HODLcoin Update: We’ve found a block, actually two!

hello guys is Lee here welcome to another video so I've got a couple of things to share with you first and foremost is that my little channel has recently gone over 100 subscribers so that's something I'm quite pleased do I know it's um you know everything to be small milestone but it just shows that there's people that are actually an interest in the videos that are making and the content and the type of videos that I'm making so I want to say thank you for those guys that are subscribed and I really appreciate your guys interaction and feedback so if you do have anything that you like to see in these videos or any questions comments um I'm just put those in the comments box below and I do try to get back to practically all of the comments so obviously as time continues if you know if the channel grows and that'll be harder and harder to do but at the moment it's quite a small little community of you guys and so we'll be able to respond almost under one one to one sort of basis and so yeah like I say if you do have any you know questions or anything like that and then let me know and I'll be sure to get back to you um okay so that's that that said and done what I wanted to really update you guys on is that I've had some results with Hodel Quan so last week it was last Wednesday it's now Tuesday so almost a week has gone past but we've now struck some blocks so that was what the the update that I wanted to give you so last night or should I say I'll go back to the beginning laughs twin-sized thought I'd mine on the Mac and monistic running for a couple of days and we just really didn't get anywhere so I just left it running in the background I uploaded my previous video and I just kind of left it as that um yesterday evening I want to pop back home I notice that we found a block which is this one here it come through at just got 7 o'clock and we got 50 huddle for that so that was quite silly now I originally planned on making this video and then sharing it with you however when I come in and checked it literally just them a couple of hours ago I noticed that we also found a secondary book and just a couple of hours after the first one so are you sure you the details of these rocks that we found so if I go to show transactions details so yeah this first one come through yesterday like say just after seven o'clock and it also says this credit amount was fifty point zero six two M however what I've noticed is that you get the fifty odd all a ribald immediately but then you start earning interest on it really quickly so it shows like its net amount and it also shows you this secondary kind of part but the original transaction didn't actually have that it was just a dead fifty but it also shows you know that how much interest you – well so that's the first one that we found there and then this one I think come through early hours of this morning let's just have a look at that one so yeah on the 29th yeah just before four o'clock in the morning I mister details form you can see there's some interest on that as well so if we just go back to the main Auden Qin what about stepping out make it a little bit easier for you guys so you can see we've got a hundred point three six so originally just for the actual block reward we should just have a hundred model but basis or interest on stage so literally in that mass or twenty four hours or so we've a little bit of interest on it immediately but Chisholm which is great that's the whole point of whole Corman it's all about holding them earned in interest and stuff so we've been mining about I've actually just stopped it for this just so I can you know make this recording without getting any jitter in or anything like that so I've just passi a mine in temporarily and but I was just mining and so dough and the Mac has been mine in about fifty hashes a second so if you've got around that same sort of performance you can kind of expect to find blocks in around about four or five days based on my experience obviously it does depend on the network difficulty and fingers like that so one of the other things I just wanted to sort of our mentions well if you if you're trying to mine on a Windows machine and has been a dedicated CPU miner that's being released and there's also a pool that has been himself as well so if having problems uber hash rate and Overmind solo or you don't quite have the hash rate to mind so no and then you can do pull mine in and then you'll get more of a smaller but more regular reward so you can just find that Fredrik when talk or if I've got the time opera in the description one of the other things that I really wanted to show you was this this idea of like depositing in your in your huddle coin won it so I've not tried it so I'm just gonna kind of go for it now with you guys and we will see exactly what it is they'll just grow a civil war here because I don't often talk this much um okay so we'll click on the deposit and then we've got a sense of deposit address so I mean do we does it create like a new address or do we need to create one what these are options okay so the previously used dress I'm not too sure on this deposit dress business I wonder if I if I just used my if I use my receive and addresses then we should have a let's just go with this so this is an interest that we could have access to it might be in the actual documentation somewhere but I'm not too sure so we'll go with this deposit address and that will be actually my own address so we'll try and do is we'll try and put 10 model in there and the period will be for used in one month I won't subtract the theme I'll just let that come out of my balance and let's see what happens there so I guess we press the huddle button and then this presumably will lock this fund away for one month actually just gonna change it to one and I'm not orbit about the risk of it but just in case it kind of goes and it's never to be seen again so we'll just we'll just try it so let's just try one for one month and see what happens this was sentimental one to be locked for X not blocks about 30 days from mmm it's a maturation it will be worth one point two six yes yes okay so I can see that that balance has gone down to 99 now now if I just have a look at the overview just wondering if you what happens if you don't send well do you sure that deposit address exists maybe Oh actually I know why it does exist because you kind of issuing it the the actual transaction to the BOK train and then it's of them then blockchain is gonna choose when it sends it back to you I think that's how it works okay so then we can see down here we've got this it's almost like a little mini bank statement part at the bottom you see these other parts here so they're average transaction details so yeah in fact days time that should come back to us I'm going to try it again with the deposit part I'm just wondering if you leave the deposit address blank no just try another one and this time we'll just do it for say three months I'm just really experimenting with the actual interface and just to kind of see what what happens so if I try I mean hold it now let's see what happens okay it won't miss because we don't have their address so I'll just use the same address again we'll try it for three months wonder what the interest is on three months let's do that yes okay I'll try some more now just kind of list around for 12 months and you see what that fixings oh that's not bad if we lock one away for a for a year it'll be worth 432 with me when it comes back to us that's pretty bad that's pretty nice earnings let's look that way I'm thinking what I might do is I'll continue mining but I'm tempted to just buy a bunch of these huddle on on an exchange and lock them away for a year because I don't need the money but you know potentially it's it could be quite a nice little investment in terms of earnings I did check yesterday about the actual because it's already been listed on the oil market cap let's go look at auto I think it's about four four cents yesterday so let's just have a look yeah just on it says he is actually up but it's down one when I looked at it so yeah point three five percent each so yeah I wonder have how they make might be in the future I guess only time will tell no one ever really knows for sure do they can only yes speculate on these things so yeah that's that's it this video yeah if you've got any questions or comments or anything more you like to see or anything you'd rather know more details about or if you want to mean to focus on any specific aspects of them mining or crypto or if you have problems with your drivers or setup or batch files and any of that sort of stuff let me know and I'll try and help you guys out at Wrestle camp and to the next video guys fans watching see

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