HILARIOUS Dancer Gets GOLDEN BUZZER By Accident On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

How do you feel about performing in front of Julianne Hough? It's going to be amazing But I feel like she's going, you know how to criticize my technique So I'm a little stressed about it My name is Ben Trigger I'm 25 years old I'm a travel agent in Australia And tonight I'm going to dance in America He's Talent So They explained that you are going to have a microphone.

Okay, Good Luck! Growing up my life revolved entirely around dance. When I was 12 I was lucky enough to get into one of the most competitive dance schools in Australia. But the world of dance looks so structured as it should be. Being a fat gay dancer wasn't that I actually had a ballet teacher who didn't refer to me by my name He called me a chubby boy My mom tried to get me out of ballet school so many times But I kept fighting because I knew I had to be there To become a dancer That I wanted to be The second I graduated I started going to auditions and they would line us up And they wouldn't even see me dance and I'd just cut myself. But you know, don't demotivate me. I finally got an audition and I was over the moon.

I knew I wanted to push myself to show why I was here. So I went full throttle and did everything I could. And severely dissipated my left knee. Doctors told me I couldn't dance For the last three years So I had to move back in with my parents And start getting a job to work And I've been doing it for 7 years But I always knew that dancing was what I was born for done So I'm here in America Got Talent This is the one thing that can elevate my career Back on track And I'm so excited to perform in front of Julianne Hough Having one of the best names in dance Giving me a thumbs up meant a lot to me I want to prove to those who did not believe in me that I am a dancer. Hello. Tell me who are you please? My name is Ben Trigger. Is that your real name? If that's my real name And where are you from, Ben Trigger? I'm from Brisbane, Australia Why don't you have shoes? Why am I going to dance to them ? And tell me why America Has Talent? America Has Talent It is really my second chance to follow my dream of dancing.

When I was 18 years old I dislocated my knee. Very serious. If you had not dislocated your knee, what would you be doing? I would like to be on Broadway as a dancer. Okay, Good Luck! HE TIGHTEN THE GOLDEN BUTTON FOR HIMSELF OH GOD MiO THAT JUST PASSED Ben It's supposed to be us not you Sorry Okay Wow! Wow! Wow! Julianne what do you think? When I asked why you didn't have shoes I didn't realize what was going to happen But you really have some serious moves And I think your mom was right Baby, You gave us a whole show

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