Hot vs Cold Couple Challenge | Icy Couple vs Fire Couple by Multi DO

wendy come in sit down emma a seat for you oh so 
hot it burned me and this chair is freezing cold   come down we'll help you this is war 
let's decide what's better hot or cold   that ice cream looks so appetizing oh yeah 
i can't hold back i can't wait to try it   i don't see anything good about chili 
ice cream but there's nothing better than   chili peppers this could use a bit more 
of kick however this calls for more pepper oh sorry girls try and be a bit more 
careful in the future would you please   we finally made it hey no 
outside food allowed give me that   oh really take this oh my hand it's on fire 
what's going on someone help well done zack what did you just do i'm dripping with coke i 
think this guy would do well to cool off a bit the path is clear let's go inside guys so so cold emma have all the popcorn you want my teeth 
looks like our snack has gone really cold what i haven't had popcorn in forever what a 
weird taste yeah it reminds me of charcoal   there's something seriously wrong here 
oh no it's burnt to a crisp and my hand   is now covered in soot thankfully i 
know just where to wipe all that off   what are you doing wendy that was 
so not cool i won't let that slide emma arm yourself with popcorn oh you want to fight we'll give you a fight and wendy totally 
ruined that movie and my day andy and emma give me the chills emma this is for you happy birthday thank 
you it's time to give her our surprise   we're missing something i know 
what you mean candles of course and the more the better don't you think light them up this looks perfect let's take it in oh emma oh wow is that cake really for me i want 
to blow out my candles and make a wish quick it's not working i'll give it another go what 
the heck andy help me please all right together they're freezing us oops 
we may have missed our mark it's so stuffy in here i'm gonna put 
out this candle maybe that'll help a bit why would you do that it sets 
the mood i don't think so i think the girls are having a problem 
how about i just get rid of this wendy don't be upset i've got 
something much better for you   wow it's beautiful it's a 
real flame crystal i love it holy moly andy do you see what zach gave her 
actually that reminds me that i have a gift for   you too an ice crystal wow oh my goodness 
it's unbelievable you are the best andy   yeah well mine is still better you wish 
i'm feeling a bit peckish ooh pizza   hands off that slice is mine if you 
don't let go i'll freeze all your jewelry   no that was my absolute favorite necklace   oh and my earrings are blocks of ice 
too i did warn you i'll get you for this now this is what i call super sized elmo you're 
on fire what are you talking about why andy why sorry i had to put your hair out oh i see you thanks finally i get a little me time to relax   hmm this isn't quite right it needs ice a wintry 
soak like this really refreshes the mind and body why is it getting hot what 
is going on wendy you again   hey there sorry but i need plenty of hot 
water in order to cook all my ramen no   ew bathing in noodles is gross well 
i think it looks quite delectable   all that's left is to add tons 
and tons of sauce incoming there was no good reason at all to pour it on 
my head you two need to admit it we're better   let's settle this once and for all we're up to 
the challenge ready to start zach grab some cokes   there's no way you'll be 
able to beat us emma moore everything's fine we'll show them keep on dreaming our wall is almost done   yep just a few cans to go when 
you grab the last ones quick   oh no theirs is higher than 
ours time for an attack you're cheating take this those 
cokes are frozen in place my friends that's more like it andy take a mitten then we won't 
have to worry about burning ourselves   wendy they've outsmarted us   but we can't give up we can still pull this off   oh the can stuck in the ice i can't prank lose 
this is impossible zack what have you done excuse him he's a bit of a klutz it   which couple were you rooting for hot or 
cold tell us your choice and why in the   comment section right after you finish watching 
these outtakes if you landed on hot then give   us a like and if cold's more your style 
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