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as much excitement we're seeing for ethereum 
and eth 2.0 and the d5 ecosystem on eth   we're seeing some substantial excitement for 
cardano so would you give me your updated   thoughts on cardano in 2021 and what you would 
say how much how many cardano ada do you need   to be quote unquote wealthy yeah so in in my 
opinion um i love cardano like enzo i i feel   like a lot of times i make this joke that i i'm in 
a love triangle with ethereum and cardona because   when ethereum's doing good we're talking a lot 
about ethereum and the cardano people hate us   and then when cardano's doing well we're talking a 
lot about cardano and the ethereum people hate us   but we can love both you know like we can believe 
in a future like like you can believe that like   you know uh google and yahoo were both going to 
be you know market share take up market share and   and search on the internet right but of course 
most people google was better you know has a   higher market share a lot of people know that 
obviously but in the decentralized platform   space and decentralized web 3.0 you're not 
going to just have one player like that's   just not going to be the way that it's going to 
work so i believe there's room for ethereum and   cardano and polkadot to some extent i'm i don't 
like polka dot as much as i like the other two   i encourage the imagination i also love solana i 
love elrond those are two projects that i really   like as well they're in the smart contract 
space um but for cardano specifically i've   said this for a long time like even when cardano 
gets super mega bullish and we start looking like   well where can it get like i've stuck to my same 
prediction which is about eight somewhere between   eight and nine dollars for this bull run um and 
i think we're still gonna get there for sure   but the thing is is cardano is a play for four 
years from now like i think we're seeing kind of a   a mini not many that's not the right word we're 
seeing a macro alt coin season so to speak when   it comes to cryptocurrency in general the last 
bull run obviously bitcoin was pumping the   institutional money came in started putting money 
in bitcoin that was kind of the end of the bull   market right this bull run this general money is 
is in bitcoin but now it's starting to flow down   to ethereum and we're starting to see a company 
like me too meitu over in in asia put a bunch of   money in ethereum we're seeing ethereum etfs we're 
seeing institutional channels we're seeing the   futures contracts we got released on ethereum 
they went from i think it was like 27 million   at the end of quarter four last year to like three 
billion at the end of quarter one like insane   institutional demand i think in the next bull run 
i think we're going to see that institutional man   demand start moving to the other coins so you're 
going to see cardano start getting some benefits   uh polka dot chain link start getting some of 
those benefits um and then who knows i don't know   if the institutions will eventually you know put 
money in micro caps like we see in the the overall   crypto market but once that institutional money 
starts flowing into you know cardano and these   other projects that's when that's where the big 
money is like the retail investors push the blow   off top the institutions are what have made this 
in the corporations as well not just institutions   but obviously microstrategy and um you know all 
tesla right we saw what tesla did with the buy   hopefully we're going to get news of you know more 
buys from corporations over the next few weeks   um as these earnings reports come out like i 
know maybe walmart well that's what a lot of   people are saying i think may 18th 
is the day that we get that report   but i think what we're seeing is for 
the next bull run that's where cartono's   true potential is so when you start looking 
at how high that price can go i mean i   it's hard to say for the next bull run but if it 
were to get to eight to ten dollars on this one   you could conceivably see you know somewhere 
between 50 and 100 in the next one would be   achievable and so in that in that case if you 
say uh from basically let's just say it's at   one dollar now it's higher than that but at one 
dollar to a hundred dollars like that's 100 x   so you start working backwards and figuring 
out how much cardano you would actually need   to be a millionaire and you know the number 
i would think would be somewhere around you   know some somewhere around um uh ten thousand i 
think for ten thousand you could probably become   a millionaire down the road with cardano but 
it's certainly not going to be during during   this bull run so do you think speed is a factor 
uh how much of a factor do you think the speed of   launching these smart contracts of of of charles 
hoskinson and iohk and cardano staying competitive   with polkadot who is starting to form their dap 
ecosystem now how much of a factor will that play   i i don't think speed's that important because 
we're about to go through a bear market   you know like so a lot of these projects are built 
during the bear market um they they come to their   final form if you will during bear markets 
that's where the most work is done because   i can and i know you guys can relate to this like 
i'm exhausted you know like during a bull run like   even as just a youtuber like i'm exhausted like 
i can't imagine for all of the like i can't wait   until we have a bear market so i can like go 
on a real vacation and not have to wake up and   make videos or you know whatever like i love 
i love what i do don't get me wrong but like   i've had to put off stuff that i really want to do 
like i'm going on a two-week trip to alaska like   i can't do it this year you know how to 
do it next year in the bear market so   i think that uh you know for projects 
they're going through the same thing they're   they're exhausted right now and so i'm sure 
they can't even see in front of their face   they're working so hard so i think once the bear 
market comes in they can kind of have a reset   and look and so like if we were if this were a 
different part in the cycle like i think that   would matter more but right now everything's 
speculative right like we're not we're not   investing in cardano because we think it's going 
to be a great platform you're investing it because   you think it's going to be worth more by the end 
of this year than when you're putting money in   um but i think once we move to the next bull run 
uh in four years from now you are going to look   there's going to be more you know connectedness 
if you will between the actual use case uh the   market share of the platform so because of that 
like i think cardano they had the slow road map   they're kind of known for that and it is a little 
discouraging that they have to keep delaying stuff   over and over and over again but you gotta admit 
it seems like a pretty smart plan like launch it   the peak of the last bull run 
right like launch the coin   the peak of the last ball run and have it come 
to its you know to to where it is now during   the peak of this bull run where it's actually 
like decentralized and having the governance and   smart contracts and all that like seems 
like maybe that was the plan the whole time   you know to really be launching it during the heat 
of the bull run so sometimes i think he planned   it all like honestly i think i think he planned 
the entire road map of cardano delays everything   to be based upon the peaks of these markets so i 
think we'll see the same thing in the next one and   um you know it's exciting to look at where 
cardano and polkadot are from the perspective of   um they're both they're both about where ethereum 
was in 2018 you know towards the end of the year   ecosystem's starting to fall starting to fill up 
starting to develop but it's nowhere near where   it's going to be so it's going to be a you 
know several more years where we can really   judge how big these ecosystems are and uh you 
know cardona's got the most engaged community   of crypto so anything they launch is going to do 
well they got a lot of launch pads coming out soon   card starter auckland finance we're investing 
in both those projects excited to see all the   projects launched around cardona yes great 
perspective to watch the full conversation   there is a link down below in the video 
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