HOW Gamestop & AMC Changed Wall Street Forever (Dogecoin NEXT)

Who would have thought that, in 2021, Dogecoin and GameStop would be
the catalyst to cause people everywhere to wake up to the world of government control,
censorship, market manipulation, and many of the big problems
that plague our society. This is why myself and many other people got
involved in cryptocurrency in the first place. Say it with me now. Decentralization This is a word that makes the fat cat politicians
and tech overlords everywhere shudder. They've spent decades positioning themselves
to take advantage of us and to control us. But a revolution is possible. And who would have ever thought that Reddit
and TikTok would be the ignition switch. I going to tell you today about
the tools at our disposal that can act as the kill switch to government
control, tech overreach and big finance. Let's get it! BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade tokens.

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Instagram and, for my boomers, Facebook. Yes, I do know that I'm a boomer. Now, in this video, we're going to be getting into what is happening
with GameStop, AMC, Nokia and now Dogecoin, how this relates to a lot of the problems
that cryptocurrency solves.

Now, if you've been absolutely pissed
at the government's slow movement toward giving you a stimulus check, then you must be livid to see how fast
this GME investigation is unfolding. Amazing when politicians in Washington
can whip themselves into a frenzy when their friends are losing money. But when the American people
get the screws turned to them, they just turn a blind eye. But make no mistake. In the current system, the billionaires win. People like Jeff Bezos and other billionaires have added
almost $2 trillion to their pockets during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the economy as a whole
suffered $3 trillion to $4 trillion. More than 50% of that money missing
was stuffed into the pockets of the elite. And all you got was a horrible government check. And if you're new to this channel,
you have to understand stimulus is such a horrible idea.

I know people out there need money. But what you're getting with a stimulus check
of $600 to $1400 per person is a fancy bribe. That's it. But it's actually much worse than a bribe because
with each dollar you receive in stimulus money, it's one more dollar the government has to print. They've printed so many dollars over the last year that the dollar index aka how much our dollar
is worth compared to other world currencies dropped well over 10%, and many people anticipate
that's going to 20% this year. That means that while you're taking in $600, you lose over $60 of it before
it even hits your pocket. This inflation means that even if you work in
Mickey D's and you get a raise to $15 per hour, you can't buy as much as you could
before the raise because of inflation. But here's where it gets even trickier. Now, at $15 per hour,
you move into a higher tax bracket, meaning the government is going to get
even more of that money back from you.

You gotta love the people in the shadows
running this government. But thanks to Reddit and its Subreddit wallstreetbets, normal retail investors everywhere– that's new investors– have realized that there's a way to increase
your wealth with investing in stocks. If people join together and decide to buy a stock, the price would go up. And it did. Investors everywhere piled in on dying stocks that are being pushed down
by short sellers in the market. Hedge funds shorting the markets were wrecked when tons of retail investors banded
together to pump instead of dump what most analysts consider
to be dying companies, GameStop, AMC Theatres and Nokia. The people for now have defeated the hedge funds. One company, Melvin Capital, needed $2.75 billion bailout. Like WTF. These hedge funds need to get wrecked. Everyone in the stock world is up in arms because some Reddit meme bros were able
to plunge $10 billion off the market from liquidated short selling hedge funds.

President Biden and the SEC are claiming "Manipulation!" Like, Can we think about short selling
for a minute in general. Are we gonna sit here and pretend that billions of dollars betting that
certain companies are going to close has a zero effect on the companies
themselves closing? The charade of money and markets. Here's the thing. These types of illusions are supposed to be kept
only for the magicians themselves.

What we have been able to do
over the last few weeks, especially this week, is peek behind the curtain and see how these markets perform
the tricks that they do. It's all manipulation. Just wait until we talk about derivatives
in a video soon where you see the vast majority of money in the world
is literally not real. Like, you know that scene in Dumb and Dumber
when Jim Carrey dumped all the IOUs out of the briefcase that was supposed
to be filled with a million dollars? What's this? What is this?! Where's all the money?! That's as good as money, sir. Those are IOUs. That's literally the same thing going on
in the world on a daily basis. Derivatives are IOUs, and they outweigh corporations, crypto,
gold, stocks and even dwarf real estate, and yet no one talks about
how much of a scam this is. Now, we like to leverage trade on this channel. We take advantage of being able
to bet on margin with trades. If that interests you, you can check out Bybit
by visiting

But we do it because we're just taking
advantage of the little bit of the financial markets that have been offered to us. In reality, margin and derivatives shouldn't even exist. It's an overly complex system
that is meant to confuse you. That way, only the elite and the rich
can benefit off of it. Short selling is a way for the highest level of
investors to be able to manipulate the market.

Period. As Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports
said on TikTok yesterday, Wall Street doesn't like it
when the rabbit has the [__]. Wall Street does this to us
but can't take their own medicine. What a bunch of pussies. We've seen censorship all across the internet
over the last several months. Just remember, if they haven't
come for you yet, they will. The angry mob mentality and cancel culture
rampant in our society quickly turns on people. A few months ago, 16-year old Charli D'Amelio
was the biggest and most loved star on TikTok.

People pushed her all the way
to over 100 million followers. Today, I came across an ad
that featured her on TikTok and literally every comment I read
at a probably 100 was about how much everyone hates her and would refuse to buy the product just because she was in the ad. The point is, life comes at you quick. Censorship and Big Brother doesn't stop
when it's allowed to flourish. The same people celebrating the removal
of certain ideas or accounts today will be next on the government hitlist tomorrow.

I'm gonna have a big video specifically on censorship
and decentralized social media coming soon. But what we're seeing right now
is financial censorship. Wall Street is crying so much about GameStop
that the SEC is looking into its volatility. That's a good way for the SEC to say they're pissed
because the wrong side is winning.

Even the president is now saying
his administration will watch GameStop. I cannot with these people. I thought this guy was for the people, am I right? A lifelong politician for the people? What a joke. He's watching this because he's for his donors. He's for lobbyists. He's for the elites. He's for Wall Street. Wake up, people! The acting Chair of the SEC said they are working "to assess the situation and
review the activities of regulated entities, financial intermediaries and other market participants." Let me tell you what this means. First, this means they're watching social media. The wallstreetbets' Subreddit and Discord were
removed at least temporarily for hate speech. I'm not sure if they've been reopened at this point
because I'm seeing mixed information, but this is the equivalent to the FBI going
after the Mafia on tax evasion charges.

Tax evasion is just an excuse to prosecute. There was no hate speech. But secondly, the SEC is watching Robinhood. This is where a lot of people are investing
in GME, AMC and Nokia. This is the financial intermediary in the SEC
quote that they're talking about. There are reports that possibly the SEC
is going to step in and make it harder, not easier, for people to invest because groups of retail investors may invest in a
company that many people believe should close. So, it's okay to short the stock on margin but not invest in shares of a company. The chickens of Wall Street that's been betting on
for years are coming home to roost.

So, what can you do about this? Buy crypto. Buy Dogecoin. Now, the Subreddit SatoshiBets has
turned its sight toward Dogecoin, and some may call it a pump and dump, but this is a financial protest. I bought some today. Buy things that the government
cannot take away from you. You see, while the government
could shut down Robinhood to protect its precious donors and lobbyists, they can't ever take away your ability to buy crypto. Yes, they could shut down exchanges
just like they can shut down Robinhood, but we have these beautiful things
called decentralized exchanges, where we can trade peer-to-peer
without anyone getting in the way. And for many of these sites, there's absolutely nothing the government can do. You see, the way the government shuts down sites is the same thing we recently saw
in the political social media space. They work with the domain and hosting
providers to take over the site. The FBI takes it over and shuts it down
via what is called ICANN. It's basically the internet police. But now we actually have something
called unstoppable domains.

These domains cannot be taken from you. They're decentralized. If you want to get one of these domains, we will have some details on today. But the point is, people are wising up
to what is happening around us. Big Brother is ramping. Financial and social censorship, it's not gonna fly anymore. The internet has too much free
and open information for people to be kept in the dark anymore. Now that a flashlight has been
shown on Wall Street, I doubt they will be able to move back
into the shadows again. And that's a good thing. But let me know what you think about
all this craziness going on.

Are you buying Dogecoin or any of these stocks? Let me know down below. And be on the lookout for our decentralized
social media video out probably next week. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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