How I Turned $10k Into $100k in Crypto (Best Trading Indicator Video EVER)

welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on the channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button and if you love trading videos make sure to smash that like for us while you're at it all right guys today we're going to be looking at my 10k to 100k challenge that i took on through by bit over the last few weeks we're going to find out how i did spoiler alert we were able to do it and pretty easily if i do say so myself and guys today we're going to be showing you how i did it the tools that i used and why it's important to understand a lot of people are going to tell you you can't win in trading a bunch of negative nancy's out there in sour cindy's you can do it if you have a plan and you stick to it and you got the right tools so let's go ahead and check it out bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades fit swap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io all right guys so i want to talk about how i turn ten thousand dollars into one hundred thousand dollars i wanna show you a lot about the trades that i did and i really wanna help you understand the mindset and the tools that i used in order to do that it took about 16 days uh so first and foremost if you do want to you know take a stab at something like this you can join by bit you guys can get uh access to it on deals along with the market cipher indicator when you go to market cipher indicator there are some really good tutorials that you know will really show you exactly what you need to be doing with market cyber how to use it to the best of your advantage and also not only that but you get a ten percent office code with bit squad march special okay so when you get to the tutorials page there's a lot of videos you can watch but you definitely need to head on over here and check out the market cipher guide basically it's going to show you what all the symbols mean we did a video actually last week where we talked about what all these different symbols mean uh and we'll come i'm gonna go over some of these symbols with you guys the ones that i use specifically uh but all the indicators and the legend for what they all mean you guys can find right there on the market cipher website and of course if you do sign up for buy bit you can head on over to the buy bit rewards hub by going to the top and going to promotions and then rewards hub and then you can get access you get all kinds of bonuses all you got to do here is follow them on their social media and you get five bucks it's very easy to claim a lot of these uh deposits oh look at this look at this i have a five dollar uh credit available check that out didn't even know didn't even know so what am i gonna do with that five bucks i don't know maybe i'll turn into five million so okay guys so obviously when you sign up you're gonna go here to uh to buy bit itself and then you're gonna create an account if you do need a vpn because for whatever reason you can't uh you get a ip error you guys can come down here to unlimited vpn and get going so i want to show you guys what i did so okay so when you go to your buybit account if you guys click on my assets uh you'll be able to see how much you have in your account you can see right now we have 109 000 what did we start with uh we started with 10 000 so if you go here and you look at assets history if you go back here to assets history you can see my first deposit here just to prove it at the time it was point two one seven uh that was when i deposited uh and that was right at ten thousand dollars would that be right point two one yeah because that'd be bitcoin at fifty thousand dollars so you go to your assets history page you can see everything you've ever done between your realized profit loss uh in your deposits you guys can see back on february 23rd i deposited 0.21 btc and then you go over here to my assets you guys see today is worth 1.92 and so what i really try to do in this challenge is i try to make it where i put my myself in the shoes of someone who's trading with a smaller amount doesn't even have a whole bitcoin to trade not that to diminish anyone's trading uh budget but just to say for what i've been training with this was going kind of back when i didn't have as much to work with and i found it very challenging um but the thing i really wanted to talk about is the mindset behind how i did this now we did have some crazy stuff happening on the channel where people were counter-trading us while we were live it it is what it is but the point is is i think through this challenge i've really been able to prove to you guys that it is simply a game of learning how to do it getting the experience utilizing proper risk management and then using market cipher as your main tool and you can win don't buy into this like 90 burst i know traders lose yeah it's cause 90 come in they put some money in one time they lose it and they never get it back if you really dedicate yourself to studying and tackling this like it's a full-time job you can make more money doing this than you can make probably any other way especially in crypto so let's go back and look at some of my trades here you guys will see we did a .11 trade .14 0.13 these are all in btc prices down here we had some bigger ones basically almost a bitcoin and a quarter between these two trades right here but really i want to show you guys early on i was utilizing a different strategy so if you look at the number of contracts that i was doing i started with 42 000 which is a pretty small amount of contracts and i got it at 47 235 and i got out at 49 643 and i made .04 btc i was using lower leverage and using a smaller amount of contract basically a better way to say that is i was using a smaller allocation of my portfolio in each individual trade i've talked about many times how on by bit i actually run without a stop loss i don't like to use a stop loss and the reason is i like to have the wiggle room available in the margin in case i get an injury point i feel good about i don't want to get wicked out of my position now obviously you'll want to consider your portfolio and how much you can afford to lose in that so when i started with 10 000 and the only way i could do this was to build the money up over time i couldn't start over i couldn't lose all the money because then i would lose and what i want to do is make sure that i got to the end of this challenge by completing it and so you know you have to take your margin and you guys can see by the end i was using 34x leverage in the beginning i was using 5 10 to 15 x i was never using uh you know a super high amount because i didn't want to get wicked out and get liquidated but it kind of look just tracking how i did throughout time and of course you guys know we did all this live on not not executing trades live but on the channel you track this all throughout uh so we started back on we clicked the 30 day here we clicked back started back on february 23rd uh and the first day we did pretty good we made 0.3 so we were like feeling like really good at that point um then we went down and then we went up then we wrote it all the way up to 1.28 btc before collapsing we really got wrecked we lost uh about a full bitcoin in one day and that was our biggest loss but look we rebounded and the thing you have to know when you're trying to do something like this you have to adapt you have to change your strategy as you're going you can't just in the beginning say i'm going to use low leverage and i'm going to use stop losses and i'm going to use you know very small contract sizes over time that's going to take you forever to turn ten thousand dollars into a hundred thousand dollars but did you get more wiggle room in your portfolio because look guys i lost like forty thousand or i guess fifty thousand dollars in one day and i came back and i got it right back that shows you the power of leverage trading and it's not something that is easy to do but in using market cyber it is something that's definitely possible and so looking at trading view right now i'm going to show you some of the key indicators that i look at with market cipher these are the main things that i'm watching and we'll do more market cyber tutorials as we go on when we see a blood diamond that means get out of the market that means we are about to fall down and this is on the one hour chart when we see on market cipher b down here when we see green dots at the bottom that means a huge move is coming you guys can see what happened right after that one when you look at the red dots on the these momentum waves right here you guys can see a lot of times it leads to downward action as it did right here but right here uh on on this one as you can see it didn't really drop that much those are some of the key ones i'm looking at these green dots at the top they're pretty strong bull indicators but the strongest indicators to me are the blood diamonds and the yellow x's the yellow x's mean manipulation it's usually a push down and the extension of whale manipulation so these are the main indicators that i'm using and i'm using these in combination uh with looking at these support in resistance lines if i remove these drawings here you'll see that these purple lines right here this shows you where the natural resistance is these are the technical resistance might be a better way to say it and these yellow lines show where the support is whenever you get blue lines that kind of show you about what the average price for that time period is so definitely some things to watch there when you use all these together with market cipher it will produce some favorable outcomes now very soon we're going to be coming out with a full series uh we're coming out with an academy where i have a full series on market cyber show you guys exactly a little bit more in depth how to use it because if i showed you everything i do it would definitely be a super long video but the point is i did it i turned 10 thousand dollars into 100 000 i almost did it twice i went 10 to 80 and then i went back down to nine and then i brought it back up to 110.

so that shows you that it can be done with hard work and dedication so i want to share that with you guys share the mindset tell you exactly what i did in terms of market cipher and how i use that to my advantage drop some comments down below if you want to know more and also make sure to check out deals and you guys can get access to buy bit and market cipher right here all right guys that's all i got be blessed goodbye out you.

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