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Ripple has fought them to the nail and 
is winning we've never seen this before   in the sec and so you've got to wonder what's 
going on here you know why are they winning   i'd say it's the people behind the scenes and you 
know i don't have names for you or at least ones i   want to divulge but um you know there's big money 
behind this and i'm being told that the adoption   of the xrp token to be money transferring 
for banks is around the corner after this   all right welcome back everybody 
to altcoin daily my name's austin   here with my brother aaron and very excited 
to have ben of bitboy crypto the largest   cryptocurrency channel on the interwebs and 
he'll tell you ben thanks for joining us   yeah well i don't know if you guys know 
i actually got passed i'm no longer we're   now the largest crypto community in all the 
interim webs with almost 5 million followers   total but uh yeah we did get past slightly just a 
few thousand we'll take it back we'll take it back   i'm the undisputed champ i'm gonna get the you 
know even even the rock lost his belt but you know   what he always did he always came back he always 
took it back so he always raised the eyebrow   um well i was going to say one of the things 
that i love about your channel first off the   the amount of the quality and the perspective you 
offer that's undeniable you put out great content   but also you have a platform for smaller creators 
to sort of talk about niches they may be more of   an expert in or they're really passionate 
about and you offer the platform to give   added quality to your audience i love that yeah 
absolutely i mean we we believe the perspective   is important and that's why we bring other people 
that have different opinions we have people on the   love coins that we don't like we have people that 
think that institutions are great for crypto like   we've got people that have all kinds of different 
perspectives but we also really love the fact that   we look at a lot of it like giving back you know 
kind of like y'all gave me all your secret recipes   for success and then i copied it because you 
didn't think i was a threat i do the same thing i   like to bring on smaller creators and lift them up 
and um you know because people did it for uh for   me people did it for you as you know like we you 
gotta pay it back and uh or pay it forward i guess   is a better way to say and that's what i like to 
do and bring on creators we got creators that came   on that had a thousand subscribers and now since 
coming on our show several times or ten thousand   and we just love that we're trying to live the 
entire crypto space up and provide perspective   all right so let's get into it man we're gonna 
talk to you about xrp but before we get into   that i'd love to hear your thoughts on the state 
of the cryptocurrency market right now i mean   right now it seems to be the market's unclear 
where bitcoin's going or where ethereum's going   what's your take yeah well this month should 
be good for ethereum you know theoretically   we do have eip 1559 which is not just theoretical 
it's also like functional so when these   transaction fees actually start getting burned of 
course there's a new ethereum improvement proposal   coming with a london hard for uh hard hard fork a 
hard fork uh that will be you know burning fees is   basically the main thing is going to deal 
with the congestion deal with scalability   but it's going to actually make ethereum more 
deflationary than inflationary that's a big   problem it's had versus bitcoin bitcoin's got a 
max cap it doesn't this should put that a little   better into into order so i think for ethereum 
specifically i do think we should see that   ramping up throughout the month it's actually been 
outperforming bitcoin over the last seven days   something we've not seen since the crash occurred 
uh about six weeks ago so that's very favorable   for a theory in terms of the entire market as a 
whole i mean look it's driven by bitcoin we all   we all know this the bitcoin cycle still driving 
i do believe ethereum's got a chance to decouple   from bitcoin if it ever passes it in market cap 
which i believe is possible but for now it's all   that we got now what's really interesting i keep 
meaning to do this and i've not done this yet i'm   going to do this next week we're actually going 
to be looking at the average correction from 2017   and then comparing it to the average correction 
from this cycle because what you'll find is in   the last cycle all of the corrections were about 
35 they were anywhere from 30 to 30 or from 30   to 40 percent the very highest one was at the 
very beginning pretty much of the run it was 42   okay we did not have a single correction over 42 
in the last market cycle this year the corrections   the major ones end of january uh end of even 
if you go back to the one in november around   thanksgiving that one then you had the one at 
the end of january then you had the one at the   end of february end of march end of april if you 
look at all those corrections they were actually   averaging about 25 per correction instead of the 
30 to 40 from the previous cycle now what happens   that leads to one major large correction that 
basically brings that average you know to a   higher correction point where i think it'll be 
similar to 2017.

So i can't mean to actually work   those numbers i didn't tell you just by knowing 
the numbers generally the average correction is   actually pretty similar i believe we are in a 
correction right now for bitcoin a mini bear   market whatever you want to call it i think by 
the end of this month we will be heading back   up and i still think that this market will 
be over the full bull market will be over   by the end of this year in a bear market next 
year i still think around you know september   october we'll be looking at top of bitcoin and 
it's interesting because like all the traders   you talk to right now they're bearish trading 
looks bearish all the fundamental indicators   they're bullish so we have that divergence and 
from my experience the traders usually control   the market in the very short term fundamentals 
usually sort of projects the market long term and   that's kind of where we are right now that's 
a great perspective i agree with that 100   one thing that i found really interesting watching 
your content is you think xrp is going to be one   of the best trades of the year potentially before 
we set that up could you just set up what is xrp   and what is the value proposition for somebody 
new entering the market yeah xrp is the banker   coin right i mean that's what we all know the 
centralized banker coin xrp people don't like when   i say that but they do like that i like xrp um 
so basically what it is is ripple labs behind it   uh obviously they're being sued by the sec right 
now which is a big legal case that's going on   which that's kind of in the backdrop of all of 
this but it's a payment protocol basically where   you know international money transfers the way 
it works right now you have to have the reserve   currency which is the us dollar and then what will 
happen is like let's say um let's say russia wants   to transfer money to mexico russia would have 
to actually have u.s dollars and would have to   transfer that uh through to mexico and new mexico 
would have to convert that to pesos and the us   dollars in the middle of everything that's why our 
economy has been the strongest because we have the   reserve currency but it's archaic the way that we 
do it it takes literally like five to seven days   to do those types of money transfers well with 
ripple labs and xrp that would basically be   instantaneous and so it's it's a payment rails 
you know greaser to get money transfers across   the world a lot quicker so that is the overall 
kind of value proposition of xrp ripple has   several products the banks are using but a big 
problem a lot of people have with xrp right now   is that the banks aren't actually using the xrp 
token they're using the they're using the products   but they're not settling in the token and so a lot 
of people that are bearish on xrp said people will   never use the token and things like that so 
what's going on behind the scenes is you have   the sec lawsuit where the sec is alleging that 
ripple labs specifically bread brad garlinghouse   and chris larson which jed mccaleb left out of 
it even though he was there for all of it which   you know still got to wonder you know maybe he's 
a whistleblower and all this stuff i don't know   uh but where they made a fortune off of an 
unregistered security sale uh a a security sale   that you know basically promised people return on 
investment ripple saying no we didn't actually do   it like that these laws weren't even made at 
that point there was no regulation how can   this be the case yada yada what the interesting 
thing that happened is that the judge in the case   seems to be like heavily against the sec and 
actually four ripple labs what i'm being told and   what's very obvious from the outside is this 
not going well for the sec it looked like the   sec was totally going to lose uh the case 
what i'm being told is that right now the   sec is kind of having to punt that's why they 
just had um an order i get confused on a little   the legal terms here because i'm not a lawyer 
or a judge i do judge a lot of people though   but uh in order to where that extended the case 
out probably all the way to october before they   actually have to come and reconvene and give a 
ruling during that time what the fcc is actually   doing is trying to figure out how they're going 
to give a slap on the wrist the xrp to keep the   sec from getting totally embarrassed and losing 
the case they're going to basically offer ripple   like such a sweet deal there's going to be nothing 
to them that they're just going to accept it for   it to be over all right so that's kind of going on 
in the background that's what i'm hearing is going   to happen and then i've got some sources that 
are telling me some things but you know also if   you just look at the large context of what's been 
happening very obvious sec is losing something i   never dreamed was possible at the beginning of 
this case i said this could lead to the death   uh death sentence for ripple basically that is 
not proven to be true i was wrong in the beginning   well and going off that everything we know 
about the sec in terms of going after the   big players in the space and i'm not talking 
about the pop-up scams but for example eos   they'll they'll work with them you pay a small 
fine way less than you have earned you know   throughout the years presumably and slap on the 
wrist and then they'll let you go on their way   let me let me paint this picture for you 
ben just as devil's advocate as you said   ripple is a yes banks they sell software 
for banks over the last decade you know many   many companies have sold software to banks ripple 
who why it doesn't triple have a competitive   advantage for printing their own coin uh it's been 
known this is a fact it's not fud over the years   they have sold that coin for their profit of the 
company whether it's on the market or absolutely   or uh you know behind closed doors how is 
that not a competitive advantage for every   other banking software company to then give the go 
ahead well we're going to print our own coin too   yeah well that's a great question i think at 
this point i can only point you to conspiracies   uh if you look at some of the banks that ripple 
is working with uh if you look at santander and   you look at who owns santander and a lot going 
on behind the scenes you know what i'm being told   is that these banks are going to start using it 
santander is going to strong arm a lot of places   and yes i understand at base value exactly 
what you're saying like why can any bank just   not create this sell some software make their own 
token it's all about connections relationships and   people and when it comes to ripple if this has not 
been very clear yet they have major connections   what could the bigger play be here well the 
bigger play would be all of the companies that   are invested into ripple itself will see that 
ripple will be able to do this ipo and if you   look at how much money was made from the coinbase 
ipo and the ways that it shook across the entire   market when it happened led to bitcoin's all-time 
high you got to think that if ripple gets through   this with a slap on the wrist goes public 
there's a lot of people that have a lot of you   know whether you call it you know a piece of the 
pie or you know hooks into ripple whatever it is   there are a lot of people that you know will 
benefit and create you know make a lot of money   if they do go public and i think there might 
be some stuff going on behind the scenes that's   pushing this the way it's going to go because 
nothing in this is logical ripple if you look at   eos okay if you look what happened with eos if you 
look at what happened with tezos as well tesla's   was actually in a similar situation what happened 
is they just gave up and they said okay whatever   you all say and as soon as they did that the 
sec said okay we'll give you a slap on the wrist   tezos we won't even come after you just pay back 
all the people that suit you and so that's what   they did they settled the class action lawsuit 
against them and then sec didn't even come after   them eos got a huge fine it was like millions 
of dollars but it was like one i think it was   a quarter of one percent of the total amount of 
money that they raised so it was like nothing uh   there's some other ones i can't you know someone 
were escaping me some of the other cases that   we've seen but ripple fought against the sec like 
nobody we've ever seen do before maybe i'll tell   you what we do have an example of somebody who 
fought them which was the kick token uh ken they   fought against the sec they accused the sec of uh 
you know basically like planting information out   there to make them look bad in order to make them 
lose the case pretty clear that's what happened   and the sec still ran over them rough shot and 
basically made them closer token they did the   same thing to telegram telegram while it's not 
decentralized obviously has a lot of stuff that   censorship resistant that's something also the 
government doesn't like ripple has fought them   to the nail and is winning we've never seen this 
before in the sec and so you've got to wonder   what's going on here you know why are they winning 
i'd say it's the people behind the scenes and   you know i don't have names for you or at least 
ones i want to divulge but um you know there's   big money behind this and i'm being told that the 
adoption of the xrp token to be money transferring   for banks is around the corner after this is 
over and that's not from the xrp army i want   to point that out because everybody would say yeah 
people been saying that for years right they said   my these sources that are coming to me 
from different places across the world   that are high level connected individuals these 
are not xrp army people this is not bearable bear   or you know bullable bear whatever his 
name is say an xrp to 589 these are real   connected people in high positions that are 
giving me this information interesting so oh   you want to go well i was just going to ask uh 
si xrp right now sitting at i honestly haven't   checked 60 cents or is it 40 cents something maybe 
65 cents today somewhere around there 65 cents   give us the bowl case by the end of the year 
obviously nobody can tell the future but what   is the bull case for xrp if everything goes their 
way yeah bolt case for xrp would basically be if   by 64 cents today by the way just looked it up 
if by october before october okay this needs to   actually be sometime in september they come to an 
agreement with the sec they get the slap on the   wrist they pay the fine but the case is done it's 
kind of like with tether right we had a tether   flood forever and then they settled the case and 
everybody's like well i mean we can keep making up   fud but it's not going to matter new york already 
said whatever it's fine pay your fine and move on   and so we saw it with eos as well if that happens 
or xrp and you know the case specifically against   ripple labs all that gets cleared away suddenly 
that price suppression that has been going on   since uh i believe november or december early 
december i think it was when it when it broke   somewhere around there the price depression 
that's kept xrp from reaching an all-time high   will be totally gone and then like a rubber band 
everybody will be able to trade it and it'll pop   right back up the most bullish case for the end of 
the year um i think it's going to sound crazy are   you ready for me to sound crazy i think 30 dollars 
i think i think that's the most possible bullish   case rex rp by the this year 30 dollars and and 
that's really not that crazy of a number if you   think about it that's all that's less than 
10 times its previous all-time high in 2017.   and if it were not suppressed if it were to 
have seen a very similar thing to what ethereum   saw to where this cycle it had already peaked 
out at about three times its all-time high it   would already been at nine dollars and correct 
it down to six right now in that case 30 wouldn't   sound you know that out of the question you got 
to understand ripple led 2017 it was the number   one you know most profitable coin across the 
board people put in 100 100 bucks you know made   six figures at certain points during 2016 2017 the 
excitement for ripple is there um and once again   this is not a comment on how great i think 
ripple is i mean at xrp it's not ever been   something i absolutely love but i'm just looking 
at the common sense behind price suppression   against something that's been through a lawsuit 
and all of a sudden now all of those worries   all of those concerns all those people that for 
years said xrp is gonna they're going to prison   raccoon i was going to prison chris larson 
going to prison when john mccain was the one   that really should be there by the way you know 
which is he was in charge of basically one of the   biggest scandals of all time when he passed 
off mount gox and got off scot-free on that   scot-free on the ripple legislation but you know 
whatever that's a different subject when all that   those dark clouds above the head are gone a lot of 
people are going to be thinking oh maybe i should   invest in this as the price rises it's going 
to get excitement it gets the media attention   when the ipo news breaks just think about it i 
think it's definitely possible i think you know   somewhere between uh 12 to 30 is definitely a 
good estimate for this year as long as we're   still in a bowl cycle and we're not like fully 
in a bear market like some people think we are   that's that does sound a little crazy to 
me but obviously not everything in a bull   market you know i've seen a lot crazier and you're 
absolutely right xrp did lead the last full cycle   and i agree the price is suppressed right 
now for good or for bad reasons you know   depending on how the sec well depending on how 
the sec rules and from what we know about the   sec they do like to give slaps on the wrist i'm 
actually curious what our audience thinks about   this uh you know comment below what do you think 
about what bitboy just said and i guess my final   question for you bitboy is uh the obligatory 
so how much xrp do you think a person needs to   be a millionaire or just get life-changing 
wealth is that a good way to phrase the question   yeah i think it is i mean if if you look in 
the short term because i mean the idea is   if we are still in a bull market like most 
of us fundamental analysts think that we are   uh then by the end of the year the market should 
top out and if you look at something like xrp and   you say okay or go from 60 cents to you know 30 um 
what is that a 50x so if you were to think about   you know what amount of money right now could 
you have that would 50x and you know give you   a lot i mean man if you put ten thousand dollars 
in you can make five hundred thousand dollars in   that case um you know if you had twenty thousand 
dollars here's something that's really interesting   if you had twenty thousand dollars um you know and 
then 50x you would have a million dollars somebody   very close to me um i mean i talked about a little 
on my stream i don't talk some right now but   uh somebody very close to me you know said they 
had 20 000 what what would i put it in right now   to get the best bang for your buck uh and 
i said xrp believe it or not i mean as much   there's a lot of stuff about it i disagree with 
and that's why i'm caught in the middle of like   people that hate xrp and people that love xrp 
they don't know what to make of me because i tell   you my honest opinion about it fundamentally but i 
know there's big stuff happening behind the scenes   and i know about the price suppression of course 
we you know we definitely want to see a more free   crypto market so we don't want to see a lot of sec 
regulation uh come in because it can have you know   reverberating effects on other coins that you know 
just can just go downhill quickly but i told this   person put that 20 000 in xrp they put it in about 
60 cents um and i think it worked out it was 33   000 xrp is what it was and uh you know i think 
that can turn into a million dollars by the end of   the cycle it is definitely possible definitely six 
figures you know i definitely believe by the end   awesome conversation i love the perspective 
the links to bitboyz channel are down below   in the video description and also you can catch 
aaron and i on around the blockchain on the big   boy crypto channel at least once a week ben 
final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience   well i just want to say i love you guys you guys 
are awesome i love the altcoin daily audience   you guys are some smart people i know we 
always talk about when we go to meetups   it seems like we share a lot of audience 
we have a lot of smart people that   um you know really care deeply and passionately 
about crypto and our audience shares those   values between the bit squad and what do you call 
yours the all coin aliens the altcoin daily army   oh the altcoin daily army the oakland daily army 
absolutely incredible and obviously you guys know   you're two of my favorite guests that come on 
blockchain they come on around the blockchain   uh each week glad you guys participate in 
that you can you know share your perspective   my audience as well yeah and you're one of 
my favorite peers in the space uh you know   always like to see you succeed uh thanks for 
being on today ben absolutely thanks for having me you

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