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welcome analysis review cryptocurrency forecast
let's see what interesting news events took place in the world of cryptocurrencies let's see interesting
statistics and in which, as usual, my vision for several coins from the top and comments as we
see the crypto market went into correction several coins show a plus, but basically, of course, the
market colored red bitcoin over the past 24 hours loses 3 7 percent of longs and gains a
few varieties plus 16 percent in general, the dynamics in history remains the same reduction in longs
and about the same level of shorts in the film and also practically nothing has changed in the lange at the same
level and plus 2 percent of shorts, shorts are still not eliminated and are not closed; they continue
to gain lange, they also opened stepwise and are at the previous level behind their stops,
also have not yet reached, let's see what we have on the ripple, but on the ripple, an interesting
situation has opened after the recent good growth 42 percent and new varietal positions and only three
percent of longs were reduced in history, it is clear that before the rapid growth of the lange fell sharply, and
when the price of 1 dollar was overcome, many new varietal positions were opened and now everyone prefers to
short ripple I do not hope for its further growth the fear and greed index remained without changes are
also at the number 70, as yesterday the greedy zone, the al-season index continues to recoillessly while flying down,
in principle, this is good because if you look at history who mainly reversal and occurred
in the red zone after Yandex dropped below 10 in the seventeenth year, it turned number 5
in the eighteenth, the numbers 2 in 19 3 in-29 and now are not close to also overcoming the number 10 before they
entered the al season zone without reaching the red zone, but still this was just one case in the
entire history of this indicator at the moment in 24 hours almost 105 thousand traders were liquidated
for a total amount of 360 1 million dollars sixty- four percent one of them is a natural
angel because the price is rapidly flying down, liquidating their positions, we see on the chart that the green
column is quite high compared to several previous days of grace cole again, nothing was
bought again, no sell, and it is noteworthy that zen steles and l5 received a negative balance and
for the last week for 7 days they are being sold more than they are bought.As for the mood of
twitter users regarding the movement of the bitcoin price, it is still quite good for a
day of 27 days and for four weeks the indicator is in the green zone, and if you look at the chart,
it is directed upwards, which tells us about the bullish sentiments of twitter users regarding
bitcoin, another interesting chart for which an update is released, this dependence of google trends
and the fear and greed index against the background of price and bitcoin changes in previous videos, we said
that when these indicators intersect, the bitco price will soon change in and here
we have the fear and greed index and intersect google trends and the price rushes down here we have the
fear and greed index crosses the google trends from the bottom up and the price goes up here but here is the
same situation the fear and greed index and goes down crossing google trends and the price also goes down
but again we were waiting for this moment and it happened the index of fear and greed crossed the google trends
went up and the price also went up quite interesting signals are obtained on the basis of these
charts one more statistics monthly ups and downs of the fall of bitcoin the seventeenth year
would be enough than for this entire period there were only two months with negative growth in bitcoin, then for
several years it was in a bear market if we compare this with 2021, then we can observe such a
trend that today we already have three months with negative growth, besides this
the drawing looks like something indecent, so you don't need to draw any more negative
rostov and if, nevertheless, this year would be something, all other months should show a
plus if someone likes more that it is natural to trade in a more volatile market, then here is an
interesting statistics for you hourly spot volumes of trading hours in the USA they are highlighted in yellow
pairs were compared 5se ride [ __ ] and the average for all exchanges received these indicators that we
have increased indicators during the trading hours of the us here the time indicated on the cliff, but if we translate it
into Moscow, it turns out that from three o'clock in the afternoon from 15:00 to 23 o'clock in the morning you can expect increased
volumes increased volatility since this is the very clock from this graph an interesting
comparison about the environmental friendliness of bitcoins here the energy costs of
bitcoin and other industries are compared and as we see bitcoin shows rather low values of bitcoin is
much more environmentally friendly than air transport sea transport land transport health and
so on more and more more with the sphere of construction, but for some reason no one wants to cover
this area, everyone rushed to bitcoin which compared to them is just a green leaf bull markets
are usually characterized by three short-term waves of holders this is when short-term traders
become more visible the first wave is completed we see the beginning of the second wave here there are
statistics from the eyes not which are demonstrated every time three waves for each bull market
there are three waves here three waves three more waves and at the moment we do not see three waves, but for
now only one even if we take, for example, that the first wave was here now 2 to Of
course, there is no 3 moon yet, but it happens on price growth, these waves were always on price growth and at the
very peak, that is, even if we assume that here the second wave is the first and perhaps not the first,
then the third is definitely not here, so we are waiting for new x and waiting for a new third or the second wave of coders and
this graph to us once again makes it clear that the bull market is not finished yet.Of interesting
events on coins, it is worth noting the listing of 4 coins on the coinspace exchange about this coin ax
infinite request rufa rights luna and all of them will be added on the horse bass pro and will be traded
today a couple of interesting news one of them is naturally connected with a rip, it is quite
possible that the rates grew so well drunk on it and james time trans will speed up money transfers
between South Korea and Thailand one of the largest non-bank money transfer providers in
South Korea joined kryptonite and already through the ripple network the Korean company connected to the
leading bank of Thailand to all commercial banks further it is described how well it influenced everyone that
now we will all instantly exchange money that the xrp rate has grown, but no matter how well it
grows, the fact remains the fact the court is still snowing and no matter how good news a
couple comes out, it's always like a lottery ripple may, in spite of the entire market, pr It will collapse by
tens of percent as he already did bitcoins the rest of alt and can fly up a ripple will simply
collapse, for example, after the news that, for example, the shogs found confirmation of the recent requested
correspondence of rip employees and even if this does not prove anything, but I think the rate
will fly sharply down well if this does not happen , another interesting news PSG paid the place a
part of the welcome bonus to fan tokens , it seems to me that they killed several birds with one stone and
promoted their token and once again promoted themselves, but also perhaps somehow got away
from paying taxes for the given together became the first football player in the story that received fan
tokens of the Paris Saint-Germain club as part of bonus payments for signing a contract, in general, this is a very
cool thing that large organizations, some enterprises will have their tokens, I think
in the future it will be very widespread, that is, if the passenger does well
their price t oken will grow and so they will confirm their coolness, so to speak, so the system can
even take, for example, some kind of dentist and accept only its own tokens for payment, and the more
there are no customers, the more you ask, the higher the price of its tokens will be and others will see that the
rate going up means this specialty is good, you can trust it, thus the course
will go up even higher and no reviews will be needed no advertising just everyone will see how his
talked flies up I think the field of football will demonstrate it well I think further all clubs
will have their tokens and dependencies from how well some Thai games perform well,
their price will vary up and down, let's look at the bitcoin chart, let's see
how it began to fall with us, even at 4 o'clock the river now shows several red candles in a row, both
of our forecast remain unchanged because they both included in the fall down the first
case of the fall we have it can last up to $ 30,000 within wave c and in the second
case it is just a correction we can reach $ 40,000 to society it mark an interesting
zone here is the level if we break through this bark then it will be a very good signal
that this is all Still, not corrections, we will fly further down, if we do not break through this business, then it is
likely that this correction and we will go up here it is worth watching how the price of bitcoin will move,
and until then, these two options can be completely equivalent to have the same
probability, we see that the graphics need to be unloaded, but to what levels will we soon understand all this
if you watch the movie so that the scenario here is also relevant if wave c begins, then
it is likely that it can last up to 1700 to the previous layers, and if such a reaction
was wave 1, then at these levels there is a correction zone for wave 2, that is, in both cases,
while we expect a decline here to 2600 2 700 that we have flu, after we
have grown well, we still did not finish off to the calculated zone, it is quite possible that we can still do this even
if we fly to wave c, but in principle it often happens that a little does not reach the calculated
zone, there is, in principle, nothing to worry about or it may decline along with the movement of bitcoin, of course,
bitcoin went into the ripple correction, and now there is a correction upon reaching this
level, this level is also fair here, if we break it, then we are more likely to
go down by c if we do not break it, then the scenario is not canceled with further growth
and let's have a few coins one of them things in the comments asked her to look the other day there was
supposed to be a purchase if we go into correction but in the end he only bought it here at the first level
far away we were not allowed to buy it for the entire volume but a little took and went
further into the long settlement zone fair here for and things well, settlement zones but it starts from 0 1712
somewhere here, well, how can it turn out according to ripley that it did not fly, so this is just a calculated
optimal zone, but not necessarily for things, well, the markup is relevant but did not break up, we go a
couple more coins, coin cake, so we also looked but here there was no markup, the last time
we watched it, a decline was expected and the search for an output impulse is very bad that there are no volumes here, which does not
confirm here inward and we go without volumes, in principle, the structure here is the same
as for other coins, because they are all basically they follow the same route at the moment, one of the
scenarios is about the father and the calculated zone for wave b in this scenario is at the level of 2776,
but if here we draw for h1 impulse 101 zone, this is the previous peak, but there are no volumes
and it does not look very bad very natural, so to speak, I think there is no one that was asked already under
two videos, I have not watched it before c 98 did not watch it because she fairly
new there is no special story on it, the only thing that can be traded here is to assume that here there
was an output impulse, small volumes came out, but no history is visible and there is
nothing to analyze here if you really want to take this coin, then here it was very similar to the impulse now
we are in a correctional phase and then we will have a continuation of the impulse, of course, the stop
must be set, this will be behind the beginning of the impulse, if for a given decline we do not
break through the supposed completion of wave 2, then the target for the third wave is at 164, but even
if we break through the supposed end of the wave here 2 we must not break through the base of wave 1,
otherwise this structure will be canceled, and when the end of wave 2 is broken through, the structure will not be canceled, you just need
to calculate the calculated zone of wave 3 from the new point, you can dig 98 you can do this kind of
fishing on this all subscribe to the channel put likes write in the comments
your opinion everyone ud good trade and happily

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