How people got Stocks/Cryptos like Amazon & Uniswap for $1 | Private sales!

hello hello hello hey gang um so straight off the bat it's not clickbait but it's something i really wanted people to see because i was super excited about it so this video is about private sales right it's how people got amazon stocks back in the day for literally chips it's like basically free and so what the whole idea is is you get an opportunity before the ipo so the initial public offering to buy a product so it could be a stock it could be a cryptocurrency it could be an nft um it could be pretty much anything so that's pretty much what this video is about and just before we get into it i just have to say thank you so much for everyone watching the video thank you so much for supporting the channel and just genuinely thank you for everything else um cool so the easiest way to get into private sales for any sort of thing so today is mainly about cryptocurrencies but you could do about any single thing is you have to be kind of invited into a private sort of channel or private sort of place where you can get these sort of offerings um so the one that i'm part of is a channel called crypto games um and it's run by these two people crypto and pharaoh and this dude right here who are absolutely lovely and they're genuinely like fully devoted to the channel and they work so hard i should say straight to the back but i'm not an affiliate or anything of the sort i've literally i've seen the whole idea of private sales and i kind of got interested one of my friends was doing it he kind of invited me into this channel and then i went in and they made an offering about a month ago for a nft project called tayson and which i'll show you in a second and uh because i kind of got into and i saw how simple it was and how awesome like the whole it was really exciting and it's you know after nba top shots kind of died down and you know surrey's had a little bit of a dip as well so i was kind of looking for other things as well and i thought this was really interesting especially because the crypto market is in a crazy ball phase i think just in this week alone uh ethereum's gone from 1700 to like 2500 pounds and and i think it's just gone over three thousand dollars so i mean it's it's huge moves and it's probably one of the best times to get into it so um let me just talk to you quickly about challenges the channel was super simple once you join um i'll see if i can link it in the description below and it's called crypto games again and you've got loads of little um servers over here if you click on how to participate they have a video and the video is like three four minutes long and it basically explains every single thing and it's super simple all you kind of need is a uh like a metamask or any sort of ethereum wallet or you know it's any sort of crypto wallet more like on your website browser and what they'll do is they will release in the announcements or the general and that they're having an offering so something like uh so i don't have something like this where they say everyone we have a direct deal right now being offered in this channel you have five minutes to read into it before contributing after that time we need to hurry and get funds sent so please don't sleep on this opportunity so what happens is uh they have a certain amount so let's say they need uh to raise a million pounds right so to explain it in a nutshell say uh the new offering so right now it was pun they have so many different offenses ridiculous um um unless it was amazon for example and they have a million uh pounds worth of offerings right for amazon so everyone gets five minutes to read about amazon check out the project see if they like it see if they're interested if they are they get into this um basically the channel appears over here right now this is a closed project they have open projects over here and it will give you a link and it will give you uh details of how much you're going to be buying the stocks full of the um or how much you're buying the cryptocurrency for uh so once the portal opens so everyone can send in however much money they want i think some projects have caps in it some people will be like no one's allowed to put more than 5 000 and less than 100 pounds something like that whatever they and every kind of project's a bit different depending on how much they have so if there's a million it would probably be uncapped uh some of them are like a hundred thousand and then whoever sends through the ethereum wallet first gets in and anyone that kind of so say uh every like 100 people already sent it there's about 200 people in the group and uh they've reached 100 million now with a hundred foot the first hundred people have kind of made up at the million everyone else that joins and after won't be able to put any money into that so you get refunded obviously they keep you up to date with if they have any more um places going and it's it's basically five minutes like macy's it's crazy it's like black friday everyone jumps on everyone tries to send their offering of say like you know absolutely just come out i'm like oh here cool i'm gonna have to send a thousand pounds the second it says oh you have five minutes then uh once you go into that channel it will give you this form and you have to quickly fill out this form and on that form it has this ethereum address which you need to send send your ethereum to and it's it's safe don't worry i wouldn't be um promoting a scam or anything like that and and then what you do is once you've sent it over they'll send you a message on the group or in general or something like that saying okay cool we've got everything we need now it's now closed if you do send it like 15 20 minutes after they've sent don't send it then and they they'll they'll take a little bit of a cut on that because then they have to waste gas fees for pretty much a pointless transaction and but for the most part um i the first time i did it i missed out by like i think like a minute maybe and uh what happened was the day after they had another offering so uh the guy just offered me is like join me to just move it into that one instead since you've missed the first offering and i was like yeah cool just tell me what the second company is and uh yeah the second company let's get into it the one that i kind of went into is my first ever private buying and it was super cool being on the other side of it right because it's before it's been offered to the public so i find that amazing and they have huge projects as well they had like uh konami um is it konami yeah they had konami here as well which is the one that i really wanted to look right here konami um which was like yu-gi-oh if anyone remembers you go back in the day and so the second i saw this i was like i really wanted this and there was a couple of other ones as well and beyond finance is huge like absolutely huge on or is quite huge um labs is absolutely massive um labs was one of their first offerings so i didn't get and i only got onto this about two months ago and i really wanted other people to see because like you can see what the crypto market is absolutely blowing off and so why not get into this place where you know where when people say 100x and 20 like 200x and 1000x and all of these crazy preposterous exes well like my friend was the project before the one that i missed out he got into it and uh so he bought like they don't kind of want everyone to know how much they buy it for that but it's quite private so i won't say that but he got from the day that he put it in um obviously you don't get the stock straight away so say you put your offering in for the amazon stock and when amazon does release it's not because obviously this is before it's been released right and so then when amazon does release it whatever the stock price is at that time you you've already bought it at such a minimal price that and let's say you bought it for a dollar and it goes on to the public offering at five dollars you've already made 5x and then if it goes up that day to 10x a lot of people can then kind of sell straight away and they've kind of made 10x straight away and there's loads of different ways they kind of send it as well and they can either send or to say if you've sent a thousand pounds in they can send 10 one months after the offering and then 20 every other month they could also give 50 straight away there's so many different ways of them paying out um but the point is and so for my taste and one uh i get paid uh 30 i think sometime this month so i put my offering in about a month ago a month and a half ago and the first bit of it comes out and i think it goes live onto the like it becomes an actual public offering in i think two weeks so in about two weeks time and let's say i bought it for a dollar it's probably gonna come out at three four dollars i've already done three four five x right um but it'll probably be a bit more than that and then i get 20 percent of all of the allocate so let's say if i were to put a thousand pounds in whatever however many stocks i bought off that thousand pounds i get 20 of that released in two weeks time and then i get 30 a couple of months after and then i get 50 in one year's time so there's two reasons why they do that they don't want people to straight away buy it and obviously get these huge flips and then just straight dump them because that's not the point of it i mean you can and but they don't want you to do that with every single person so that's why they kind of spread it out over time and also they kind of need the funds as well to kind of push forwards yeah so let me show you what tasting is tyson is a private first u.s based new generation of cryptocurrencies and the reason why i like it is because it's crypto with laws and regulations so it's decentralized it's all of that it's not controlled it's completely i don't say d dated but it's got no data information there's no data breaches but it's fully like it's fully looked after and so if i show you some things about so the whole point of is bridging the gap between speed and security um they have smart wallets cross chains smart wallets and non-custodial exchanges another really cool thing is they've already got really big partners like that digital assets pluto is quite big moonwell is quite big titans italian ventures is quite big as well and i haven't heard of many of the others and not not that i've actually gone into too much detail about them but i have heard of kinetic as well um but the one thing i really wanted to show you was this so it's kind of like uni swap and you've seen how amazing uni swap is right because you don't need to make an account you don't need to register your data's it doesn't matter which country you're from you can just go in you link your wallet and you can change your ethereum to uh solana like any single thing right and that's kind of what happens over here as well so they say taser never holds any of the funds all the trades are done p2p while maintaining anonymous of each trader and the money stays safe because the exchange never touches them right another good thing about that is no fees and no no account needed this is a really good thing that i think is going to be one of the big things because i i think uni swap kind of changed the game and a sushi swap after that is kind of then the same sort of thing but that's such a better cleaner less hassle way of doing things i think not make an account no personal data um just link your wallet and start beginning to trade and it's legal first approach said this is the bit which makes a difference everything else is our architecture is purposely built to fully comply with all sec fincen and cftc regulations whilst never needed personal information or decentralized fund management and we know how crazy the law side of this goes i mean we saw what happened to xrp even though now it's recovered and blown up it took a huge dip when when the lawsuits did come out so the fact that this is already regulated like that is insane and so i was super excited about the project and um yeah i can't wait to get my first offering out of it and see kind of how much i've made and once it does come out i will obviously show you a lot and i'm not too private about these things so i'll kind of maybe tell you not how much um i'll probably tell you how many x's or whatever and i'll definitely show you so you know i'm not lying but yeah i just kind of wanted to show you this private sales and it could be anything there's different companies and the different channels this isn't the only channel um i know that does it there's other channels here as well that do it and like uh fair fairness fandom does it as well but the only thing about some of them is like for example fairness because there's quite a big channel they have a requirement where you have to buy stocks of fandom and i think it's like a thousand dollars worth of fandom and something like that don't quote me on that and then you're allowed to enter these channels where you can kind of go in and then go into public offerings um whereas something like crypto games because it's a lot smaller and i don't know if it's newer but it's definitely a lot smaller you know at first you kind of want to just test the waters just see if it see you know it's not a scam and if it's legit and if they're going to pay out and so that's kind of what i did but it's all gone really well i've been speaking to pharaoh he seems like an absolutely lovely person and it really really really is quite interesting to me and i feel like anything when you're kind of getting in before everyone else in a bull market that's insane and to think that sort of stuff is available i never knew that i could even join into private sales but yeah sorry for the clickbait it wasn't really clickbait it was more to just get people watching because i think this is really important and it could make a lot of people a lot of money and that's the only reason i did it and also i'm not a financial advisor and i'm not an affiliate or anything like that i'm just talking educational purposes and that's pretty much all of it and yeah thank you for watching i hope you have a great day and i'll speak to you soon take care

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