HOT DOT NEWS #9 | Curio | Joystream | Kusama Parachain Auction strategies started to revealed

Welcome back to Hot Dot News. We have such great news from Polkadot ecosystem
projects! Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem projects started
to reveal its parachain strategies. Today in this release Two hidden diamonds
of Polkadot ecosystem will be revealed. This month we also did a great interview with
Youan from Crust. It's time to start analyzing projects’ parachain
auction proposals to make the best decisions. Let's go into details !
After an open voting phase, the final program of Polkadot Decoded has been selected, featuring
40 talks and workshops. Polkadot Decoded will take place very soon
on May 19th and 20th. Meet almost all the Polkadot community at
this event. Don't forget to book your place.

We released a great video you can't miss out
on. Kusama Parachain Auction is coming, and, let's
check all the leading projects that can join Kusama as parachains. Testing on the Rococo network is near its
completion. All main Kusama projects have tried out the
crowdloan auction scheme. Check our review and predictions for the Kusama
Parachain Auction and details in our famous article. The links will be in description of this video.

Last week Gavin Wood published the checklist
for the projects that want to connect to Kusama as parachains. It paved the way for last preparations. Now you can check the GitHub of every parachain
candidate project, and see how the process really goes. If you are interested in the technical details
of parachain implementation, you can follow the tracking. Curio is a new player in the Polkadot ecosystem
and one of its hidden gems. This project provides an attractive concept. It's Tokenization of real life assets. Curio started from collectibles and supercars. For example, a Collectible Ferrari is already
tokenized. Now it's time to make a stablecoin based on
the value of the collectible cars and supercars. You can own a part of this car and operate
with liquid stablecoins. Wow, it looks great! More news about Curio is to come. A great project from Switzerland with really
high potential. Stay tuned. Joystream is a video platform that is controlled,
owned, and operated by its users. It made a big step forward and presented their
Founding Member Program.This program is for awarding loyal community members with a generous
amount of their mainnet tokens for users’ contributions to the project's success.

PromoTeam is also going to participate in
this program and has already started to contribute to Joystream community. Joystream is a community driven video service
and one of the first substrate projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. It achieved a lot in terms of production and
now it's time to invite the community to join the Joystream movement – to build the video
channels, to create content and to participate in governance, promotion and development of
the platform. Joystream is an extremely undervalued gem
of the Polkadot ecosystem, which is almost polished by a team of professional jewelers,
so don't miss it, it must be supported. Bifrost SALP (Slot Auction liquidity Protocol)
will issue derivatives that let users to participate in Polkadot or Kusama Crowdloan with bonding
liquidity (You can get your bonding token back at any time). It's a very interesting concept , which can
be used not only by Bifrost but also by other projects of the ecosystem since Bifrost can
provide it as a service.

Bravo Bifrost! Learn more, the link is below. We had a great AMA session with wonderful
Youan from Crust. Apart from sharing insightful information,
they picked 5 best questions and rewarded the community for them. If you miss the event please see our video,
you like it. Crust is one of the pillars of the Polkadot
infrastructure building. Just a reminder, the Crust project is a Decentralized
storage network for web3.

Crust Network has presented their Kusama Parachain
Auction Plan. Crust is bidding for 1 to 4 leases for a total
of 24 weeks, and plans to award a total of 20,000 CRU. After the auction is successfully completed,
Crust will distribute an one-time CRU airdrop. Check the rest of the details in the article,
the link will be in the description. Equilibrium introduced the Kusama lockdrop
terms and Kusama future parachain dubbed Genshiro. To participate in the Genshiro lockdrop, users
need to lock their vested/circulating EQ tokens to receive an allocation of GENS on Kusama. There will be 10 GENS for every EQ token. Robonomics released its parachain Lease Offering
page, so now you can add your email to the whitelist and check the lease offering that
is really nice. RMRK presented Kanaria: an Initial Collectible
Offering. PromoTeam hosted the special event and participants
will get additional NFT item inside main Kanaria NFT. Kanaria is a collection of Kusama-native cheap
and eco-friendly NFTs. It’s a series of digital eggs which will
“hatch” on June 1st into utility-NFTs that will not only look good, but also carry
some platform bonuses and customizable traits (more on that a bit later).

You can use our referral link to get supported
with emojis after claiming your eggs. You'll need to collect hatching egg emojis
to hatch your future Kanarias, and the promo team can help you with it. Claim you Kanaria Eggs and join our telegram
group for details, the links are in description. We also have an inside , this NFT will be
the basement for token distribution from RMRK so don't miss your chance to participate in
such a cool NFT project and get the very first Kusama NFT.
17 April 2021 we hosted Polkadot Tech Meetup in Moscow in collaboration with Equilibrium. It was amazing, and if you speak Russian then
definitely watch it . We reached 2021 YouTube and 8K twitter subscribers,
and 25K reads on Medium. Thank you for your subscriptions and comments.

We will try to keep our channel keen, real
and fresh. We also want to thank all our partners and
friends. Dont forget to subscribe to our Twitter, MEdium,
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