How Enjin (ENJ) Will Make You The Next Crypto Millionaire ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒด

the non-fungible tokens nfts supported by numerous crypto companies that operate and develop crypto projects have become a large portion of the crypto marketplaces one of the most exciting nft projects has gained a lot of attention recently in the engine ecosystem stay tuned to know more about this hello everyone this is mason from attain highly the channel where you will achieve greatly in today's video we'll talk to you about how the engine coin can make you a millionaire be sure to like and subscribe so you don't miss out on your success so let's dive into the video engine is an all-in-one gaming and hosting platform founded in 2009 engine's objective is to use web hosting services to meet the expanding demands of the gaming industry in other words the platform aims to bring the virtual world's real-life economics this is done through the creation of blockchain goods for user first these tools are developed so that blockchain-based assets are managed easily circulated and integrated so far 49 million blockchain assets have been created all engine services are designed to suit the ever increasing demands of the gaming industry for big gaming communities it is advanced but easy to use and can be personalized both budding guild sites and gigantic sites are adapted for use because of their user-friendly character when they interact with other engine users individuals can gain experience while earning points the prizes can be personalized in nature engine is a mobile app that offers quick content across from mobile and the website for both ios and android devices investors that wish to purchase engine coin can also buy it from crypto exchanges engine is also available to users for several crypto exchanges like finance gay dot io was it x and many others blockchain gamers have a good choice of services and features to supply their users with their site hosting service provider engine offers these features to make the guild's website more user-friendly and enhance the experience while also increasing its efficiency a giant all-in-one gaming project these features make a website available on the guild to provide the optimum user-friendly interface tools widgets and all other supporting elements engine doesn't take spam lightly if spamming a user may be expelled and banned from the platform following a few warnings if the user remains engaged in spamming if this is not enough the platform supports all its services by a very active customer tool service this tool can be used to share screen images and videos on your selected website and interact with members of the guild you will observe a rather flat graph that's shooting up in the past few months when you view engine coin's price from 2017 to today engine coin entered the market on first november with 0.022 according to coin market cap with an initial coin offering the investors were not aware of the currency as it was the new arrival in the field the token started to climb significantly afterwards enj increased to 0.6 by the end of december with certain price fluctuations and ended in 2017.

Enj remained trading at 0.18 on a bearish note later on the currency reached 0.49 since it was listed on several exchange platforms on 8th january in addition by february the price fell to just 0.09 and slowly fell to 0.23 surprisingly the token dropped to 0.052 since the engine currency was under enormous sales pressure in the end of june with the berry holding on to price dragging enj was unsuccessful and completed a trading value of 0.04 in 2018. the enj began 2019 for 0.04 with a bearish run the price increased dramatically by the beginning of march to 0.24 when the marketing companies continue to invest in engine then the token dropped to 0.05 at the end of october when south asia announced that its market laws were tightening after that from december until the end of 2019 the currency was constantly recovered to 0.08 dollars engine coin had an exchange value of 0.07 preceding the year 2020. the price decreased substantially to 0.04 in the middle of march when crypto assets collapsed due to the covet 19 outbreak which caused some price inequalities moreover once the market opens its doors the price began to recover then by the end of august the price was 23 cents and by the beginning of november the price further fell to 11 cents after the widening of the bitcoin price such in late november enj remained constant engine coin afterwards traded for the year 2020 and 0.13 according to coin market cap the enj token has an existing price of 1.26 dollars and has a market capitalization of approximately 1 billion putting it in position 80 as of 25th may 2021 the coin price of engine recently was bearish falling from a seven day high of 2.02 dollars on 18th may 2021 to a seven day low of 74 cents on 23rd may before it rose to 1.2 it should be remembered that the cryptocurrency market has for some time been bearish and more collapses can lead to lower prices on the other side analysts are still enthusiastic about engine price forecasts according to wallet investor and digital coin the enj forecast and growth outlook are good in the 24 hours preceding press time as 26 may evening engine coin enj which permits the application of non-fungible tokens or nfts has grown by around 40 percent at 1.76 at press time enj traded 38.63 the the cryptocurrency was 41.94 and 41.35 respectively compared to bitcoin btc and ethereum eth enj grew 52.32 over seven days the token has risen 1253.85 percent since the beginning of the year predictions for cryptocurrencies can be tricky because no one can predict crypto markets precisely the price of engine coin is one point six two dollars as per was it x charts as of 28 may 2021 wallet investors long-term prospects are bullish about engine coin by the end of 2021 they anticipate that the cautious side of the eng token would be worth one point four six dollars and the ambitious side would be two point two two dollars and that engine coin will rebound well from its current bearish prospect the coin price forecast of what investor is projected at 1.46 by the end of 2021 3.06 by the end of 2022 4.46 towards the end of 2023 5.7 by the end of 2024 6.89 by 2025 and 7.48 by the end of 2026 according to the long run engine coin price estimate digital coin also had bullish estimates about the engine price by 2028 they plan to grow by 300 but their pricing targets are more conservative in the future by the end of 2021 they forecast 1.87 by 2022 2.24 by 2023 2.76 by 2024 2.89 by 2025 starting at 3.8 and towards the end by 4.25 they also forecast a price of five point five five dollars in 2028 for the engine cost engine doesn't trust to rest on the laurels it prefers to push the envelope further the prices of engine coin have lately increased over the high level of resistance shortly the coin's fragile price forecasts predict that the prices will increase by 500 engine and chills went on to form an association on sixth february the agreement was aimed at creating branded digital collectibles these brand name digital collectors address sports and entertainment history in particular the engine blockchain network helps in minting eth-based collectibles which can be bought with engine coin and chills to trade on the engine marketplace two main factors that influence the engine coin price are popularity and usage apart from this in february 2021 microsoft and engine agreed to bring custom nfts to the market across platforms microsoft maintains that the current initiative displays the simultaneous development of numerous platforms software and games over 20 million gamers from minecraft already use engine's community software package to remain interconnected and build tight links with gamers engine said in march 2021 that it would deploy the new jumpnet and infinity blockchain technology as a counter to the gas charges workers payment of the ethereum network the startup says the two blockchain systems would enhance nft funding avoiding expensive gas charges for ethereum engine has also collaborated with some of the leading technology and gaming firms including samsung unity and pc gamer and a few esports brand names so we can assume the price to reach a new high within 2021-2022 it's no secret that because of the lack of regulations and a host of speculative opportunities the bitcoin market is very unpredictable when they generate a decent return on investment investment in cryptocurrencies can be rewarding however the market cannot always take the proper position investments especially in a bear market could result in severe financial losses if risk management and stop-loss options are not implemented appropriately with a major price increase in 2021 engine has grown with the general public and investors engine has become increasingly popular there is also a competent founding team a powerful blockchain network and a favorable perspective for analysts each of the above indicates that engine can be an interesting cryptocurrency and can make you a millionaire with this we've come to an end thank you for watching the video till the end the information is given for educational and entertainment purposes on this channel and should not be considered as a bit of investment advice financial advice or trading advice viewers should do their own research before making investments and consult their financial advisors let us know in the comments section whether you will be holding engine or not make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to the channel if you don't want to miss any further news on cryptocurrencies don't forget to hit the bell icon see you soon in the next video

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