Hi guys. Welcome back, I am Mr. Ayaz and you are watching
my YouTube channel, (Earn Online Degrees). Today's video is very important to me. Because in this video I am going to review
a website from which a Tron coin can be claimed after every 20 minutes. I had one thing to say, brother. I work hard to make videos for you, but most
people don't watch videos for more than two minutes. I did not know that. But YouTube says that your video is not viewed
in full by your viewers. Maybe you can't stand the nonsense so they
don't watch the full video. And as you can see on the screen, so many
viewers watch my videos but don't like or subscribe. So, brother, I request you all, brother, please
show a little love, like the video, and also subscribe
to the channel. And one thing, or not, just start the video,
otherwise, you will run away again.

So sir this is today's website which we will
talk about. By the way, this is a Faucet website but brother
it is giving very high rates. I don't even know why this website is giving
that much. And you will not see even one ad also. every member can claim 1 Tron after every
20 minutes. Now I don't even know if it's a fake website
or a real one. But I have claimed many trons ​​from this
website that you can also see on the screen. But there are also 3 premium plans of this
website, which can increase the number of claims. With the free plan, I get 1 Tron Coin every
20 minutes from this website, but if I buy the cheapest 199 Tron Coin from this website
then I will get 3 Tron per claim. And that too the no time limit, and I don't
have to wait 20 minutes and I will be able to claim Tron again and again, which I don't
think is possible, it will damage the website because I
will have 60 claims. I will claim from the speed of the hour.

This plan is dubious. The second plan is repentance so big. After investing 5000 Tron, I will claim 80
Tron Coin on this website. There is no time limit. That is if I buy this plan and claim with
a speed of 50. I mean 50 per hour, so in 24 hours I will
get my investment back and then I can get 5000 Tron ​​free every day. By the way, my heart does not believe this,
why would anyone do that, I think the owner of this website is Hatim Tai, so generous,

Now there is another plan, sir if I invest
50,000 Tron, which I can't do. But with this plan, 350 tons will be given
on claim. There is no time limit. And the instant payment is with all premium
plans. And let's talk about when we can withdraw,
if we claim with a free plan, will get paid. So you can see it here. Minimum Withdraw, 400 Tron coin. And this can be received in the wallet of
FaucetPay or Tron website. That is, you cannot have a trusted wallet
or any other vault standby. Although I have 90% doubt on this website
that this is a scam, I will still claim every 20 minutes. If I get a payment of 400 Tron from this website,
I will share the video with you. In this way, there are chances of earning
from somewhere. Great if you get 400 turns. If not it is ok I will manage! There is also the matter of fate. Hope you enjoyed today's video.

See you in the next video. Till then. Take care. Love you all..

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