How to become a Validator on the Ethereum 2. 0 Topaz Testnet (Linux)

in this video I want to show how you can install the prism validated line and be keynote on Linux hope you enjoy the video make sure you leave a thumbs up it helps the channel a lot and also helps people that want to become validators find this type of content that will help them so with that said let's jump right into Linux environments enjoy the video if you've got any questions leave them down below before we start with the installation make sure that you've gone make mast installed and head over to the Pride apps on their website they get all the information on how you can proceed installing the prism validator client and the beacon node so what you can do is just click on become a validator and you can click on this install prism by following our talks click on this because we want to find the installation instructions for Linux as we're running Ubuntu on a Linux machine so click on the new a Linux installations and we will do the prism installation with the script and the operating system what is recommended is a 64-bit Linux Mac OS 10 point 14 plus processor core i5 4 gigabytes of RAM and 20 gigabyte of available SSD storage and also a good internet connection a broadband connection ok so let's get started I can close this and I can close this I've got my instructions here on the right hand side and I recommend to I recommend that you follow along as i do this installation so open up the terminal and let's start with making a prism directory create the working directory of f mcdeere prism and we'll also change to that directory with CD prism then we want to get the prism installation script we'll do that we using curl and this code from github I will just copy and paste this code into the terminal and for finish I can just execute it so we don't have curl installed so let's install that first sudo apt install curl and it asks me if I want to continue I click on yes now we install Karla all right so it's done if you press the mouse if you press arrow up it'll show you the last command that you did so the last command with sudo then Prescott up again and you get the curl commands with the prism script so let's press ENTER and download it and it's downloaded perfect and we can continue to the next step now we want to run this prism script so don't slash prism don't SH and then beacon – chain enter and let's rerun the script you the prism script will now download and initialized the beacon chain with the specified parameters processing a deposits from if um one chain deposit number so this step can take a few hours to process so I'll add a speed up the video and then come back to later on once the The Beacon note has synced completely with the beacon chain so what is very important is that the beacon note has to be completely synced before submitting the deposit for the validator client otherwise it will not work so otherwise the validator will not be able to validate yes make sure that you have synced completely and don't be get discouraged if it takes a lot longer so I think I've done it a few times and it has taken like maybe 10 12 hours to sync completely and it depends on the performance of your machine depends of how many peers are available and they also depends on your internet connection now it's waiting for enough suitable peers to sink and it's required at least to have three piers it's inked and it's only got two at the moment so now I just started sinking a hand I found a free pier spot the the number of peers I will use is going to increase the longer I'm sinking I think during the last time I was thinking I had around 30 piers so if you see this then you're on a good half and your beacon node is sinking correctly so now it's just a matter of patience and you can just like maybe watch a movie do something else and wait for your beginner to sink completely the process is actually super easy if you do a few times and you just follow along with it's actually easy and very often if you if you get an error message you can cook with the error message or you can go to the prismatic collapse discord they're very helpful and they will help you if you've got some strange error you're blocked and you can't carry on with the installation process so we've got now around five piers connected which is great and we're thinking around nineteen blocks per second which is fantastic the more blocks per second we managed to sink the faster this sinking process will be so yeah I'll come back to you when the syncing process has finished and I continue the next part of the installation okay so my beacon now it is my peeking out is not completely synched with the beacon chain and we can continue with installing the validator client so I minimize this and I go to the home page on the home page you can just click on become a validator and the first that we've already done and now we can click on the get curly so I've been having massive problems with made a mask on this Linux machine and this Firefox installation I have no clue why and it's driving me up the wall so I will go ahead and try parties and continue this installation with protists I haven't used parties before so let's see how this works all right add password and confirm password hopefully this is going to be much smoother process than really crappy meta meskan definitely not a fan of meta mask I've got always so many problems all right so I have to remember this mess oh definitely and I'm probably able to get some private key so that I can make sure that my funds on this wallet don't get lost it should I forget the password but here it says already for I forget the password all my funds are lost so make sure you don't forget to pass it but if this works and I do prefer the concept of protists than minimis because that means any app that you use you can just log in with your email and password now the biggest question is in terms of security how secure is it someone could just have your email and password and then could just log in and access your France and the ok so that went a lot easier than expected we couldn't use metal mask again seriously my my protest for layer has been recognized by the prior labs website and I have zero point zero curve and to be very data I need for it to curve so I'll click on need go Eve and I'll get some from the website yes remember that it has no reward value which is great because it means that if you make a mistake and you lose it you're not going to lose some real money so I add I'd recommend if you're new to this hole and stating do it many times to familiarize yourself with everything and you make all the mistakes with the grief and not with relief all right so we've done that we've got our grief now what we want to do is generate the validator a public and private key let's open this up and we have to run this descriptive prism dot Sh script and we'll create a new account and for that we need our terminal so what we will have to do first is go to the prism directory CD prism and then we can paste the account creation code in there and it will run the prison door SH script so press enter and that's running present and now you have to select a password I'm going to select one I have to reenter a make sure that I'm entering the correct password press ENTER again keister rated and here's the road transaction data perfect so everything has worked as expected and we will have to compute this this row transaction data and go to go back to the fry laps website where we took this piece of code and then here you've got an input field and you can add the road transaction data into this field so just paste in here and press Enter that's it now what you can do is start your you have to start two terminals to the beacon chain this one's already running now what we want to do is start the validator so what I can do is just copy this piece of code and let's see the beacon change is already running this anymore so we can clear the screen and we can taste the any dater codes here so it's going to run the prism script and launch the validator client and you have to add your validated password one that you selected before so mine is this password we'll continue and then afterwards we're going to continue by adding the 32 girlie Eve to the deposit contract for my validate so you can see here it's waiting for deposit to be observed by beacon note this is my public key so let's go back to the prior labs website and we're going to continue by sending 32 girl Eve to the validator deposit contract let's click on send a validated deposit click on make deposit now we're going to send us the possible for our parties of wallet and Portis is opening up and yeah easy as that so yeah make sure you just send in girly if no relief that would be very good and the current amount in real if you would be six thousand dollars the estimated net worth is twenty nine cents so this is good I click on confirm and the transaction will go through that's actually over the steps that are needed agent about it all the steps I needed to launch here a validator now you'll have to wait for four to five hours for the deposit so now you have to wait around four to five hours for the deposit to be accepted for the activation process this process can take about 45 hours you don't have to leave this window open after you submit your transaction you can see the progress of your transaction on Gurley fruits can do i/o and you can also follow the current beacon chain in bits nice block Explorer this one beacon chain or if to stand store I oh so I wait a few hours and I'll come back and show you how you can actually start with validating and monitoring your validator on either one of these two interfaces so my deposit for my validator client has been accepted and accepted by the beacon chain on the left hand side I've got my big note which has been completely synced and it's not showing each new slot so this is working perfectly and on the right hand side I've got my validated client which is submitting votes artists stations to the different slots so this is great so this is basically it we've installed the beacon node and we've installed the validated client and it's running perfectly so now what we want to do is you kind of have a nice dashboard to look at our validated client so for that open up your browser and go to beacon chain website and if you let's pull this down again if you look at your validator client you will see the public key this is you publicly so you want to copy this and you go to beacon chain and what you can do is here at the top you click on the menu and then you can add this public key into this input field if you already know your validated number you can also just add your validated number but you add your public key into this input field and then you get a nice overview of your validator client so here you can if you click on overview you can see the unique index the current balance so I've been offline for a few hours that's why my balance is under 32 if my effective balance I added was free to go if and this is my income so yeah like I mentioned I was offline for a bit so that's why I've got a negative income this might help you to realize the importance why it's crucial to be online all the time if you're offline even for a few hours you're 32 Eve loses in value that's why it's important for your validator to be online all the time have a good internet connection because if you go offline the amount of if they started it's taking loses value and that's something that you don't want so the status is active this is great so I've been activated 15 hours ago and if you look at here this is my balance history so since I've been offline quite a long time now my balance has constantly decreased and as you can see it decrease is actually pretty fast and you definitely don't want to be offline for days or weeks at a time otherwise there's no point in becoming a validator you're ready to if that you put into the deposit contract will lose value very very fast so if we go back up you can look at the proposed blocks unfortunately I just got one block that I was supposed to propose but I missed it and for the other stations these are the votes when my validated client is voting for new blocks in new slots so here I've attested so I have my validated client has successfully passed votes to new blocks and new slots ok so there was an installation guide for prism validated and be connote on linux hope you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed it leave a thumbs up hit the red subscribe button if you want more content like this I bring out multiple videos per week to make sure that you're ready for the next bull run so if you don't want to miss out on any of that good stuff then join me on the journey I'll catch you on the next video have a good one see you soon bye bye

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