Holding Bitcoin Could Cost you $420,000. See for yourself.

welcome to the crypto rain 
channel i'm your host jay rayne   today we're going to take a look at the potential 
cost of different choices we all have different   choices in our lives and choices determine our 
outcomes specifically we'll look at our guesses   of the cost of holding certain things versus other 
things what is the cost of holding dollars in the   coming six months instead of bitcoin what is 
the cost of holding bitcoin versus high risk   alt is it better to hold one over the other well 
that absolutely depends on the outcomes you are   reaching for as well as what risks you're willing 
to take now i can't tell you what to do this isn't   financial advice i'm just a crypto investor who 
has gone from thousands of dollars in fiat value   to millions in fiat value through crypto in the 
past four years don't know everything but what i   do know is how to take bets where the odds are in 
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now my background is as an investor   prior to crypto i've been doing investment uh 
specifically in mostly real estate for 20 years   i'm great at that and there are a lot 
of similarities between real estate   investment and crypto investment there are some 
differences though too and we have very condensed   somewhat predictable cycle with crypto 
in that every four years we tend to   have a massive blow off top followed by a big 
retracement or as we call it the crypto winter   and then it gears up steam and it does it all 
over again now in the coming decade or two it's   probably going to happen less and less that these 
peaks and valleys are going to be more compressed   and so we have a great opportunity during this 
run and the one that follows to still make amazing   gains and i hope you strap in for that ride and 
you commit yourself to the five-year game plan   all right what are we looking at today well 
let's look at bitcoin and look at bitcoin   breaking solidly above this resistance now 
hasn't broken all-time highs but this is a   solid breakout heading up towards all-time highs 
so it's at 61 359 right now that's impressive   i also want to take a look at this i know 
we looked at this again today this is the   crypto total market cap but look at this it 
wicked up to almost the previous all-time   high and right now we're at 2.497 trillion where 
essentially if we go the previous all-time high   looks like we're 100 billion away from that 
all-time top that is pretty close all right   i know this is exciting now it could come up 
and bounce off like we talked about yesterday   we don't know how this will play out in the 
next week to two weeks but eventually it is   going to break through that and there are a lot of 
things lining up to push us much higher so that's   why we're going to talk about the cost of holding 
different things now this is bitcoin dominance and   we saw bitcoin dominant shoot back up now bitcoin 
dominance for those of you who are new is the   dominance of bitcoin's market cap versus the whole 
crypto market cap and right now that dominance   is at 46 percent so it went really low as all the 
altcoins really had some massive gains and bitcoin   wasn't doing anything and now bitcoin's taken off 
and a lot of the altcoins have been staying still   what i predicted a week ago a week and a half ago 
was that bitcoin i think it was about uh where   would it been about right here that bitcoin's 
dominance would continue to increase versus the   alts and it would start to be really tempting for 
people to sell their alts and roll it into bitcoin   and if you were going to do that a week ago or 10 
days ago was the right time to do that because at   some point that reverses and all coins go crazy 
this is the total market cap excluding bitcoin so   you see that the alts are still lagging behind you 
notice how the total crypto market cap is really   close to breaking an all-time high and still we're 
a little ways away from it here and my guess is   these will kind of trade sideways as bitcoin most 
likely continues to run all right so what is the   cost of holding say dollars versus bitcoin that's 
what i think about in in the university level i   studied economics and i started to understand 
the way my brain always worked because my mind   thinks in economics all the time though i 
didn't have the words for things like this   what they told me makes sense and in life you 
have to think about the opportunity cost so   what is the opportunity cost of other choices you 
could have made and so if you're holding a lot of   money in fiat currency right now that's exciting 
you can have it at the bank and you can maybe be   earning one percent interest in bonds and that's 
really exciting not really it's not exciting at   all it's actually absolutely terrible but it's the 
way the system is set up right so we're trained   since we're young to put our savings into the 
bank and to put it in cds and bonds and make   right now those bond yields can be one percent 
or two percent for a long period of time   and what doesn't work about that is that the the 
value of fiat currency is devaluing faster than   the interest that you're making so you're not 
even making any headway though it is smart if   you're spending a lot less than you make because 
then you're accumulating savings and i know   like spending is so tempting but if you're not 
saving more than you make then how are you ever   going to grow the wealth that's going to set 
you free how are you going to invest in crypto   or other assets that can appreciate in value 
and give you the wealth that you're looking for   because if you're here in the space for crypto my 
guess is you're here for the life-changing wealth   maybe also for the technology but really that what 
really grabs most of our attention is we're here   for the life-changing wealth and the gains right 
that's what attracted me i i was in real estate   for specifically that reason and it's amazing 
what you can do over 30 years but when i saw   crypto it's like it's absolutely ridiculous what 
you can accomplish over a five-year time period   if you learn how to think like an investor and you 
follow correct principles so that you're taking   smart bets that's where your chances of winning 
are higher than your chance of losing that's why   i talked about the principles i do in the wrap i 
was playing that rap at the beginning i'll play   that at the end i specifically had that written 
to reinforce the principles of successful crypto   investing see when you buy when things are running 
really strong what you're doing is you're taking   a bet where your risk of losing is higher than 
your rewards for winning or maybe even they're   the same i like to take bets where my risk of 
winning is a lot higher than my risk of losing   and also if i win my rewards are much higher than 
what i could potentially lose and so that's why   i buy when it's boring and then i'm i have the 
patience that i hold for longer periods of time   so let's say that you invested some money into 
crypto well first bitcoin and let's say you have   sixty thousand dollars what is one bitcoin right 
now in fact we're in check is it let's just call   that sixty thousand dollars i think it's at fifty 
nine thousand so if you were holding that for one   year and you had it in a bank sometimes 1.0 let's 
say you get a whole two percent for a year wow   you went from 60 000 to 61 200 in a 
year what if you had that in bitcoin   and let's take just kind of an idea i would guess 
the average of where i've heard that bitcoin is   gonna go by the end of this market and let's say 
you time it pretty well and you take your profits   out right at that point so you have one bitcoin 
and it goes to a hundred and eighty thousand   so that's going to be a three x from here and you 
went from sixty thousand to a hundred and eighty   thousand now with whatever amount you're you're 
using and i recommend you only use money that   you can't afford to lose because if you use money 
you can't afford to lose what's the challenge with   that is that you have no ability to be patient if 
things take longer to play out then is expected   and in crypto that often happens it 
happens more than you would realize like   even though we're talking about these numbers 
things going well today there could be some   news that comes out that for three weeks or four 
weeks spikes the market down and then it's like   oh no i'm wrong and a lot of people panic sell 
and then guess what it goes up exactly like you   expected it just took longer than you thought and 
so if you're using money you can't afford to lose   you end up panic selling during that point 
because it's hard enough not to panic sell   just being a human being but when that is going on 
your likelihood of panic selling goes way way up   all right so you've now turned 60 000 into eighty 
thousand let's just say you sold it perfect so   your opportunity cost of holding fiat is minus sixty one thousand two hundred your opportunity 
cost of going with fiat which you know if you   listen to the politicians and the bankers 
they'll tell us yeah holding dollars is not risky   in some ways it's less volatility although it 
is eroding in value because of so much printing   so in part they're right so you took the riskier 
bet of bitcoin but you took it at a time where   likely it's not guaranteed likely it's going 
to have a huge increase in value based on the   market cycles that we've seen over the past 10 
years with bitcoin that every four years you have   a parabolic move with bitcoin and um so if it 
plays out like that it goes to 180 000 you made   120 000 gains and you got your 
initial capital back as well   that's fantastic the opportune cost of holding 
um just fiat during that time is 118 800.

However what if you had put that in say 10 different alt 
points and they're fairly low market cap all coins   so they're pretty high risk and on average they 
you get a 10x and the way that usually plays out   is a couple of them it depends on how good you 
are at picking them but but let's assume that   a couple do nothing let's assume that some do 
tremendously and other ones don't do well at all   in fact i'm going to pull this over to i'm going 
to pull my calculator over to where you can see it and so let's assume that it goes pretty well for 
you and two don't do anything but some do some   and some do like 50 x's and on average you get 
to a 10x now is that possible we're gonna look at   some examples of what some altcoins did last cycle 
and we'll get a feel for it um 10x is absolutely   possible i don't know how good you are at picking 
your altcoins and that does make a difference   and nobody knows exactly what's going to pump the 
most that's why many people choose to diversify   across 10 but a few of them if they 50x and one 
or two hundred x's and a few of them go to zero   it's pretty reasonable to expect that your 
average is at least 10x so if you go 60 000 times   10 equals 600 000 right so now what was your all   what was your opportunity cost by holding 
bitcoin let's do that so 60 000 times 10 minus the 180 000 you could have had from holding 
bitcoin if bitcoin tripled during that time   and so the opportunity cost of holding bitcoin 
was 420 000 now this does assume that you take   profits at appropriate measures with your altcoins 
because here's what i can tell you about all coins   they're extremely volatile and if the market plays 
out with a large parabolic move on average they're   going to outperform bitcoin by a lot however 
when it does flip around if you get too greedy   and hold on to it too long some point is going 
to turn it's going to turn hard and you can see   all those gains you hope to have completely erased 
so we will be talking more about taking profit   strategies as we see the market going parabolic 
so your opportune cost of holding bitcoin was   quite substantial though four hundred and 
twenty thousand dollars from sixty thousand   that's how much it cost you now you turn sixty 
thousand into six hundred thousand dollars and   so if you had held bitcoin you would have made 
four hundred and twenty thousand dollars less   now of course there's tax implications for 
all of this in most places around the world   understand you're still gonna pay the tax man 
that's just part of life no nobody loves it   but do you really want to live your life 
looking over your shoulder for the tax man   probably not right all right so do you see why i'm 
excited about this now is 10x possible yes i would   say it's probable even is it guaranteed there 
are no guarantees in this if you're looking for   guaranteed go for your bond yields and that's 
why bond yields pay so little because they're   almost guaranteed you know if you want 
complete guaranteed then get yourself like   a safe in the bottom of your house like drilled 
out and put your money in there and that's as   close to guaranteed as you can get there are 
no guarantees in crypto we don't know how   it's going to work out so if you're looking for 
guarantees you're absolutely in the wrong game   but do you see why i'm excited because 
i've been waiting for this period for three   years now i didn't understand about the crypto 
cycles when i was brand new in crypto my first   year you know i i started this time october last 
cycle in fact about a week later it was like   later october when i started and bitcoin was 
about 700 all right i have some cool stuff i   want to take you back and to the history of 
cryptocurrency and show you some cool things   let's look back at some altcoins see one of the 
challenges with all coins is you don't know which   ones are going to do incredible and which ones are 
but i'm going to share with you some things that   you're going to be like oh my gosh that looks like 
exactly what the market's been doing with some of   the altcoins i've been watching okay so this is 
tron now tron hasn't really been successful they   did a lot of development and everything they 
made ridiculous amounts of money and it seems   like they've just been coasting ever since so 
yeah that sometimes happens with projects but   i want to take you back to when they were 
working really really hard and hadn't made   it yet oh my gosh look at that look at this 
pattern you actually got decreasing peaks here   and right up until the end of october here i 
mean their price was sitting at point two cents   then what happened and i know somebody see i was 
new at this space and i i hadn't been there and so   you know i listened to every youtube video i could 
people who had been in this space that i hope   knew more about it than me and i found a 
lot of people youtube videos do not know   hardly anything about investing but i did get 
some valuable information one was telling me   that he was holding tron and he was watching every 
time it peaked it was getting less and so he sold   we're at right at point two one cents yeah 
so my guess is it was somewhere around here   or somewhere around here and then what 
happened well boom all the way to over   20 cents so he missed out on 100 x gains but 
watch if you don't take profits on the way up   look what then happened right he went from 20 
cents all the way to 5 cents back to about seven   and a half cents and then wow way down again now 
it never quite got down to those same numbers   but still um yeah and when did he sell he sold 
right here so do you see why i'm excited now   the timing might be different maybe this 
boom happens starting this week maybe this   boom starts three weeks from now or six weeks 
from now i stopped trying to pick exactly when   that's going to happen and just watch the sign so 
i can get a general idea when it's going to happen   let me share with you another one this is xrp 
or ripple now i know i don't cover ripple a lot   and i know there are a lot of you who really love 
it in fact one of our telegram community members   provide some additional information on some 
um honestly i had some information wrong on it   i thought the three founders had sold off huge 
amounts of their xrp and it's just one of the   former founders that did because one of my beefs 
with xrp is well if the founders themselves don't   even believe in it why should i why are they 
selling off huge amounts of their holdings   and i with the numbers i had perhaps i read 
an article that was just straight up wrong   and that happens because just because 
in the news does not mean it's true   and um now looks like it was just one of them so 
i like it a little bit more but i still don't hold   any i did hold some and i sold it because there 
were just other things that could perform better   now my guess is that they win their their lawsuit 
and they will boom in fact this descending wedge   you see here is setting up for a big breakthrough 
but where can they really go from here right they   can beat their all-time highs but their market 
cap is already substantially high 53 billion   so where can it really go can it really go to 
500 billion and 10x from here chances of that   are small there's a lot of other bets that have a 
better chance in my opinion of going 10 to 100 x   from here than they do and that's why i don't hold 
a lot of it but look if you were holding it here and then it did have a boom and we're gonna 
take it right to october uh stop giving us the   months here but look at this during this that 
this was the crypto winter and then early that   year notice how we had some altcoins run early 
this year and actually this started yeah okay there we go this is showing all the way up 
to november here so we were about right here   with xrp like last cycle if we won't go 
exactly four years back now i suspect   that we have lengthening cycles in general so i 
don't know that the big boom is going to happen   november and december in fact i'm going to share 
with you a thought that might happen right near   the end of december and it's just a guess but 
then so right here you could have bought or a   lot of people panic sold at 3 cents and they 
saw it go to actually 337 i think it actually   went a little bit higher than that but this is 
showing it 337 so imagine if you had sold out here   how disappointed you would be and it's tempting i 
mean look how the market seemed like it was doing   nothing nothing but also see this pattern look at 
what we're seeing here oh my gosh it's the exact   same pattern do you see why i'm excited there's 
lots of reasons to be excited and i don't hold   any xrp you're seeing this pattern across a 
lot of things now cardano i did not know about   cardano when i was new i'm going to share with 
you one of the tokens that i went really heavy   in because i didn't know what the hell i was doing 
and yeah so let's see if we can find exactly where so we want to find october 2017.

So it's right here now 
this is cardano cardano was doing   not very much so you could have pot cardano back 
then for two cents now at the time cardano wasn't   the powerhouse it is now and if you watch 
my video with daniel friedman from iohk   a great video to watch to see what the early days 
of what is now a top level project a top five coin   market cap project it's been as high as top three 
coin market cap project but you know back in the   early days they were still a concept and they 
were still working on it and so back here they   were still pushing through the flood of people 
running around calling them a scam in fact even   two or three years after this you had people 
running around and calling them a scam even up   until they finally did their smart contract 
launch just a month ago and so they weren't   unknown they weren't a powerhouse they were 
considered very risky and you could have bought   it for two cents and then what happened with 
those two cents well it went all the way up to dollar 11 it shows here but it's a dollar forty 
that it hit and uh so back in november   they were doing nothing and so you would 
have got a solid actually a dollar forty   say you had taken the gains out early at 
a dollar you would have got a solid 50   cents from the two cent price so do you see 
why the numbers that i'm sharing with you   can happen now has everything to do with how your 
picks turn out if you're investing in all coins   and because i can't give financial advice i 
can't tell you which ones to pick and even   if i was a financial advisor i wouldn't 
tell you specifically which ones to pick   because i'd be depriving you of the opportunity of 
doing the research and feeling it out for yourself   because here's what i know when you make bad 
pics you learn better you learn better than when   you always make good pics and so sometimes your 
losses provide the best education for you and it   sucks now here's one i invested heavily in in 2017 
because i didn't know any better when i say we're   new in crypto and we usually buy what our friends 
did well with that's exactly what i did and i had   a friend who was in the ico of electro neum and 
he got in at a penny now the way they did their   ico there was many people who got in much cheaper 
than a penny i came in in time to catch this at that's november october it wasn't tradable 
yet when i got it so i had to wait so i put   some in coinbase because that's the vehicle most 
people used to put money in especially back then   put some in coinbase and then i had 
to wait for a while and then i put   more in and when it was finally unlocked 
i think i paid about four cents for some   um and bought a bunch in fact everything i 
could at first and then i put more bitcoin   in had to wait the holding period and i bought 
some more of this where did my little sliders go   i bought some more of this in november and i 
i bought some at seven cents i remember and   it went all the way to like 12 cents yeah and 
then it came down and i bought some more and i   thought oh you know electro neum they were 
gonna do staking excuse me mining on your   phone so essentially you could have your phone 
mined for you and i did start to hear a lot of   politically correct buzzwords from them and i 
don't know how into political correctness you   are but when i hear companies saying politically 
correct buzzwords all the time usually i don't   know why the correlation is the performance of the 
pro that company or project tends to be less so i   did start to get concerned because everything was 
about politically correct buzzwords all the time   and i was like oh really uh well maybe i'm wrong 
in this time because electro neum i just thought   was so cool but i was new i didn't know how 
to tell a good project from a bad project   if i had known what i was doing i would 
have been throwing my money at cardano   which had better long-term prospects than electro 
neum and their their project never really caught   on and they're still around and they're still 
working hard and the ceo is a good guy uh   but look what they did you know i went from 
probably an average price buying in about   six cents and i actually sold some i know it went 
higher than this because i sold them at 21 cents   sold a bunch of 18 and a little bit at 16 cents 
now unfortunately for me i well fortunately for   me i did cash almost completely out of electro 
neum at these highs but i rolled that into other   projects and so and those then did good and that's 
how i went to from 15 000 to 165 000 because   i didn't even get a 10x gain here i just got a 3x 
gain and i rolled that into a number of projects   and diversified across a few things but then 
i held all of them as the market then crashed   and you see how severe that crash was so 
even electro neum they peeked out it over   21 cents even though it doesn't show it here 
and then it came all the way down to two cents   and then eventually went down to half a 
penny now this project is still around   and it might do well you're seeing the same 
pattern here like that we saw before and my guess   is even they have a big pickup as money comes into 
the market and people don't know which projects to   pick and they buy what their friends made money 
on so maybe it has a big pick up again but that's   what a lot of these look a lot of these work now i 
don't know anybody stocking up on tron these days   but maybe you're seeing the same pattern here 
so somebody's buying tron and xrp same pattern cardano slightly different pattern but 
cardano's starting to realize the vision   that they've laid out and people are getting 
it like they're feeling like cardano's not   very much of a risk because they're seeing 
that what charles says is going to happen   doesn't always hit the timelines of 
when he says it's going to happen   but he still does exactly what he says is 
going to do and then electroneum has the same   thing so where are things going to go from 
here well i'm really excited for the future   our total market cap look at this bitcoins total 
market cap broke a trillion dollars so many people   said that this was never going to happen i know 
it hit that before and then it retraced it's back   above it it's solidly above a trillion dollars 
again and it's going to go to new heights they're   going to be absolutely incredible and so if it 
does 3x from here that's going to take it to about   3.5 trillion dollars who knows our total market 
cap might be 10 trillion dollars if we look at this we're at 2 and a half so 
that's a total of 4x from here   maybe it even goes higher and then it'll 
likely pull back so be wary of that we will   be talking about taking profit strategies and 
my plan this time and maybe i'm a little bit   burned from last time because i didn't do it so 
maybe i'm going to end up pulling out too much   and maybe it doesn't have as big of lows as 
it did last time but that's my plan for now   is to take most of it out into stable coins and 
other things that then have some passive income   while i have it sitting on the sidelines waiting 
for things to get cheap again which point i'll be   buying back in after paying my taxes now you're 
like wow you know you're creating taxable events   and you're gonna have to pay taxes on that yes 
you do you have to pay taxes on profits but even   if you're in a place that you have to pay 50 taxes 
on your profit so let's say you make your goal and   not only hit a million dollars but say you hit two 
million dollars and then you create taxable events   and you have to pay a million dollars in 
tax on that say your total income tax is 50   and let's say you start with a thousand 
dollars so almost everything is taxable right   well okay so now you have a million dollars in 
equity that's a lot better because now you paid   your taxes on that you don't owe any more taxes 
on that and now you have a million dollars to   play with during the bear market however if you 
had kept that invested and it went to two million   and then it retraced all the way down to 
say five hundred thousand or two hundred   thousand well number one you had no taxable event 
because you kept it in exactly what it was in but   you're way worse off so i would rather harvest my 
gains pay the taxes that that then incurs and then   have that to where i can then let put it in when 
the market gets low and then write it up again   and yes if i then sell or do some trades that 
creates taxable events again that's just the cost   of doing business now if you in some jurisdiction 
they differentiate between short-term capital   gains long-term capital gains and generally 
long-term capital gains is a lower tax rate so it does make sense to hold for longer 
periods in those jurisdictions the us may   be charging their long-term capital gains rate 
we'll see there's a lot of fear about that which   is going to create an interesting dynamic so 
here we are let's look at bitcoin and what   possible dynamic that could create so there's 
a couple ways this could go so it still could   go here and then it still could end up rounding 
this and coming back down for then a pickup later   um it could play out that way i don't know really 
just because it waked up here doesn't guarantee   that it won't turn around come back down and then 
we end up having parabolic move later and it would   probably be steeper than that it would probably 
go like this it could go like this and then like   that i'm more in the line of that but one thing 
that might happen is there's a lot of fear in the   united states talking to some people that i know 
about big tax increases on long-term capital gains   next year so you probably will see a sell-off that 
by not by everybody but by some right around here   or you will see a sell-off period and that will 
push things down for a little bit now wherever   it's at you'll see a sell-off and the reason 
they're selling off isn't because they don't   believe in bitcoin they're just trying to create 
their taxable event in the year 2021 so that if   next year there is a tax hike on long-term capital 
gains then then that usually doesn't go back to   the previous year that usually only affects the 
year going forward and so if it does play that's   what they're hedging against and because it's an 
unknown many are probably going to take that hedge   create the taxable event in 2021 and then um that 
resets their basis because they might even sell   and then they could literally rebuy back in but 
they purposely created that taxable event so that   they could um then have a new threshold for where 
their taxes are so you might see some selling off   and sometimes the way it plays out is they sell 
off here and then they wait till the new year   and then they buy and it takes off like that so 
watch for an event that might do this now that's   wherever we're at whether we're all the way up 
here in fact whether we're all the way up here or   whatever and so say it goes like this and we're 
way up here maybe it does that just a thought   all right now if you're ready to level up your 
crypto game i can't think of a better place   to be than this i wanted to create this channel 
because i didn't see people having the same type   of content now it really helps that i have 20 
years investing i understand the principles of   investing really well and so what i found is 
a lot of crypto youtubers some of them have   even great channels and they're really good at 
covering the news and they cover some really good   events but a lot of them don't have the serious 
investment background in fact most of them do not   and so i want to cover that now i don't have 
goldman sachs investment background where i   work with them i i didn't even interview with 
them coming out of the university i could have   i went to work for a consulting firm and that 
was a lot more interesting to me was working at   that consulting firm it's actually one of the 
largest consulting firms in the world called   accenture and they actually have some of the best 
blockchain consulting as well out there that was   some great experience i did that before going into 
real estate and then real estate investment but   i'm passionate about investment because it's a 
way you can go from less money to more money so   if you haven't already consider subscribing and 
watching our videos on a regular basis i know i'm   kind of analytical i can tend to be boring i try 
to override that some i've made you some promises   since i started this channel and i've worked hard 
to deliver them i know when i was new in crypto i   really really grabbed on to the interviews because 
i wanted to see the team and i want to understand   and hear from the team so i'm trying to bring you 
a lot of teams and a wide variety of teams now   the new projects i haven't launched yet they're a 
lot more hungry for marketing it's easier for me   to get those interviews if i have a connection to 
them and sometimes if it's a really good one that   i know is coming out i don't have a connection 
to them i've reached out and been able to   pull them in and get them on the channel to share 
with you as we continue to get bigger i'll be able   to have you know the guests like i'd love to have 
like charles hoskinson and some of the other ones   like raoul paul i would love to have ralph paul on 
he's brilliant anyway um i appreciate all of you   that are helping this channel grow it's been fun 
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going to reward you with higher chances to get the   rare nfts when you cash in your car so it makes 
sense for people that want to get those rare ones   too hold on to federer and i like that so these 
allocations two hundred dollars a piece we don't   know what they're worth because neither of these 
have launched yet um they'll be launching the   next month and when they do if they go 10x or 100x 
the 200 401.js could be worth two thousand dollars   even twenty thousand dollars or if they go 
300x could be worth 60 000 but the ido price   is usually the lowest price you can get them 
at and we went ahead and paid that cost for you   so they're already paid for and we'll be giving 
you straight up the tokens all right i want to   thank you for my rainmaker family for joining me 
and i've got a wrap for all of you see you soon came into the space chasing all of the games 
chasing the pumps and all of the hype trains   but like in life uh [ __ ] right before your good 
was taught to buy when it was pouring like a rain   making sure goodbye when it's down don't change 
the votes that i missed um cause i always made the   time in mind i set the one out cause i'm patient 
like that and i'll wait for the right time i'll   sell when it's high i buy when it's low they call 
me rich they call me smart i'm just a rain maker   running the show calculated investments i don't 
leave with my heart the principles are simple but   leaving a mark why when it's boring just gotta 
be smart i said when it's hyped like all the   channels don't pump it that's when i was selling 
got parabolic and dumping they call me rich they   call me smart i'm a rain maker making my own start 
i'm with the future learning the past makes the   time fly by years going so fast the game plan is 
mine i'll own it now when i reach the top hey it's   asking me how cause i'm a rain maker investments 
i love and i follow what i've learned not relying   time is never better the time like the present 
this next five years is a gift and a feeling like   heaven i'm committed to learn i'm studying to know 
that nothing comes easy but with knowledge to gain   show sticking out this wrong consumer call my bear 
market learning and growing and when it's slow   would be the target naysayers come out bitcoin is 
dead the massive decreases can get to your head   i'm sticking around my time is better i'm 
strong like that i'll let the others be fresh   two years time the ball will bring back the gains 
that makes it worth the effort because here comes   the rain so let's go rain makers let's make it 
all happen they go with the hate they the haters   be crapping i'm here for five years let's do 
this together the time is right the time could   be better they call me rich they call me smart 
i'm a rain maker making my own start i'm with the   future learning the past makes the time fly by 
years going so fast this game plan is mine i'll   own it now when i reach the top hey it's asking me 
how cause i'm a rain maker investments of love and   my time to slow down addressing what to say 
when i'm wearing my crown they're chasing   green candles like someone who was new i got a 
vision that was bigger helping me to push through   i'm still human and sometimes it is rough and 
that's what makes me special simply i stay tough   cause i'm a rain maker investments i love 
and i follow what i learn not relying on look

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