste on the bottom of the fan so Trumpy fingers in there also done with the process it should be in the brown packaging that was in that box set behind the monitor there yep so we're going to be setting up and the theorem might agree which is technically the same as a script rig or an X 11 rig but we're going to be setting out for a theorem yeah you can use it for obviously aetherium X 11 or script obviously scripts is just not paying because I'm a six and if any of you are clever enough to spot the last couple of weeks X 11 was so short of miners that the returns on that were two to three times what you had got on a theorem so it's worth keeping an eye up okay so literally you want to just obviously take it out the packaging and you'll see got two little plastic markers there and they will fit into the grooves on the chip which are there and their dog so you see it there you place it nice and light nice and easy and then I sit in just pull your clamp over the top so you would get that under the screw you don't push it down and then put it down and tuck that arm under the six you got a lot of pressure you know yeah it's gonna hold it in there yeah we go okay so next up it's your fan now they come with a cable wrapped around the fan blades so you can go just take that out a little bit mm-hmm that's a good cup of tea I think a cousin might have been here nine I know he's playing and giggles okay that's all right like that yeah so you know what you're doing is you're going to be plugging it into these cpu fans focus on what's at the top it's you want to make sure the cables facing up that way and then literally all these these little white studs here just push through the four holes and you have to push them to the click I have to put them on before I move up clicked and then the CPUs come yeah so just push them like one by one straight down yeah yep bingo nice one again see big push to the clip probably not the best to push up on it's on there that should be home she sounds with the motherboard you're clicked in fee you can always tell by telling it over and you'll see the plastic studs I push through and one as I have read for I said yeah okay and then just plug your phone into CPU fan for now whether it's number one or two no matter at all you can choose what you like and does it matter which way the yeah you've got to get that little plastic groove Leon Island was a plus to this example what Lego you see yeah nice one okay so that's good we'll just leave that sticking out why's that next up you want some RAM in there right here Ram was just I use eight gig I tend to spend a little bit more on it because it's kind of worth it so you know looking about thirty quid for a billet kingston ram or you got some you box Hugh box he'll do he'll do the trick and you just want it in slot number one which is closest and as you push it in it will just go click click there you go now bleeped click click yep is easy is there nice one also just a handy little tip because you bite a lot this stuff of eBay I bought some motherboards before and they've come without the motherboard battery just I put a whole big together and thought why this crap and let's missing the battery okay so next up what we're going to do is we're literally going to just fit the board to the frame so because we use the plastic frames you just got some screws hopefully in with the power supply just self tapping screws that you use on a normal rig you're pretty find that there's something you got the box for thee I am 850 Oh 50 yeah well you'll find that a lot of these fits will come with with screws and you'll end up with a pop and about a million screws there we go yeah should be in the with cable ties aha yeah they can screw all of them if you want but what I tend to do because obviously it's just it is just a quick and easy frame if you put too much pressure on it it will bow the board you could just do one corner to another corner or just even just screw one one screw in it doesn't have to sit amazing but make sure your sockets are facing forward we talked earlier just because it's easier to set up a trick there you go trusts you screwed over net it does take a bit force to push this push this thing in you need to kind of just keep going it will self tapping screw in obviously if you've got a drill Oh have tools we have power tools yes I just kind of keep the pressure on it till it bites and you only need I only put one in just because what I'm lazy into it does the job just that's it that's all you need nice cause you can see it's yeah throwing up a bit of flexible once you get the power supplies in it's going to hold it all together and it just needs to be there that's yeah that's it okay so next up we're going to go because we're going to attach your 850 so we use on the Corsair using the Corsair CX 850 this is going to power your motherboard your hard drive and three GPUs and it does it with these and the reason why we use the core says is because they are indestructible I've yet to break one whereas a lot of the cheaper stuff I've blown up you know you'll see the 1500 watt nice and cheap ease on eBay and you plug them in and next thing you know you're going to smell of burning plastic so what you want to do is you want to set it up so that your fans facing out the cables are facing back like so yeah otherwise it would then just well just gives you bit a bit of better air see I will it like that and now that you can sort of choose how you have it fixed you can get four take round it doesn't really matter if you cover too much too much fan you can just put some cable ties together in a string and then wrap it over that way completely up to you for all right yeah that'll do it nice one charger yes time we're back here we need two power supplies for this so you need the corsair CX 850 the M on the end means modular which is what the little ports are poor without the M all the cables would be already fitted just for those who don't know so doesn't matter that doesn't matter now because you're not going to use them yeah the 750 is yeah we use the beat yeah use the PCI slots but that's the variable the 750 whether they're em or not have them pebble you need for this setup I kind of do need the radio player in the bedroom yeah the phone pot so to keep it no I had a table on out yeah you wanna cover up those PCI the top sockets nothing all right yeah that's a key go this yeah yeah and you can I just need to feed it through a rapid round proper Bush fix see now if you had a nice shiny metal wooden frame you're not going to do that well there's anything wrong with that I've had a few metal frames in the past and then okay I think they're more for show yeah I mean this frame took me about half an hour did the video do it did it I just put it up as if for a friend and next thing you know sell a thousand hits the Liberals yes Billy on 2k now really yeah yeah yeah let's give that in a bit better later but I think yeah now that will do the job yeah they'll do okay so do is make sure oh yeah want to eat that well I'm so on so what you're gonna do is you'll then fix the other power supply here yeah and then I'll just hold it from going anywhere so we need to do now is you need to plug in you'd find a CPU plug on the back of the power supply this should say CPU on it could be the way yeah yes it yeah that goes in just above the fan on the top here I know the camera should be a bit closer but think yourself lucky you getting a video okay next up is your twin PSU power supply splitter so before you add these you're literally getting the end of you your power supply and shoving a bit a cable in the positive negative just for its a loop and turn on so now what this does is it kind of does that already for you with this it's only two pounds fifty three pounds away yeah yeah I mean and it's just so much easier than potentially just blowing yourself up and electrocuting you so we want to do because you're 852 be powering you on your 8:50 in and then into the 850 and they're all in there yon 750 or go into somebody's layers is easy when you know how yep it's this bit where everyone's fast forward and I just wanna yeah do this okay so and then this one into into that big stock of the back there which is your CPU oh yeah motherboard like make sure if pushed right in as well as if it isn't mrs.

I've had it will melt WebSockets sounds good to me it's right in so is that ok so we got the RI okay so next you need a power switch this took me a little while to figure out because I had to find out using internet forms and whatnot there's your power switch simple like a pound yeah 99-88 based in packaging and literally there plugs in over here so I'm just going to take the camera off the stand just so you can see because it is really fiddly where you better know now you down here this will suck it down here and it's the last two right I'm myself so no matter which way all those round on the top here okay no no it doesn't matter that and that's it and then literally I'll just just wrap it round up here somewhere just to keep another way you what you can do is when you've got time as you can wrap these power cables round because eventually you can have so many cables yeah it's gonna get caught in fans and all sorts okay we'll be back up there okay so right there's most of the basics done we're going to need to do now is connect up a graphics card so a start with something simple this thing here isn't a monster yes I got it for a hundred quid because it wouldn't fit in normal cases okay well we'll save that one for later we'll put that on the end of year on the runs there because that is couch so we go with will go with you with over the r9 280x so okay graphics cards wise I always stick with anything over three gig your best card is going to be the r9 280x shortly followed by the 770 or 750 and a lot of people are buying these fancy SuperDuper cards that have monster Ram and stuff you just don't quite get the same return wish for value as you wouldn't do with one of these I wouldn't expect the penny monitor 125 1 130 anything less than their then you're good to go unless you're Jeremy like Holly here who's got an i-9 390 with 8 gig and he got it for 140 either the person didn't know they were selling or what but victory will soon find out I'm not using these cards before because they've always been too expensive so as always you can keep the price at there you've got to sell the cars on again for about 120 you know 130 maybe if they drop to 110 doesn't really matter because you have made a killing in the meantime each of these GPUs are going to cost about 50 P a day to run so we're going to hopefully get around 110 won or how many cards we've got 5 right ok so we should just get close to a hundred on on the mega hash so your your profit to cost ratio I think is about it's about 25 to 30 percent depending on your tweaking of voltages and everything else but it's up to you on a board with any of their but yeah there you go that's sure I know is shiny XFX r9 280x okay so when you're putting your first card in you always want to start with the primary PCI slot which is the long one in the middle there so we're going to do is you can just rest what you need is where is the cable ties the code with the power supplies yeah either perfect perfect for attaching your card so if you sit the card or like so that's going to be your first slot and then you'll get the cable tie go around feed it up through the middle hole there yup and then just hold on to it and then I need um and that's it and that's what you do and that's why you have that back bar that's key set nicely if you find that the gap is too long between the your GPUs and whatever because the measurements are slightly off and you can just just reduce the size lots of chocolate whenever your yeah they take two seconds just to put the pipe out cut it down a bit it just makes it easy to do whereas if you've done all that time with a metal yeah happening is it yes yeah okay so next up you'll need the riser cable here so riser cables doesn't matter if they're power or not we're not going to be using powered when I'm going to power them because your five of the motherboard a good fine with this setup of the power supply so you'll find that these will be the most temperamental part of the rig if anything goes wrong and the cards aren't being spotted or anything like that nine times out of ten it's the PTI cable so I would keep I really bright here lots of spares cuz they just go wrong people are going yeah it's got lots of flex in your rig but if as long as you're not moving it around it's fine but it's the troubleshoot from up trouble shooting at the start that gets you and you'll be like I'll kill this card and being seen but you will get to that in a bit okay so you'll it's just going to plug that in up here first you'll slide the white plastic bit across that's like a little lock in yeah yeah this camera stops recording after half an hour you have to do lots of little bits makeup push no nice and tight yep yep and that's like the white bit back along that's here yeah and then just pop that into the gap there like that nice one perfect okay well oh now we need to give us some power and you'll find because this is modular so all the cables separate you don't really need any of these apart from the one from the hard drive and we pick that one PCIe cable to PCIe cables what gets that when we have okay okay so if you wanted to you could go ahead and add all the cards at once I'm getting cocky now and I do just add all the cards I said yeah it's easy to do just one by one when you're starting up because okay that card works to machine off you have the next card plug it in okay that one works and I would work down the slots uh-huh and then start with that finish with the one nearest to the fair and last another why just seems to work like that yes yeah you've got a method that way when I first step was going around now plug in that one and one in the picture so the picture is always going to run your monitor is always going to be connected to the card is connected to the rice like yeah which is fun so you want to plug that eight pin into the back of the power supply you should top one yeah yeah yeah either slide is done now doesn't matter you gonna use the other one eventually as well cool and then we'll plug that man this this one yeah yeah so you'll find different cards of different slots so you've got a light in a six here yup so you have to just get the little slop it on me in there okay sit at an eight and then that when there can be a seat okay yes well it has the extra to some cars with six or six come some kind of eight and eight yeah eight and six you know some manufactures like the keeping your toes go perfect sure but I think your screw just popped out I need it run a bit over the top of the older drill years but that's okay because we have any more plastic let's try again and just I got squeezed too hard a little screw still there just you can slow that between slow that down don't think so try using a diffuser yeah screwdriver stop the Turtles yeah just just so catches with Perez is like why name yeah pop another screwing ice filled with plastic now Oh some of them come without the nice silvery chrome ones with a fat squirrel and they find that they bite the best much easier yeah because I mean these screws really are kind of designed to hold the power supply in a case in two pre-drilled holes usually I should have bought some I told you they'd be sent vegetable why'd you start building more and more you'll find that you'll have so many extras clips and yeah bits and bobs everywhere in 80-plus be at least people can see I was going on the good thing with Marnie aetherium a theorem in X 11 X 11 it's like a dominatrix with a whip taking your GPU putting it on a treadmill turn enough speed at the full kicking it in the nuts dumping a part of bitcoins in his head and then setting it on fire well I like good fun yeah well there's a theory was more like your French made just dancing around two GPUs with little feathers tickler in it with the odd nip-slip giving you a bit of half you know bit of pleasure it's definitely a lot less stress on the rigs with etherium is it Gavin not nearly EMC it boating I just don't want to push down too hard see how to make sure they're I've got plenty of these these a lot of these come with the graphics cards and I've found that yeah they tend to put too much strain on the power supply so people don't agree yeah that's fine but I would stick with tightening looks like it's going there we go yeah you keep at a go okay top so next up we're going to connect a hard drive you tend to find that the motherboards will come with the hard drive cable as well so you won't need to get one but I think you've got one to do um or do you use the one with the motherboard I got me yes solid-state drive here okay it's what the story's in as well it's a simple just a gig SSD is that one open Bamber you want the came with the motherboard wrapped up in that bag yeah okay I came with the motherboard it's just your SATA 3 cable then have to be the most powerful rig in the world it's all about the GPUs on these things so and you get two in case you want to do fancy angles with you okay macho so you're going to plug that we use that aside I'm going to plug one side here with a little elves suck it into one of these grey sockets over here it yeah that's it syn nice and then you plug the other end into the socket on your hard drive what you might find as well as what I found with this service because the cables over here in there quite short yeah you might want to mail them the hard drive up on the top call em yeah yeah yeah just so that it's out of the way the cables around the way up and yeah you get yeah I just recommend with a big uptake it's yeah I tend to then take the power from the 850 over to the 750 because they use Nick's than nothing so 750 more power 3 GPUs and the hard drive yeah no worries no worries no worries that's about 30 quid safe ok I know yeah about 30 I figured that something around there there are cheaper but you know I was in a home yeah you're keeping the cheapness in buying the second-hand GPUs and stuff because if it don't work send them back to the clunkers that sell you and you will get I'd say I'm warning I've got about one in seven one in nine something like that where they come from yeah it's working fine to get my rigs pioneer and turn up and no it's just not seeing it don't be afraid to just send it back thanks to PayPal you are in power as other buyer go look let but I tell you what while we're here we might as well fit the 750 as well so it's the same thing yeah just with fan facing out again and yeah so that the 850 the 750 probably the most expensive parts of this little setup so these are usually between 1790 and these are between 1780 if you want to buy the cheaper ones fine but just I told in Saratoga so how do these boxes open I was having trouble with the other one Topa is there a way do we go – now tripping it from massage ah keep them cable ties Goldust yeah you will go through Dobbs cable ties if you have to take cards off and back in again you're fixing stuff is just need to get posters and go snip right remove them and then we're recycling no I hold on to your top gear stuff because we come to selling in yeah yeah nice and easy still recording here we're nearly at 30 minutes there's 30 minutes slot stopped okay so this is module one yeah so just to show everybody non-modular doesn't have the sockets on the back you just have them add users weak hanging out the back okay so that's fair now see starting some tables are now mounting out yep what you can do is when you put it all in you don't use sorry okay what you don't use you just cable tie them all together and okay and by the way if you find as well that you can rig together when you go to lift it thing pop out and a bit superglue in fixing yeah in a sense but glue the connector bits here don't glue the long bit so you might need to adjust in few GS yeah but then it's only a bit of pipe and the recourse are the frame costs a little bit further me buy it from yeah I've the cheapest I've got a different price every time I go you have been two weeks and the first time is 9 pen and 11 and 10 you know and I think the people beyond the camera know what they're doing you got this lot from screw fixer nice today is about 15 or 16 pounds here but the reason it cost a little bit more is because they only have packs of 5000 right now but it needs out some spares or more for next time okay and there will be next time you will get the bug is bit flimsy on there this one being here yeah cool right so how can our modulars a lot easier isn't it yeah yeah but I just doesn t matter than that just like this to plug into the over there so that all that does is it tells the Machine tells the power so I was plugged in and it's and it should run because if you just didn't have that when you put the power supply on and then plugged it in you wouldn't do anything ok needs to have what it thinks is a motherboard connected for it to power up going in tap to mark a USB stick yeah yeah there should be a little clip on the side that it hooks over yeah I'm a nice one happy it's all right so you need to know put some power to your hard drive uh-huh and you will need wherever it is this this one here which has just a bigger version of you SATA I'm great and that protein just under that year and there see you can when you get time you can sort of wine into case it'll hold in nicely but it just need to be plugged in there I come around the side as well keep as much this space here it's really it's fun doesn't seem to matter which way around that goes no this should be an ill I I miss all right Paula learning curve and it gets fun should be fun

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