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It's becoming more and more obvious that 
Vechain's ties to China is probably why   it's not on Coinbase. I mean at this point what 
else could it be? You know I mean i don't think   there's any other logical reason other than that, 
that Vechain's not there yet… China's heavily   involved in crypto. Don't buy any of what we're 
being told about the 'bitcoin mining ban'. It's   all smoking mirrors… And here's the question 
that I would want everybody to ask themselves, and   I know the answer to this question but I 
cannot reveal the answer to this question:   What did China get in return? What did China 
get in return? Vechain is the number one Chinese   project that has potential to pump because… From 
tracking wine bottles, to tracking luxury goods,   to tracking art pieces and auctions, 
it does all that! I'm gonna give you   guys some some information here that I don't 
think I've given on another channel before…

Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron joined with my brother austin our guest   today is the great the powerful founder ceo of 
one of the largest best crypto youtube channels   out there bitboy crypto how are you doing today my 
friend i'm doing uh pretty good anytime i get to   come on the channel and chat with you guys we love 
it we love having you guys you know on around the   blockchain and um you know we haven't had you guys 
on there together yet i don't think maybe we'll do   that one day that would be a that would be a great 
show but uh thanks for having me on of course man   that'd be awesome break the internet as they say 
and uh congrats on all the success of your channel   the reason you know i'm glad to have you on today 
because there's two you know we like to listen to   you know our audience people in the comments i 
know you do too there's really two main things   people have been commenting lately number one 
hey you need to get bit boy back on the channel   yes and number two hey talk about vechain a 
little bit more we'll actually find a number   of different cryptocurrencies um you know we'll 
probably we're reading the comments right now   but anyway dude let's jump right into it because 
i'm here we're here to pick your brain on v   chain i know you have a lot to say so in a time 
and a space where cryptocurrency is exploding   there's demand for hard money bitcoin there's 
demand for ethereum and open source platforms   nfts decentralized finance where does v chain fit 
in is it just as much part of the conversation   vechain is a chinese-based supply chain management 
cryptocurrency they've been around for a while   they're kind of like a blue chip in their own 
niche what do you think about vechain yeah well   i've been extremely bullish on beat chain for 
years now going back all the way to 2018.

Um you   know back when i think the ticker symbol was vent 
it was v-e-n back then before they uh changed it   to v-e-t i think that's when they went on their 
main net so i've been following them for a long   time actually got a kind of rap video with some v 
chain lines in it from early back in the day 2018   when the channel was just cartoons but here's the 
thing uh there's a lot to unpack with v chain but   i really want to address the first thing you said 
which is can v chain really compete in a world   where having smart contract platforms and you 
know other kinds of niches that are really rising   the safest bet in all of crypto is smart contract 
platforms if you look at that niche and investing   in those over periods of times they yield 
very high results so of course i'm talking   about cardano ethereum solana which has been 
crushing it lately elrond kind of a dark horse   tezos hasn't beard quite as well but you 
look at avalanche you look at a lot of   these different projects i'm sure i left dot 
and kusama yeah definitely but that as well   but the thing is when you get outside smart 
contract platforms i think it's really important   and i would say d5 kind of fitting underneath 
that because it's interwoven with those platforms   it's important to find individual projects 
that just absolutely crush their niche you   look at chain link there is nothing close to 
chain link in the oracle's niche um you look   at you know payments you know of course you got 
xrp and xlm xrp crushing xlm right now you got   amp kind of coming up in the background but xrp i 
believe is is going to rise up and be be the king   of that by a long shot we look at supply chain 
tracking vechain destroys every other project   there's nothing even close to it we've done 
some work with a project called doc which is a   tracking platform that's kind of similar we think 
it's got a lot of potential as a low cap coin   but it can't touch v chain right now nothing can 
and so when you're looking at a coin that's that   much of a leader in its space i don't think 
that only bodes well for it in the bull market   but i think these are some of the strongest 
projects not only to accumulate in the bear market   but also to be a little better hold during the 
bear market if you look at chain link for instance   than its use case with the oracles and stuff like 
that it killed it through the whole bear market   and i think v chain can see something very similar 
i totally agree with what you're saying in terms   of vechain is still making progress they are 
still implementing the only criticism that i   could think of and i think this is fair that it 
is more centralized compared to maybe an ethereum   in the sense that it's proof of authority meaning 
that the v chain foundation they'll pick they'll   make sure they know who's running the nodes and 
that limited amount of nodes will validate and   the only reason i say is this potentially 
an issue is because usually the chinese   government has their hand in a lot of these 
big chinese companies does this concern you   uh not at all and in fact well does it concern me 
for the price in the use case not at all now does   it concern me from a centralization standpoint 
anytime china is involved absolutely i mean i   would say this it's becoming more and more obvious 
that vechain's ties to china is probably why it's   not on coinbase i mean at this point what else 
could it be you know i mean i don't think there's   any other logical reason other than that the 
b chain's not there yet uh but when you look   at what china has gone on and i'm going to give 
you guys some some information here uh that uh i   don't think i've given on another channel before 
uh about china and their bitcoin mining ban i've   gotten a lot of clarification on what's going on 
with the bitcoin mining ban in in china and this   is relevant to this conversation because while 
they continue to clamp down on bitcoin to push   their digital you on they continue to push down 
on many crypto projects bitcoin mining crypto   mining in general in china they're doing that 
uh and that's going to actually benefit vechain   because they're working with vechain so vechain 
and there are a few other projects in china that   they really tend to like and they've got the 
chinese rankings you know you guys can go back   and look at you know many years of that history 
to see the projects that they're favorable on   but when it comes to bitcoin mining ban what 
happened with that is that there are forces in   this world that are bigger than china much bigger 
than china china is is a pawn to the real money in   the world the centralized bankers of the world the 
financial cartel as i call them china was forced   to make that rule with the bitcoin mining so the 
hash rate could spread out to other places so what   you're seeing is because it was very weird right 
like all of a sudden like the mayor of miami was   like hey if you're in china come to miami and mine 
bitcoin you saw other countries saying hey you   know come to canada and mine bitcoin which there's 
a lot of china infiltration into canada which is   another story but i said this on my stream it's 
like this doesn't make sense you can't just if   you're a chinese citizen you can't just get up 
and move to another country to mind bitcoin you   have to have permission so what china did is 
they strategically started sending their miners   to other countries so yes the hash rate is being 
shared and it's going to other countries but   really china is still in control of a lot of that 
and also not only that but of course china has a   stranglehold on the bitcoin mining industry in 
terms of equipment and devices so they're also   you know even if it's not happening in 
their country they're making money on it   across the board and here's the question that 
i would want everybody to ask themselves and   i know the answer to this question but i 
cannot reveal the answer to this question   what did china get in return what did china get 
in return for giving up all this hash rate so   i know i kind of went on a tangent there it's not 
necessarily related to v chain other than to say   china's heavily involved in crypto don't buy any 
of what we're being told about the bitcoin mining   ban it's all smoking mirrors v chain is the 
number one chinese project that has potential   to pump because they're not seeing the clamp down 
on v chain that they're putting on other projects   so yes there could be a little war developing 
almost between you know united states exchanges   maybe not taking b chain and that could be not 
super beneficial for the price um but they're   not going to be resistant to using the technology 
if it works um and well we know there's one thing   china loves is surveillance right so i don't know 
maybe something about there too damn right man   there's a lot to think about um i'm interested 
to know what the audience thinks comment below   and if you appreciate us having bitboy on smash 
the like button make sure you subscribe to bitboy   linked his channel in the description subscribe 
to us because the conversation's a lot more than   just this video but let's get right down to it 
you mentioned price speaking of price you know   i think a lot of people this is not just my 
thoughts i think a lot of people have been   noticing that the v chain price seems to have had 
a trend change recently possibly the weekends have   all sold we're in the maturing stages of the bull 
market starting to look a little bit more bullish   what do you think this either this year or this 
cycle what are your thoughts on the on the price   of v chain yeah so it is a lot of people know that 
that followed my channel i've had a a change i   don't i don't change my opinion very often unless 
i get new information and um i now believe that   the top of bitcoin is a hundred thousand 
dollars it may go up to 120 at the highest   uh brakes are getting slammed on that thing as 
i say by um you know the financial cartel they   don't want bitcoin to go to 300 000 like i had 
predicted uh because if it did if it did nobody   would ever invest in the stock market again so 
the the the financial cartel has to keep a balance   between all things i bring all that up to say the 
bitcoin price and the ethereum price obviously   have a big effect on price predictions on all 
the coins down below that so i that there were   people like simon dedic of block fire who believe 
that vechain can get to two dollars in the cycle   right now it's sitting at 12 cents it peaked out 
at uh 25 cents back on april uh 17th yeah april   17th 25 cents so at 25 cents in may it looked like 
hey that was actually possible maybe it could get   back up to you know maybe a cookie to two dollars 
my prediction was always one dollar for v chain   or this cycle i would say though now i do not 
believe it will hit one dollar in this cycle   uh v chain did not hold as well as as many 
of the other projects during the crash maybe   because it had been on such a parabolic move i 
think a good price target still for this bull   run it could hit a dollar but i think 60 to 75 
cents is probably where you want to be looking   at right now for v chain you know for the rest 
of this year or not not the rest of the year   but by the end of this cycle i believe and uh 
you know probably in november for all coins   interesting and well obviously and then my next 
obvious question which we love asking you know   guests and whenever you come on is you know how 
many would you maybe need to be financially stable   obviously if it hits a dollar you would need a 
million of them and you'd have a million dollars   but i want to talk realistic if it goes to 
those levels um how many v chain would you   say the average person needs to be wealthy 
well i i would say if you have 250 000   over the next eight years you have a good shot 
um because that that would put um you know   the numbers as something very reasonable for a 
pump over the long term obviously yeah if it goes   to a dollar during this cycle then yeah that's 
that's great you it would be a million dollars if   you had a million b chain um but i don't know if 
it's going to end up with that nice round number   but i believe that vechain is going to 
at least 4x its all-time high this cycle   in the next cycle i think we could you know v 
chain could be uh depending on what happens in   the supply chain world i mean it's the use case 
is so out of the you know out the roof for v chain   and then not only that but it's got a lot of fans 
it's got a big community when you look at how much   you know is getting exported from china if you 
look at all the different you know from tracking   wine bottles to tracking luxury goods to tracking 
art pieces and auctions it does all that you know   they say from farm to table basically contract 
food pharmaceuticals all that stuff i think the   next cycle really could be chains you know cycle 
once we have a lot more smart contract platforms   it's integrated with because that will certainly 
be coming uh at some point uh i i think that 250   000 could be a number over the next you know i 
said eight years but the next four to eight years   by the end of the next cycle that we look at 
uh and i would say to people you know it would   definitely be good to accumulate this one in the 
uh in the bear market like i mentioned earlier   and you're loving it you have a 
portion of your portfolio in vechain   yeah i think we were looking the other day because 
it did not because it hasn't held as well as some   of the other ones it at one time was our number 
six coin in our portfolio that would have been   behind bitcoin ethereum uh cardano uh binance 
coin and polka dot those were our top five uh   it actually was number six but right now it's 
sitting at number 11 uh because it just hasn't   held as well or bounced back as high as many 
of those other ones have but i think it will   i love it i love it bitboy i mean there's so much 
more we can talk about we have a conversation like   this every week on your channel for around the 
blockchain you talk about stuff like this every   day as do we so we'll just have to continue 
this conversation at a later date subscribe to   the channel smash the like button comment your 
thoughts below because honestly it's not just   about what we think it's about you know what do 
the people who've been in this space a while think   thank you for coming on bitboy final 
thoughts for the altcoin daily audience   yeah i thought i just i just pulled up 
my portfolio so i thought i'd just tell   everybody you know we're very transparent on 
the channel tell everybody how much we have   we have 2.215 million vijay so that's how many 
we got uh so you know and we certainly appreciate   you guys coming on around the blockchain uh every 
week if you guys want to check them out make sure   to check out my channel uh just because you want 
to see them uh come there and verbally lash me   that's right it's the fun of it all 
right hey great episode ben thank you

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