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took a trip to japan and i ended up buying a samurai sword while i was there you know there is definitely a whole story behind the story there is a there is a whole story this is ronnie stanley this is how i spend and save my first million dollars i was raised in las vegas nevada it was very unique i feel like i was exposed to a lot of different cultures a lot of things that a lot of people wouldn't normally see growing up we always wanted to you know go out and experience you know the strip and the the clubs and stuff i may or may not have tried to sneak in a bar or two and may or may not have been kicked out i don't recommend doing that it's worth waiting in high school my parents were very big on sports and athletics literally i really didn't have time to work a job all my time was spent on football and basketball it was funny i really didn't have money like spending money growing up because i didn't have a job i was spending all my time in sports but yeah i did you know chores around the house you know just the classic you know let me ask my dad for 20 bucks or something but i didn't really grow up having you know a lot of um material things like i didn't have a lot of shoes i didn't have a lot of you know new clothes like new brand clothes or whatever when i was drafted six overall it was kind of realization of like my whole life into one moment you know you grow up wanting to be a pro athlete you grow up with all the dreams and then it becomes real reality in a matter of seconds kind of surreal in the moment you know i didn't really it's kind of hard to take in you know looking back it was one of those moments that you just you know talked with your grandkids about and the day that you know the lineage of the family you know changed you know for generations you can see the details in my rookie contract right here before i ever got drafted i kind of set like my whole team up before you know everything i had an advisor a lawyer accountant agent by the time i got drafted i had you know all the people ready and just kind of the money had to be put in the places that we were already discussing all right we talked about how i made and save my money now let's talk about how i spent my money first thing i bought with my first million dollars uh bmw x6m sports car that car was my dream car and that was you know that was a car i always wanted to drive i just like the look bmw 120k i got it wrapped you know i had some rims put on there you know some 22s it was nice you know mac gray tinted windows yeah it was a beast i think i spent a little bit extra to modify it probably like another 2500 and then the rims are probably another 5k so you know probably around 7 500 plus another 10 000 for modifications [Music] took a trip to japan i went with my girl and a couple friends you know i think it ended up being around 20 000 visit a couple different cities stayed there for about two weeks you know it was a great experience trip to japan 20 kids i thought japan was beautiful it's a really beautiful place the way they preserve the tradition you look at the stuff that's been there for hundreds of years and the craftsmanship and the details that have been put into those things it's really impressive and i end up buying a samurai sword while i was there and that samurai star was about 12 000.

You know there is definitely a whole story behind the sword there is a there is a whole story but it's like a 45 100 year old sword they don't know whose sword it was but it was custom made for someone in the city but you needed protection because i guess at that time like it was just gang land out there in japan you know old japan they just it was ruthless so you had to be prepared at all times so this was just one of those stores that you know a working-class citizen would have been walking around and we have no idea who that guy was his life his story but you know it's cool that we have something left behind from that long ago samurai sword 12k a right now it's in its case you know it hasn't seen light since it's been you know in the states so i'm keeping it you know preserved prime condition you know i want to keep that thing nice but i think eventually when i buy my home that i'm gonna like live in long term um i will have it you know a special place for it in there [Music] i love the bmw but you couldn't drive it like a sports car like you wanted to it was it couldn't handle turns well at high speeds but with the tesla you know it really drives like it's a sports car like you can turn super sharp going really fast and you never have to go to a gas station it's it's a really great car i really you know i really like it and i did the same thing i i i modified it put some you know rims on it a little wrap a tent and i think it looks better than the beamer did tesla modifications 150k it's faster um it can handle turns better i never have to go to a gas station ever you know great for the environment [Music] speaking of tesla you know i bought some bitcoin it's been kind of rough right now but i think you know bitcoin's one of those things i'm just gonna leave there for a while bitcoin 150k i'd invest in bitcoin because of the ceiling it's impossible to place a value on something like this because we don't know what situations could happen with within society that may grow this value or may diminish the value so there's a lot of potential growth and i think that's why i'm okay with putting you know a good amount of money into it and seeing what happens [Music] i bought some more art pieces i have like some paintings i have some sculptures i have like a rug on all my art and collectibles 200 000 on that one of the paintings that i got were two of the dogs that i that i owned i just wanted something to internalize the animals that you know i've you know adopted and brought into my lives that you know i think made a a positive impact for me the rug um i bought from is actually a company that make handmade rugs in nepal but the company is based in new york once it was already made they had an artist come out and do like a full tie dyeing of the rug like you know on this rooftop and they made this whole video about it i'm sure you you can find the video this was like his art piece like so it was like his canvas the rug is in my in my living room i love looking out every day i see the you know the sculptures on the wall above you know the couch there are three beautiful face sculptures made from handmade from wood it pops out and it's like 3d it's really cool [Music] i'm like a streetwear fashion guy you know i like i like street wear you know like off-white fear god palm angels you know i probably spent probably around 10k i don't know i think maybe 10k over four years i think is a good number money spent on fashion 10k [Music] one of the last things i did is spending my first million dollars was buying a house in baltimore my first home in baltimore anywhere 600 000.

Being in baltimore has been great i think the community here second to none i think the fans they support the team i didn't realize how strong the the fan base was in baltimore but you know they're they're die hard for for the ravens beautiful scenery here i kind of live out in the woods i got a nice little spot you know let my dogs run around do some outdoor things you know atv whatnot i should have said i should have told you about the atv that i bought i forgot about the atv so 10 000. you know this is my home in baltimore and you know just having a home and the place to keep your things um it's a very you know nice liberating feeling but you know long term i think you know where i'm gonna set my roots you know raise a family i don't know where where that's gonna happen yet besides my home um i also own uh like a luxury condo in in vegas that um i rent out uh yeah it's pretty close to the strip it's great location amenities all that um and also in the current talks of buying a house in hawaii so i'm gonna plan on doing the same thing there and but also you know definitely plan on spending more time and in the offseason taking a good chunk of time and spending it there that's how i spent my first million and you know i feel like looking at it now it's it's a lot of money i feel like i just pay you know a lot of money i kind of want to take it back but i'm grateful for you know just being able to have the money to spend i also spend money you know like on my family members i always try to help out where i can um i got my dad a tesla he loved it and i was great to surprise him and he never thought he would own a tesla so you know i was able to um save my my grandma's church that she and the rest of my family members been going to for generations and being able to help them out and make her happy you know it's it's it's all worth it i honestly for my mom like she's she's always with me so it's kind of like a never-ending i'm gonna always take care of my mom type thing we just went to california i had to take a private jet there because i needed to take my dogs and you can take your dog's commercial anymore so i had to you know pay the price to do that so my mom's right there with me so she's there helping out she's she's living right there with me and i'm very grateful for her and you know i definitely take care of her i'm actually starting my own charity like right now and it's called the ronnie stanley foundation and what we do is we pretty much take dogs from shelters and we pick suitable candidates that we believe that would be trained to be like a serviceable dog we work with partner trainers and we get those dogs trained and we let those dogs work with individuals in real life from you know depression to anxiety to you know autism even and you know all these things that people do need dogs for and that's pretty much we do we're just showing how you know animals in need can also help you humans in need just kind of need the right tools and resources i appreciate y'all watching keeping up with how i spend my money you know i'll see you on the football field hopefully i make a little bit more

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